Friday, May 31, 2013

Elder Crump

Hello Family and Friends!  So first off....MILTON GOT BAPTIZED!! Oh boy, was it such a good week!  He has come so so far! Haha, so to answer your question mom, yes he showed up! haha. I realized that so many missionaries really just try to baptize so many people, and don't really help the investigator receive their own testimony.  That is what happened to Milton.  Before I got here, the Elders just kind of went over the basics with him and never really followed up on his commitments.  Sure he attended church, but he wasn't ever praying or reading his scriptures.  It was hard to let him go, but in the end he knew that the church was true, and he came back to us.  And this time around, he really took it to heart and what a blessing it was to see him.  He showed up nice and early to his baptism on Saturday, and he even brought his mom, and his niece.  It was a very spiritual, and the best was how he goes up in the end and bears his testimony!  Wow, there is nothing like a new member's testimony.  Short and sweet, but drives right into your heart.  I am so happy that we were able to baptize him before we left.  The good news was we took the replacement missionaries to his baptism with us, and we had one last family night on Monday with the new missionaries and Milton and his family.  Plus we have talked with the ward, and they are going to do all they can to help him with the new member lessons.  Plus, it was great, because Julia came to the baptism.  She is the future mother in law of Milton.  She is the wife of Bernardo.  She said that she loved the baptism, and now she wants to listen to the missionary lessons!!  FINALLY! haha, but bummer right when we are leaving! haha, but its ok.
So today is my last day in LIMA!  Wow, it still hasn't hit me!  Tomorrow we will be arriving in Iquitos about 11:45 a.m.  I'm so excited!  Today the 2 new assistants are coming in!  One is from Mexico, and the other is from the States.  The one from Mexico will be the new assistant here in Lima. And the one from the States is Elder Anderson, from Utah. He is a stud, and he is going to be going to Iquitos with us!  It's way funny, because the first day I met him was when I was here in the offices hurt with my knee, haha good times.  But its going to be way funny, because in the offices its going to be three from North America, and one from Columbia!  haha 

So dad like you said it is always hard to say goodbye.  But the worst is, I am seeing all of my converts and members from Tahuantinsuyo, as well. so they all want to say their goodbyes again! It's the worst! But its ok!  They all send their love to you guys!

So like I said this week has been so great! So much to do, but it will all be worth it when we get over there!  

So bad news my card still hasn't come yet...what should we do?  

So Lexi is getting her call tonight  Put down my usual guess Peru Iquitos!

Well family and Friends, I Love you guys!  Next time I write you ill be in the Jungle!

Have a great week!

All my Love,


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family! Hows it all going?
  Well this week was just a jolly "ol" week. It was the last Sunday to confirm before the end of the month so its always kind of stress to see how the numbers will turn out. So we ended up having 18 baptisms but sadly only 15 we confirmed thanks to getting sick or work 3 couldn't get confirmed. The most that the zone Comas has baptized is 16 so we almost beat it. I was a little bummed out because i really wanted to go over 16, but hey we have improved every month so thats good. This month we will get it! We had two baptisms this week. One was the sister of Carlos Hildago who baptized like a month ago and he was able to baptize her. It was AWESOME to see that. The other baptism a really humble guy named Henny Vazquez. We have been teaching him for about a month or so. He is from the country part of Peru. He is really friendly and happy. He lives alone but his neighbor is a member who had been bringing him to church. Sadly Yanina got sick on sunday so she was one of the ones who didnt get confirmed but next week for sure. So we have been teaching a family named the Mejia Family the whole time i have been here. There son is the kid who is on the mission and we told though skype that his family is going to be baptized. Well this Saturday at 7 is there baptism! The ward is really excited for them. We also have another family of a inactive who is activating ( Jazmin) and her husband who has a baptismal date for the 8th (Jhonaton.) They area  great family and love to learn. Sometimes they just call us asking if were not busy to be able to just visit them and have a lesson. They sad its better that watching tv. Jazmin has a lot of questions and worries a lot about being inactive for so long and her salvation. Yesterday i just told her to take it easy and remember that everything will be ok and that through the atonement she can be forgiven of whatever she may have done. They both love the church a lot. Sometimes they google stuff which isnt good because then we have to clarify all the lies and myths about the church. 
   Thats super cool that Araya wrote me on face. Haha. Bout time. Im glad you all had fun at the cabin. Ill take out Crumps money for him but i cant promise ill give it to him haha!! I love you all have a great week! love Elder Reg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elder Crump

Nick will be leaving for Iquitos next week to get the new mission going.
Here is his new address.  Thanks so much for all you support!

