Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elder Crump

First off Happy Easter!!  Wow, I cant believe that Easter Sunday is already here!  You know what that means here in Peru...The people are going to drag the cross throughout the street, and chant!  Oh boy, its gonna be a lot of apostasy! haha but the good news is we will be in Church that day, so a least we will be with the truth and have the spirit!
So this past week has been a busy one!  So as you all know, it was the changes!!  But the worst part was there was changes to the changes!  So what had happened was President had done all the changes, and right when I got them I went right to work, buying all the flights, and getting everything ready!  The problem was I was working with the 24 emergency hour travel service, because the by the time I got the changes, it was Friday at 9 p.m.  The Normal travel service that I work with all went home, and I got stuck with the slowpokes!  It's the worst! It takes them Like 3 hours to process and buy like 5 plane tickets!!  and I had to buy like 50!  Haha, so then right when I had finished all of that, I recieved an email saying that they made a mistake.  They said that a flight for the Hermana Blunck for her trip to Tarapoto this weekend was cancelled, but only her's because they overbooked the flight!  I was like WHAT!!  So I had to make all these calls, and they tell me that she will be able to fly out to Tarapoto with President, but won't have a flight to come back to Lima, until about like 1 in the morning! Haha, I was like um no!  So we made some calls, and they had told me that they were sorry, but there was nothing that they could do.  So I was like ok, so what you guys need to do is monitor the flight, and check to see if anyone decides to cancel their flight.  Almost always one or two people call in to cancel their flight, and a spot opens up.  But there is no waiting list, it's just first come first serve!  So luckily my buddy, Henry, was working there.  He stayed on and monitored it for like 2 days, and at 3 in the morning he called me saying that there was flight, and that he had booked it! Haha, it was so funny and such a relief!  So I had that little stress during all the changes, and then it got resolved.  But then of course, there is always something more! So the night before the day of all the changes, the sister that works in the area comes to the offices to give me the passports of the mssionaries who were finishing.  She has this really nervous look on her face.  So I was llike, what happened? And she tells me that remember how the area offices sent us a email of all the missionaries that we will be getting this change? I was like, yeah.  She said, well that like isn't all correct, you guys are going to be getting 2 more North Americans as well. I was like, when? She said it was tonight at midnight! AHH!  We had just finished all the changes and bought all the flights!  Plus, President Blunck had no idea they were coming, so it was time to call him at about 10:00 p.m. again.  Luckily, it wasn't my turn to do it, so one of the assistants did.  He wasn't mad, but just was a little frustrated with the area for not telling us.  We had already had a big van waiting for us to send some missionaries home, so we hopped in with them and went to the airport.  So we went there to make sure that everything goes good with sending off the missionaries to there houses as well as to pick up the incoming Elders.  But this is where it all went bad.  We get there, and we actually were sending a couple temporary missionaries to their missions because they finally got their Visas.  We get there, and we see that one of the Elders has his two bags, and are both are way over weight! First off, he lied to us saying that they were only like 30 pounds each....LIAR  they were like 65 pounds each!!! And he was about to miss his flight.  He didn't have any money, and the lady from the area offices left her credit card in her offices.  So I had to pay for it! $177.00 just for his over weight bags! I wanted to punch the little guy!  So mom & dad, I used my debit card for the emergency.  So you guys will probably see that transaction.  But dont worry, the area is paying me back. So they will just give it to me in cash here.  I just wanted to let you know! Anyway, the North Americans got here, and everything went good after that! But then came the day of the actual changes!  So President gives all the new missionaries interviews.  After he comes up to me, and was like sorry Elder Crump we have some more changes to changes...oh no I thought!  So aparently one of the missionaries, who was supposed to go to the Jungle, asked President if he could stay here, because his girlfriend just moved to Iquitos, and he really doesn't want to be there with her! Haha, so I had to cancel his flight.  Then we found out that another mssionary that we got can't walk for more that 3 hours a day. He got surgery on his leg, because one is like 2 inches shorter thant the other one. and his doctor told him he isnt allowed to do pretty much anything physical!  I felt way bad for him.  So we had to cancel his flight, and he is here with us in the offices until we can find a place for him.  It's all walking here, and we dont have cars.  Hopefully we will find a place for him!  
So anyway, I didn't sleep to good for about 3 days.  But now its P day, and I am just gonna relax! We're all pretty tired!  Haha the good thing though, is by the next change, there will be another personal secretary here with me!  In about 3 weeks, were gonna have like 12 elders here in the offices, because we need to train the new ones to either be here in the Lima North, or go to Iquitos! I'm so excited!!  Its gonna be so sweet!  So mom you want details!  You need to read very carefully what I said in my last email! haha  Trust me, I want to tell you more, but I promised President I wouldnt say anyting yet!  But in a couple weeks I promise!!
So things have been going great with us in our teaching.  We found 2 more investingators and another family!  We're so excited!  Hopefully, things keep progressing with them!  Davis and Mary are doing good! We are going to meet with them tonight with the lawyer to dicuss what we are going to do.  Hopefully it will be quick and easy! They both are so great, and want to do what is right and get married and baptized!  WIth them, it's a whole new set of patience!  But the good news is during this process, we will be baptizing other families as well!
Family, Friends, I hope all is going well!  This Easter weeked is something we should enjoy.  We need to remember our Savior's sacrifice,  and be grateful for what He has done for us!  We are here and have this amazing oppourtunity to become better and return to our Heavely Father because of Him.  So in the midst of all the easter egg hunts, and all the candy that we will have this weekend, we need to remember the importance of this week, what happened, and how forever we will be blessed.  I love you guys so much! Everytime I hear from you, it makes me so happy!  You all are so wonderful, and I do miss you guys!  Time is marching down, but everyday I'm living it to the fullest.  I'm in the prime time, 4th quarter, where it's all on the line.  I will make the best of it!  I will do all I can to finish my mission with all I can, and return with honor. Family and friends, I love you guys! I hope you get my letters soon!  Im still expecting some from a few of you! You know who you are! haha  Have a great day and Happy Easter!
All my Love,

Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Collins

Family family family
   Well today is transfers. Crazy stuff. No not really its not as stressful if you know your not going to change. It also helps when you get to see the changes first. There isnt going to be too many changes for our zone this transfer only 3 people are changing. One of them is going to be the child of God whom i just love with all of my heart that finished his mission! HES GONE!! yipee! Thats super cool myles got his patriarchal blessing. Im way excited about his mission too. Maybe he will come here who knows? Nah he looks like a European kind of guy. Lies he never sent me any type of email either. Well to answer your, no one is self sufficient. I get the dumbest calls or questions in the world. Thats one thing that we have been working on helping them with, to be more self sufficient. Like the other day an elder from mexico says "Elder i cant sleep well at night..."ok, what do you want me to do?" " we need to change houses there is evil spirits that haunts our house so that we cant sleep." Im sure you could have imagined my face when i heard that. haha. I asked his comp if he can sleep and he said no, but its just because its hot at night. haha. This week we were going to have a baptism of an ancient investigator. Her boyfriend is a freak of nature. She is 20 and he is 30( a nerd without friends) and was going to be baptized but he has to repent for about a year for things that he did and that he still does. Well it never worked out because he picked her up the day of  her baptism and wouldn't bring her to the baptism. Then he kept calling us saying that she doesnt want to be baptized anymore. Which was a lie, we think its because he heard that she wants to go on a mission and he doesn't want to be separated from her. I wont lie she is a little brain washed from this nut.  We think also that it could be that he fell again with his problems and if he cant be baptized then he wont let her. What a jerk. My comp was so mad. I am Glad sam is doing well in soccer and tell him to step it up with the basketball. Haha Bruce just sent me pictures of Garrett that's crazy that he is home! Yes I got the girl scout cookies! Thank You!  I had to share with the office and pretty much they ate a whole box so that was just fun!  I love you all! Love Reg 


Elder Crump

Familia y mis amigos!

