Friday, October 11, 2013

Elder Crump and Elder Collins are HOME!

These two elders made it home safely this week, and needless to say, both families are ecstatic! 

Elder Crump's homecoming is this Sunday October 13 at
11755 S. 2000 E. in Sandy
at 12:30pm

Elder Collins' homecoming is Sunday October 20th at
11626 S. 300 E. in Draper
at 9:00am

Friday, October 4, 2013

Elder Crump

Well, Family and Friends, how are you? It really just hit me today reading all your emails, this will be my last email to you guys. This past week has been incredible!  Really, one of the hardest, but most amazing weeks I have ever had. We were so so busy with all the things going down with the changes, training Elder Stringham, and preparing everything for Joel´s baptism.  Yes. he did show up, but when he got there we knew something was wrong.  He came early, and kind of just walked in and went out and sat on the soccer court.  So my comp went out and talked to him.  When he came back, he said that he is just nervous and needs some time to think and pray.  So we went back in and got all the final touches done for the baptism.  When we went back out, he was talking to his friend, who has been with him through this whole process.  Then they came back together.  I pulled him aside, asked how he was doing, and if he was ready.  And he just smiled and said, "I´ve never been more ready!" He said that Heavenly Father answered his prayer.  Then he asked me if I could teach him how to tie his tie for his baptism.  So we headed on in, got changed, and he tied his own knot.  And then....HE GOT BAPTIZED!! Really, such an amazing experience.  He gave a little testimony and got a little emotional thanking his friend for introducing him to the church, and for us teaching him and all the support of the members!  We had the entire elders quorum there!!! Haha, it was awesome!!  Then he got confirmed on Sunday.  That same day our stake had fast Sunday, because of conference.  We both were just sitting there, and Joel turns to me and says are you gonna go up and bear your testimony?  I was like, um I don't know.  Then he was like, if I go up will you come up with me?  I was like, heck yes.  So we both go up, and there was about 7 minutes left in the meeting.  I gave a quick, last testimony saying goodbye to everyone, and then Joel just gets up there and blows me out of the water.  It was so simple, funny, spiritual and powerful. He just looked so comfortable up there! He was lovin it! Seriously, I'm so proud of him.  That is the first time in my mission, where I saw a new convert get up that first sunday, the day after he gets baptized and bore his testimony.  Wow, seriously I'm just so happy that we were able to teach him.  In other news, Juan is getting baptized, but next week...I was a little bummed, but he needs to come to church again.  He had a problem with his brother, and wasn't able to come to church, but he called us and felt super bad. Later that day, we went and taught him and the spirit was so strong. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, and right away he just was like, when can I get baptized? So the date has been set for the 12th!  Its weird inviting people to be baptized knowing I won't be there.  But hey, like I said I'm leaving my area better than I found it.  

Mom, to answer all of your final questions.  Reg and I are in the same mind set, and all we see is CAFE RIO!! Haha, so we would like to go together there!  Of course anyone can come over.  The food Im am just craving is just American food!  ANYTHING MADE IN THE USA! Haha, I'm excited!!

Wow. really words cannot describe how I feel right now.  Dad has it all right, its truly bitter sweet.  I'm excited to come home, to be with you all, but this has been my life for 2 years.  I honestly am going to miss the Peruvian people. As difficult as they can be sometimes, they are my brothers and sisters. It has been such a  blessing to have served here.  So many experiences, so many memories and lessons that I couldn't have learned anywhere else! I want to thank you all for your love and support.  For all your emails and letters. They truly make your whole week, just knowing that someone is thinking of you.  No one ever said this would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it, and it has.  I love you all so very much. I cant wait to see you. Tuesday will be an emotional day.  I bet mom and Becky are just dying at this point, but don't worry its almost here! Haha, I love you all. These next couple of days are the last 30 seconds in overtime, with no timeouts left.  We gotta give it our all!  I love you guys. Can't wait to see you!  Nos vemos Martes!!

Todo mi Amor,