Elder Nick Crump
Peru Iquitos Mission
Calle Condamine #139
Iquitos Maynas
Loreto, Loreto

Elder Crump

Hey how is everything going?
FIRST OFF...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORINNE!!  I love you so much! I hope you had the best Birthday ever!!  Your the best!
Wow, this past week has been so great!  We are just preparing everything for the big move! It is so much to do!  There is so much information that we have to copy and bring with us!  So many important documents and files!  So for weeks we have been trying to figure out who the 2 new assistants are going to be, and the asistants that are here have known for a while, but were allowed to say anything yet.  Just the other day they were given the approval to tell me, because I had to buy our flights to Iquitos.  I'm so excited because the elder that is going to Iquitos with us is one of my way good friends from the mission, and its gonna be so awesome working with him!  Seriously, I have known for a while that he was going to be assistant, because he really is such a good and powerful missionary!  He is going to be so good for this new mission.
So to answer some questions:  No I have not yet receive my debit card yet...I think I might starve! haha but really do you guys know when it will come? No, I havent received the video of us opening up our calls, can you send it today?  
So this week we have reallly been focusing on Milton.  We have been working with the whole ward to get everything all set for this saturday!  The ward is so excited! They really have been needing this baptism!  So we met with our ward mission leader!  FINALLY! haha and he is planning everything, and it is going to be an amazing day!  Milton is doing great.  He is excited. He passed his interview and is just waiting down the days!  It really has been so amazing to see his journey through all this. He really has had such a change of heart, and I am so happy that he listened to the spirit and is making this change in his life!
So funny story, so the other day we get this email from Salt Lake saying that 2 missionaries that are supposed to be in our mission finally got their visas, and are asking when they can come to Peru.  Haha, our president was like, um how about tomorrow.  So right away, these missionaries get sent to us. Remember how I said that my companion Elder Hernandez is going to be leaving the offices when we all go, well now that this new missionary came president was like well Elder Hernandez you are going to train him, you both will be leaving for Pucallpa (The Jungle) tomorrow!  What the!!  My comp was so excited!!  So yeah the missionaries got to Lima at about 12:00 a.m. slept in our house and then at 5:00 a.m. my ex comp left with is new son!!  It just happened so fast, I kind of miss him!  But the good news is right away Elder Carter becomes my Companion!  But it was cool, one of the kids that came in is named Elder Valle, he is one of the actors from the mormon messages video "Stay within the lines".  It's the talk of Jeffery R Holland.  Look it up, it's so good!  Anyway, it was funny because when he came in, I was like where have I seen you before.  Then the next day the elder that came with him told me and I was like, What! Thats so cool, because the guy who they baptize in the video was my old seminary teacher, Brother Lomu!  Haha, wow small world!

Well family, I do love you guys so much! Corinne once again big sister happy birthday, you are amazing!  Family I hope you guys have fun in St. George, let me know how it goes!  Give grandma and grandpa a big hug for me!  I love you all so very much!  Next time I write you, I'll be heading out to Iquitos or In Iquitos! Oh I'm stoked! haha

All my Love,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family! How goes it? Well this week was a pretty good week. We went bowling on monday which was pretty fun and the whole zone really liked it a lot. Everyone had a good time well almost everyone theres always one party pooper in the zone. haha. Earlier in the week i did a work visit with one of my buddies in the zone. E. Burleson. Hes way cool and is a really good missionary. I just tried to help him out in his area to find new people. We just did funny contacts all day trying to make each other laugh while contacting. It was a slow week for proselyting. I dont feel like we worked that hard because of having to do papers to get people married in the zone.  On friday we had zone conference with president. It was really good. President talked about repentance, with investigators and with us. I really liked when he talked about repentance with us as missionarys but more than anything the change in us. He showed us a letter that was given to him from a missionary in Thailand for a missionary in our mission with just terrible language a lot of slang and just talking like this kid didnt know he was a representative of Jesus Christ. When President talked about this letter and read some of it he just looked disgusted and talked about the importance of remembering to become like Christ and leave that all behind. It got me thinking about if i have had the change that every missionary should have. Yesterday was pretty interesting to. We were at lunch and received a call from an elder in the zone saying "my comp broke his arm come quick" So we got up there and when i saw him i knew it wasnt broken. " i told him that he just pulled his arm out of its socket. He was so worried it was broken and that he would have to go home!  So we took him to the clinic and sure enough i was right. They popped it back in put it in a sling and gave him a shot to numb it up haha crazy stuff! Well i hope your all doing great and having fun. Its almost summer right? I love you! love reg

Elder Crump

So family and friends how are you guys!