How is it going!  I'm glad everything is going great with everyone!  Man those little kids are getting so dang cute! Haha Trev, Kenz the Bow on Mia...NICE! haha she makes it look good! haha  But seriously, I can't wait to see them!  
So right off the bat...Mom I love your idea about Italy!!!  That has always been my dream to go to Europe!!  Don't worry as long as I'm home for just a little bit to see some friends and family I'll be set to head out when you guys want to go!!  I'm all in for it!:)  
Haha, mom I love how you really want to know what is going to go down!!  The only thing i can say is Scenerio almost all's because I haven't been told everything yet.  But you were really close for what I know! Haha I know, I don't like to keep secrets but I don't want to say something and then maybe it might not be true... so let me get some more info.  I have been working really hard on the assistants!  Haha, i got them to tell me who the new assistant was going to be! haha  It's my buddy Elder Ortega from the CCM! He is from my group and is from Argentina! It gonna be awesome having him here!
Im excited for whatever comes!  Hopefully Reg and I will finish together!  Pray, It will happen! haha but really!
So this past week has been pretty good! We're getting all ready to send off the missionaries to their houses, and receive the new missionaries!  This time around we are only getting 15 missionaries!  We originally had like 20 but 5 couldn't get their Visas yet!  But the change in May we will be getting a TON!!  I'm stoked!!  Things are going to be getting pretty busy here, in the next couple of days, so we have been trying to get up to our area and teach!  We have a family!  They are so awesome!  Their names are Davis and Mary, and they have 3 kids!  Shantel, Casey, and Nefi! haha  The only problem is that she was married before, and never got divorced!  So she is just living with him, and 2 of their kids are from him, and the older one is from the other guy!  So the story is she has been trying to get divorced for a while, but he doesn't want to do it! All he needs to do is sign the papers, but he keeps denying it!  She has spent so much money on trying to do it, and now she is nervous to try it again and lose her money!  But enter the missionaries!!!
Boom baby, were here to help!  There is a bishop that is a lawyer, and is going to help us get all of her paper work done and hopefully a really really big discount on the divorce!  The only problem is if her husband will be in agreement with the mutual custody.  If it's like that the divorce will only take a couple weeks to a month, but if it goes to the court, then its gonna be like 7 months to a year!!  I hope it doesn't get down to that!  We talked with our bishop, and he is all on board to help!  As a mission, we aren't supposed to pay for any of the divorce, but for the wedding we can help out.  Also our ward says they will do their whole wedding!!  They both are so great! Mary is a member, and Davis, her boyfriend REALLY wants to be baptized!! I hope all goes well with the papers!  Please pray for them!
Like I said, we really are working hard to find more investigators!  We got two more references this week and it's two more families!!  I'm excited!
So some cool news that is coming up is we are hosting another Massive Wedding!! Its gonna be the 19th of April!!  It is going to be so awesome!!  The last wedding we did was in December.  We married 41 couples and baptized 25 of the couples!  Now we have like 25 couples set to be married, and all are going to be getting baptized!!  And there are many more couples, that were working on!  It's going to be such an awesome day!!  Haha, were gonna be wedding planners again! Plus we are going to get SO MANY references with all the family members that are going to come!!! It's going to be insane!  We have all these stations set up, where we're going to have so many missionaries contacting during the wedding, before and after in the reception!!
This past week, like I said, has been great to get back into the work, the missionary teaching part!  I know that I have my responsibilities here in the offices, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity!  These changes are going to be great, and so crazy but I'm just so happy for all that is going on! It truly is so incredible how lucky the Peruvian people are going to be to have 2 more missions here!  They deserve it! They are so wonderful, and I just can't wait to see how many we can bring unto our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Familly this is my time of the mission! It's winding down, but still I have so much to do! My last 6 months are when I need to give it all I got!  I'm so ready to do it, even if I'm here in Lima or Iquitos!:)  Either one, I know it is where the Lord wants me, but more importantly, needs me to be.
Family I hope all is going well with everyone! I know that times may get rough, but don't let that get you down or change who you are. Live up to what you are doing, and don't go a day without doing something that doesn't scare you half to death!  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and I know that whatever I do or may say, He will love me.  It's like our family.  Were not perfect, and as long as we try our best, we will always be loved, and will always be there to support each other!  But we have to take the first step and become humble, that's the key.  I do hope all is well! You all are always in my prayers, everyday.  I love you all, and I'm so grateful for all of you!!

To answer some questions: Yes, mom I received the Easter Package with all the candy.  Then like 2 days later, the Remote control for the Helicopter came! Then in like 3 more days, I got the actual helicopter! Man, I was so impatient for that package! Haha, once i got the remote, it was killing me! haha. BY the Way, coolest present EVER! Seriously, we have been having so much fun playing with it!!
All the offices guys are super jealous!  They all keep asking if you guys want you can adopt them! Haha, but they did really love the candy!

Thanks for everything!!  I love you guys!!

All my Love,



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elder Collins

What up family!
   Well i didnt even remember that st patricks day exist until i just got this email of yours. Thats way cool that Myles friend got called here, im gonna give him a big o kiss when he gets here and then im going to remind him of how much time he has to go before he goes home like everyone did with me when i got here. haha. I was looking through my 2nd suitcase today because in the jungle we only can take one but i just recently was looking through it today and found all the letters from the MTC when people still cared about me haha. Nah jokes, but really. So this week we have been doing paper work and other things to marry the familys in our zone. We teach the Elders in our zone what they need to do to be able to marry a couple but then they say they dont know how to do it so we just end up doing it. I talked with my companion a little bit this week about balancing our duties with the zone and our own area. Its hard some times to find a balance between being a good zone leader to our zone and proselyting. Sometimes i  feel like im not teaching and working hard enough in my zone which bugs me. This week i did two work visits with people in the zone. The first was with new elder from Peru. At night we ordered pizza and we gave the wrong direction and the guy got lost and when he finally got here it was like 11 30 at night and i was sleeping but he was honking his horn at us so instead of going down the stairs we tied a rope with a bag at the end of it and asked him to put it into the bag hahah it was pretty funny. The other work visit i did was with one of my best friends E amaya from Colombia. He is the definition of goofy. He had a crazy life before and told me everything! wow haha. It was pretty fun. We had a lesson with a family and there was a 17 year old chubby girl there freaking out that there was a gringo in her house. She wouldn't stop looking at me and she would just scream at some of the things i said and did and kept telling me my lips are different and asking me to say things in English then at the end of her prayer she said "thank you for this gringo you have sent me this day!" haha what a nut. Amaya was laughing super hard. Well that's the news from this week. We still dont know anything about the mission splitting. Oh and thank you Miller family for the package, the socks were very much needed, you guys really know how to treat a missionary! I also want to tell the Hunsaker family Thanks so much for the package that you guys sent my way, wow that was so cool of you guys! Well I love you all, loves reg

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elder Crump

Family and Friends!

How is it going!  I hope great as usual!  So first off HOLY COW!! Corinne and Brady that's gonna be such a crazy, but amazing experience!  But when will you be back?
That is the question most important! 2 years has been a long time, I really miss you guys!!  
So this past week we had Daniel's Baptism! And by far was one of the greatest days in my mission!  He has gone through so so much to get to this point, and he made it! It's incredible to see the work of the Atonement! It works, its real.  We are all so imperfect, but through Jesus Christ, we can become better every day.  When we went down into the water it was like unreal.  It was a sense that just filled my soul.  Right as we were about to begin, he started to tear up.  To see an 18 year old like him cry, you just had to know the spirit was there!  And when he came out of that water, he came up so fast with the biggest smile on his face!  The cold water didn't affect him at all. He had been forgiven and then cleansed of his sins!  It was an incredible experience!  And when he bore his testimony, it was like he had been a member for years!  He really wants to serve a mission, and in one year he can.  I hope he does. He would make such a great missionary!  The sad part was his parents didn't want to come! Only his sister came, who by the way is now listening to the missionaries!  He knows that right now his parents don't want anything, but in time they will come around.  It depends if he helps them, and pushes them!
Well so this week hasn't been too crazy.  Last night we were in the airport until 2:00 a.m. sending home a missionary!  I had to go to help him because he was going home early.  He had to go in a wheelchair, because he tore his meniscus playing soccer!  Man I felt his pain, and I felt so bad for him!  He did not want to go home, he was a little bummed.  It made me realize how lucky I was.  I may of hurt my knee, but the fact that I didn't tear it, saved me from a ticket home!  He is from Chile.  His name is Elder Canelo.  He is from my group and was one of my really good friends.  The good news is he really wants to come back, and if all goes well with his surgery, and he recovers well, he can.  
So new updates about the new mission...I know some more stuff, but Im not allowed to announce it quite yet!  But what I can tell you is that we are already beginning the process buy all the new housing, and buy the new offices!  It's going to be stationed in Iquitos, Iquitos!  Its going to be such an amazing mission.  Hopefully I will get to be apart of it!  I'm hoping that Reg and I will be together so bad!  Seriously, God would not call us to the same mission then not have us finish together! I have faith we will be together.
Well family and friends, I hope all is good! You guys are so amazing! Thank you for your letters and Packages! Mom, I still havent gotten anything for Easter yet, but I'm excited.  So guess what, this Sunday the new assistant is going to be coming in.  So we will have like 8  missionaries here with us.  In the next couple months, we will have like 12 being trained to go to Iquitos or stay here!  Pray that Reg and I will stay together!
I love you guys so much! Thank you for all that you do!  I hope all is well, and I can't wait to hear back from you guys!
All my Love,