So like the title says, it is official!  We officially have found out when we are going to IQUITOS!  The 30th of May! I am so stoked!  It actually works out perfect, because on Monday, we comitted Milton to be baptized, and he accepted!!  And guess what, its going to be on the 25th of May! Right before we go! I'm so happy!  Seriously, it was such a powerful lesson.  He had been having so many doubts, and by the end of the lesson he pretty much asked, so when is the soonest I can get baptized! WOW, it was so great!  He has been being prepared, and finally he listened to the spirit and accepted!  Heavenly Father seriously has been blessing us, and after all that when we have been through, I'm so happy that it has worked out! Please pray for him, that all will go through!  
So it was so good to see you guys last Sunday!  You all look so good! And I loved seeing those little kids!  They all look so different and are growing up way too fast!  They are all so cute, so good work siblings! haha  And once again HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!  You are the greatest mom ever, and I am so grateful for all that you do for me.  "I´ll love you forever"

So this week has been going great.  We are just getting everything all set for the move, and I never thought of how much work it is!  First off, I have to bring every baptism record of the members in the Jungle from the past 5 years!  Plus all the documents of all the missionaries, and anything else that will be needed there!  They sent us a picture of our new house! It looks way good.  It's close to the offices on the same street, about 5 minute walking distance.  There is 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a big open area.  It's going to be nice when we have to have missionaries stay at our house during the conferences.  Also, we are going to be right next to this restaurant named Texas.  It's this american food restaurant that is owned by a guy from the states.  He has way good american food and crazy jungle food, like Alligator burgers!  I'm excited!

So don't worry mom, I'm not stressed about what I want to do when I get back.  I still have time, and plus hopefully when I'm going through my generals, I'll figure it out!  Have any ideas of what I could study? haha.  It will be nice though to get back and not have to go right back to school.  It will give me time to think and plan for the future.  But like I said, its still WAY to far away to be thinking about that! haha

Haha, oh yeah so what the about my debit card! haha random!  I'm just glad that I tried to take money out, and we called you guys!  That still blows my mind that someone in California got it!  Did they find out who it was?  Well anyway, hopefully the card comes soon!   I'll let you guys know so you can activate it and put money on it!

Thats cool about California, I'm glad you guys had a good time with grandma and grandpa Crump!

Family, I'm grateful for you guys.  I love you guys so much, and thank you so much for your support, and all that you do for me. You guys are the best!
All my Love,
Elder Nicolas Collins Crump