Monday, March 11, 2013

Elder Collins

Well hey.
   How´s everyone doing? Looks super cold from that video you sent! First off all i would like to say Anna looks way older. In my mind she is still 10, what happened?  The spaz missionary in my zone is a little better he kind of just has the i dont care attitude i go home in two weeks.Maybe ill just slap him around instead of punch him in the face? This week was just jammed packed with meetings on wednesday we had the zone leader conference. That was super fun giving the numbers from the last month. But i just told them what happened and it was all good. I learned a ton at that conference. President spoke a bunch which was awesome and i felt the spirit a lot. We also always eat a ton while we are there. They buy us breakfast lunch and dinner since we are there all day and its always good food too. on thursday i did a work visit with another missionary to help him out while my comp just went to do his imagrations. and on friday we had zone conference with the other zones in lima.President talked a lot about the spirit and using it which was way nice because it seems like we are always talking about new rules or standards.I was with Nick a lot this week. My room here is actually really nice. And a million times better than in rats or cocroches! haha. We have a fridge i dont know how because only in the jungle you can have fridges but we have one so thats awesome. Yes my shoes got fixed so dont worry i really just sent that picture to freak you out. Ive been noticing the difference between here and in the jungle with the people. The people are definitly a lot more focused on the worldly things here its kind of sad.Food, clothes or position in work. Its like seeing the modern Book of Mormon live! Today we are going to play soccer against E Fenns zone. Well i hope your all well and happy love you all have a great week. Loves, Reg

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elder Crump

Dear Family and Friends,

How is it all going!  Well so this week has been one of the best weeks ever!!!  But before I tell you what all went down, mom I hope your proud of me that im actually writing you early...well earlier than last week! haha progress!!  So this is what happened, do you guys remember Daniel from like a year ago.  He was my investigator from my time in Contisuyo!  He was the teen that was 17 and his parents wouldnt let him get baptized, so then we wait for him to turn 18.  But when he turned 18, he broke the law of chastity, so we had to postpone his baptism.  It was such a terrible day, but he need to go through a long repentance process with interviews every 2 months.  So I thought that, hopefully, I would be there for his baptism, but then I got my change.  But during my time in the jungle, he attended church every sunday, read the book of mormon twice and once in english!  Also has read the Doctrine and Convanants, and Pearl of Great Price!  But then I got transferred back here!  So i was super excited, because I had heard that he still hadn't been baptized yet, but then I found out he still needed more time.  So with a lot of patience and a lot of faith the day finally came where he had his final interview....AND HE PASSED!!! The president's counselor gave him the interview and he did it here in the offices.  They both came out smiling, and they said he is all set for this Saturday!!!  And right away Daniel turns to me and says, Elder Crump, your going to baptize me! haha He didn't really ask, he kind of told me! haha It really was one of the happiest moments of my mission! To see someone go through so much! Seriously, we found him over a year ago!  This month make the mark!  He has experienced the gift of the Atonement! And now he gets to make the greatest decision of his life! Seriously, I am so excited for him!!  He is going to be an amazing member, and an EXCELLENT missionary! Seriously, this saturday will be one of the best days ever!! I'll be sure to send pictures!!

So i can't believe Brenna is getting married! Thats awesome! I hope he is a good guy!!  The wedding sounds like it will way nice, hey if you can save me some food! haha  wow Scotty Carter is going to be on the tennis team, that's sweet! I can't believe how old he is!!!! And Max, as wel,l will be in 9th grade!!  Wait, why doesn't he want to go to Alta?!!  Is he crazy!!! haha  Wow, that blows my mind that there will be so many people going out on their missions!!  