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elder Collins

Well, Ok i understand so just because i skype you all for the first time in 19 months you think you dont have to write me huh? No its cool i understand. Too much shuffling last night? (Sam) haha.
  Well this week was pretty long. I felt like i had to do a lot of stuff alone because like 3 times this week my comp just went off to do other things that could have waited and left me to take care of the children. I think that i have noticed that the things that are important to him arent as important to me and the things that are important for me aren't so much for him. 
  We had a baptism on Saturday of a little girl named Daryl. Haha Daryl from the office. Classic. She is the brother of the dude who wouldn't let his girlfriend get baptized and then went on facebook attacking us and telling lies then attacking the ward. He came to the baptism and i wanted to punch him in the face but i actually felt sorry for him. Her parents are a little bit crazy but thats ok she still wanted to be baptized. So this week president Blunck officially changed my release date to 8 of october! Of Elder Crump too! Were not sure but hopefully that means we finish together but you still all have to pray like crazy that it happens! This week President Blunck came to our district meeting, it all went real well, he just talked about the importance of planning well. He used really good scriptures and examples.I remember thinking How does he come up with this stuff?! haha. Well not much else to say about this week  It was super cool skyping you guys last night and seeing you after so long. I still dont think i have an accent. I love you all have a great week! love reg
(eating chicken heart)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey how is it going? I hope great!  Mom dad it was so good to talk to you guys just for a little bit the other day!  Mom, I'm sorry I made you cry, and yes I'm glad I responded back when i got the message from dad. haha.  So this week was the changes and boy was I wiped out!  It was rough, because now I have to do the Baptism records, and we have to submit them before the 6th of every month.  So Me and Elder Sepulveda were going crazy, but we got it all done and its all over!  It seriously was so crazy.  We took the elders that were flying back to the states to the airport, and the lady from the offices called me and said earlier that day. She said, sorry Elder Crump but I can't come to your offices today to drop off the passports, so I will meet you in the Airport.  So I was like ok, but make sure your there at 9:00 p.m. because I have to do the Check in and they have to leave at 11:50 p.m.  So we get there and we're waiting and waiting and I'm calling like crazy and she isn't answering.  Finally at 10:15, she calls me and says Elder Crump sorry but I'll be there in like 45 min.  I was like, um no! They need to do their check in before 10:50 p.m. or they will close the counter.  I was like, you need to be here in 20 min.  And she was like, ok we can do it.  So we waited and waited, and It got to be like 10:40, so then I was like where are you?! Then she was like im 2 minutes away, and when you say that in Peru it means like 10 haha.  So then I tell the guy at the counter we are all ready, were just waiting for the passport, and she is coming right now, but the guy was like you have until 10:51 and that's it.  So then I started getting nervous, and my watch clicks 10:50, and I see this little Peruvian woman comes runnin up to us with a passport waving in the air!  Haha, so then we hurry and send the two elders in and the guy shuts off the gate right when we get through!  What a relief! haha Besides that everything else went pretty ok, crazy but ok.  So today was nice.  We went to this cool museum, about the history of LIma, and then went and had lunch then went to this cool place, and I bought some stuff for you guys!  Your gonna love it!
So as you guys know, we will be heading out to Iquitos in a couple weeks.  I actually think it will be the 20th of may, but we still haven't decided yet.  I'm so excited, and I hope with all my heart that Elder Collins will be coming down there to meet me! 
So I do have some great news! They changed the mission rule, and now we can email anyone we want.   Will you send me some emails of some of my friends and Family?  
I do have a couple questions, Where did Taylor Ogden get his call? and did anyone else get there's?  Plus, do you happen to have the video of when I opened up my call? And of Reg? That's so cool about Myles still! I can't believe it. It's so crazy that he will be going there!  He will be such a great missionary
That is so great about grandma and grandpa!  I am so proud of them! They are going to make such great missionaries!  We really have been so blessed to have such amazing grandparents who love to serve.  I really am so grateful for all of my family and their examples to me.  I love you guys!
I'm excited to talk to you guys this week, it's going to be so great!  Time has gone by so fast, I felt like just last week it was Christmas when we talked last.  I'm excited for all these changes that are going to happen.  It's going to be a lot, but I am so ready to get started.  I'm sad that i'm getting cut short just a few weeks, but that just means I need to work twice as hard to make up for what I will miss! 
So this week we are trying to do all we can to keep ourselves working and helping those investigators we have.  It really makes me sad that I won't be there to see the end result, but this week I'm gonna go up with the other missionaries that will take over our area before we leave and introduce them to who we are teaching, I don't want them to get lost because both me and my companion are getting transferred out.  Its been such a blessing being in this ward.  With our limited time that we have had, we have been blessed!
Family, Friends. I do miss you and love you guys like crazy!  I am so grateful for all of you and all you guys do for me!
Have the best week, and I talk to you guys on Sunday!
All my Love,

Elder Collins

Oye Lo siento!!!
   So...i was suppossed to call you guys yesterday but my comp in the morning decided that he couldnt see so he went to the eye doctor and left me with a ton of things to do. It kind of bugged me that he chose yesterday to take his other pday. It was like 930 and i realized i hadnt even bought a calling card yet and it was too late. but ill call ya today! So this past week we had changes. I stayed here with my comp again! It kind of made me sad because this means that this next change is the last oportunity i have to finish in the jungle. Im praying like crazy. This past week we had zone leader conference. The mission is changing a lot, now there will be sister leaders, not zone leaders but leaders of the other sisters. They also anounced we can write everyone now! Im happy Myles got his call! thats super cool, what part of the Philippines is it? I got really sad when i heard the date, today i got a spark of hope of seeing him before he goes but its only if he is in there 9 weeks and if i finish in the jungle!! Im praying that i do! Well not too much changed in my zone except E. Richardson went to the jungle to finish. The Dancourt family is doing good, they just had there interviews with the bishop yesterday to start making plans for the temple. Well not much more to say. I hope your all good i love you all and ill skype you sunday!!!!! ps. did you see i added you as a skype friend, Love reg

Friday, May 3, 2013

Elder Crump

Well hello family and friends!

First off,I have the news that you have been all waiting for.  We had a zone conference with all the leaders of the mission and President Blunck finally announced who is going where, and more information about the new Iqutios Mission.  So I have been called to serve in.......IQUITOS!
Whoops sorry, I got so excited when I wrote Iquitos I pressed send...Anyway, I have been called to be the new Personal Secretary in the new pretty much the president said in front of everyone, yes Elder Crump will be going to Iquitos, and with all of his experience he will be there to help the new mission get that means yes i will be finishing my mission in the offices...
But the good news is, I will be in the Jungle!  I am so excited!  But there have been some changes.  So normally we have 4 secretaries and 2 assistants in the offices.  But now with this new change, they are cutting it down to 2 secretaries, and the 2 assistants.  So in both missions there will only be 4 office elders.  I know kind of boring right? But anyway, so that means that I have been given more work to do.. I am now in charge of all the the member records.  So all the Baptisms and confirmations have to come through me, and I have to send them to Salt Lake and enter them in the system.  Seriously, this part I not too thrilled, because I am so bad at filling out my baptism records! Haha, they are so detailed and the directions here are so crazy and even worse in the Jungle!!  Also, I will be in charge of looking for the birth certificates for couples to get married, and now I have to plan the next big massive wedding just like we do here in Lima, but in the Jungle! It's gonna be so much work.  But the cool thing is my new companion is Elder Carter from Vegas.  That's right, I will be the only American with a Gringo companion!  Haha, he is the finance sectretary, and will be taking over what my companion does with all the sick elders in the clinic, and buying all the supplies!  Its going to be so different, but I'm excited!  So right now I am training my replacement, and It is Elder Sepulveda from Chile.  He is already in the offices.  He was just the record keeping secretary, but now he is taking on the Personal sectretary as well.  He is so nervous, because he doesn't really speak to much English, and in this job, its a mixture of Spanish and English all day! He will be just fine.  I'm excited for him! So we are pretty much training each other!  So let's see what more can I say about the new mission...well it's going to be stationed in the center of Iquitos, so we will be set in the city, but let's be's still the Jungle.  The cities are nothing like what we have.  They transformed a chapel, and now the whole chapel is where the new offices are.  They look so nice. Everything is so brand new.  So I sitll haven't heard too much about whats going on with the the new president.  I only hear that he is nice, and his wife really likes to cook...I let's just say I'll be having some good Mexican food!  
So about Reg, I still don't know anything!  It's driving me crazy!  Right now as we speak, the assitants are meeting with the president to do all the changes, and the assistants are going to do all the can to make it happen.  So pray for it! President knows that we want to finish together, and hopefully he will be inspired to do it!
So today we had breakfast at president's house, and it was so good! I miss american breakfasts!  Then we went to this cool place in Lima with president to go see the cool ancient ruins of the Peruvians before the Incas! it was like their form of pyramids! it was cool, we got to climb to the top! But our p-day kind of got cut short today because we had all kinds of problems with a zone in Tarapoto.  Seriously, it was so crazy.  1. A riot began in a place called Yurimaguas which is like 2 hours away deep in the jungle from Tarapoto, so the 4 elders had to come to Tarapoto to wait out the riot.  It's still going on, and it's been a week now! 2. An elder flipped out and punched his companion.
3. An elder found out that the reason why he lost 35 pounds is because he has 40 parasites! 4. Another elder got an infection and they thought it was his appendix, so he came to Lima. 5. All the cilincs in Tarapoto were closed yesterday, and today because it is a holiday there and no one is working! Haha, oh man it was such a crazy night and morning that we had! So 3 elders have come here to Lima to get treated, and one is probably going home for what he did to his comp! Haha, wow it was a lot just from one zone.
Anyway, family I love you guys so much! Next week i will be doing that pre call to plan for mother's day, so mom be ready on monday!  That sounds fine about skyping in the afternoon, there is no problem with me!
It's going to be so weird leaving, but we are doing all we can to help the people that we are teaching.  Hopefully, we will get to see the fruits of all the work we have been doing, but if not I'm glad that we can plant the seed, and in the end the people will be baptized.  
Yes as soon as you get the call, let me know!  Send us the video!  Also, will you send my opening video and of Reg's. 

I guess Myles Mission Peru, Iquitos
Tayor Mission Peru, Iquitos!  I Just got a feeling!:)

I love you guys so so much! Can't wait talk with you! Have a great day!

All my Love,