So this past week has not been too crazy busy.  We had a special training for all of the Sister missionaries here in the mission.  So we flew them all in from the Jungle, and we put them up in a hotel!  It was super nice, but i got a really good deal!!  Seriously family, we need to come back here.  I have so many connections with Hotels here, and transportation!  We will save like no other!  But anyway it was super funny, we bought like normal rooms for all the sisters.  But what happened was they didn't have any of the normal rooms, so the lady felt bad so they upgraded the rooms for free!!  So in the end, the sisters stayed in way nice suites, and one pair of missionaries stayed in the Honeymoon sweet with a Jacuzzi! Haha, they had a good laugh! They all were like thanks Elder Crump for the rooms!!  Haha i was like um yeah, I meant to do that... Haha, but also that same night all the zone leaders came in for their monthly conference! It wasn't too bad, because we didn't have the changes this week.  It was good to see all the zone leaders again!

SO things are just beginning to heat up here with all the changes!  President just called a new financial secretary to come in and replace Elder Baker!  He is Elder Carter! I was his zone leader in Tarapoto! He is awesome, but still way young in the mission. He only has 9 months!  I'm stoked!  So yeah mom and dad, if you guys want you can meet up with future President Ericson, but i still don't know if he will be my president or not.  They haven't told us where we are going!  But hopefully soon we´ll know!
All the offices elders say hi to you guys, and are super excited for their package!!  Also Elder Uribe who is one of the assistants that talked to dad on Christmas wants to wirte something: First in Spanish: Hola Familia Crump, me dio mucho gusto ver a una familia tan especial como ustedes. Estoy acá en las oficinas disfrutando de la compañía de su hijo Élder Crump, él es una persona muy buena y muy humilde es un gran Misionero, siempre esta dispuesto a ayudar a las personas, es un buen amigo mio. Un día me gustaría conocerles y por eso estoy aprendiendo ingles. Les mando un abrazo gigante. Muchas gracias por todo.
Now in English Hi, Crump Family, I liked to seeing you guys on Christmas. I am in the office enjoying the company of your son Elder Crump, he is a really good person who is very humble and is a great missionary. He is always willing to help other people and is a very good friend to me. I would like to get to know you guys, for that is why I am learning English. I send you all a big hug and thank you for all you do. Good bye, Elder Uribe, xoxo.

Haha, so i hope you guys enjoyed that.  He actually wrote the English part by himself.  I'm pretty impressed! haha  Well family today wasn't really my P day.  We are changing it to Saturday, because today I had to go to Imagraciones ALL DAY!! It was so boring! I had to take like 15 missionaries with me! Im super tired!!  haha
Well family, I dont really have too many pictures to send this week, but I'll still send some.  Next week for sure youll be getting a bunch!  
Family I love you guys so much! Thank you all for all you do! You guys are always in my prayers! Will you tell Hailey Peterson I got her letter, and I'll be send her and Kenzie holmes, and Devon letters!! 

All my Love,


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elder Collins

Oh family.
    Hmmm...what can i say about this week? Well the conference with president was pretty good. He just taught us a lot about the Lord preparing the earth for the second coming which was way cool, one of the signs that still needs to be completed is the gathering of israel so that means more missionarys. Its way cool to be part of that gathering. He explained that he hasnt made any decisions yet and wont really until june and until then we just have to work. I think its good he had that conference so that everyones not just thinking well im going to change anyway. This week was kind of stressfull. As zone leader you have a lot less time to proslite sometimes i want the zone to be like the celestial kingdom and what not but i wanna baptize too. We have been having a problem with one of the Elders in our zone whos a real..... well hes a child of God. But he is just offended that hes not a leader anymore and just finishing as señor comp. He is just super prideful, ill probably just punch him or something.haha. This week on tues Nick, Richardson, Fenn and I had to go and do immigration stuff the whole day so we were all together speaking English and eating some Burger King.  It was a jolly good time! Well not much more to say about this week. Today we are going bowling so that should be fun and then we also have zone leader conference this week in which im going to take some heat for how the month of feb turned out.(its not even fair i was only there half of the month) I love you all have great week, love  Reg
 hahaha no jokes..the asistants just called me thanking me for how the zone is doing now! I feel much better!  Mom about the pictures DONT WORRY, I already got them fixed, sweet huh? Evidence that I worked! I love You!!!     

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elder Crump


First off...sorry mom please forgive me I know that you have must have been waiting!  But here I am!  This past week has been so busy and crazy as usual, but so great at the same time!!  So 58 NEW MISSIONS!!!!!!!!  Holy cow! How wonderful is that!!!  Seriously when I heard i wanted to cry, I was so happy!  So this is all that is going down, because im sure you guys have a lot of questions!  First off is how I found out...So on friday or thursday when ever the announcement came out, I get a phone call from Hermana Blunck telling me to hurry and get on the church website to see something.  So i was like um ok, so i typed in the address and I see that 58 new missions have been announced!  I was like really? Thats so cool!  She was like no thats not all, look at the list!  So i scrolled down, and she was like LOOK theres another mission in Orgeon where we live! haha i was like um ok.. thats cool. haha but then she was like but keep looking there is even better news!  So i scroll just a little bit down, and seriously when I say Peru my heart skipped a beat!  Then i almost freaked out when i saw IQUITOS!  haha it was so sweet! Then Hemana Blunck was laughing so hard at my reaction!  haha then i was um what do that mean for us? She is like well elder...thats a good question!  Then she was like but don't tell anyone, because its still a surprise, and I need to tell President, because he doesn't know yet.  He is in a conference in the Jungle!  haha it was so funny! So i was the first to know here in the offices!  But then everyone here started asking me why Hermana Blunck called and why I freaked out! haha.  So i had them look on the computer screen and they all flipped out too! haha  So then the big question is what is going to happen?  So president Blunck is really smart, and right away he writes up this super awesome inspiring letter telling all of the zones here in Lima the news, because eventually they will all know.  He then tells them that he wants to meet with all of them this week, and he will answer all our questions!  He talked about how we need to be focused on the work in what we are doing right now!  We need to keep working, but prepare for whatever comes next!  He wrote in the end, we must all remember that whatever happens its what God wants, and we need to follow the example of Nephi, "I will go and I will do the things which the Lord commands...."  Oh boy it was such a powerful letter!  So in that week we all met together, and he explained that its going to be a LIMA mission, and a SELVA mission  So Tarapoto, Pucallpa, Moyobamba, and Iquitos will all be part of the Iquitos mission, and all the zones that are here in Lima will be the Lima mission, plus they will be adding a few more areas to the Lima part.  And he informed us that by the time July hits, we will have 400 missionaries here with us.  200 will go to the Jungle and finish their mission, and 200 will go to Lima and finish their mission!  So right now we have 200 in our mission and he said that 100 of us oldies will go to the jungle with 100 new missionaries! and the others will be here!  SO they are just gonna split us in half!!!  Im so EXCITED! But super nervous!  Because...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR US IN THE OFFICES!  Well we still dont know... haha but at one point we are going to have 12 elders here in the offices, because we all need to train the new secretaries, and the new assistants, and then President will decide who goes where!  I so want to go to IQUITOS!  I have been wanting to go back to the jungle, but i knew that I might have to finish here in the offices to help the new president. But hey if I'm in the Jungle, its all good! haha  But like President said, we are going to go where God needs us, so if i am needed here that's ok too!  I love the mission either way!  President Ericson looks real nice, and I hear President Gomez is great as well.  Whoever I'm with, I'll be happy!
Seriously, I'm super excited for what's going to happen! How cool is it that we get to be part of this historical change in the church! It is such an honor to be here!  And I'm right on the front line of it!  Seriously, it's going to be getting pretty crazy this next change!
So today, President invited the us to his house to have breakfast!  Remember how I never was a huge breakfast fan...well today i just realized how much i miss American breakfasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so delicious!  We had pancakes, eggs, bacon, orange juice (with ICE!!) fruit, chocolate milk and so much more! It was so good!!!!  Seriously, I had 3 plates!! haha  then president took us to the museum of GOLD here in Peru! It was pretty cool, it was all the Incan Gold that has been found.  Also, it's a museum of the weapons of the world! It had like every weapon from every country, and from different time periods!! It was pretty sweet!  So this is why I'm writing so late.  Presidente had his little conference with us yesterday, so he changed our p day today.  It was a great day just to relax, and not have to worry about work!  It was funny during breakfast my phone kept vibrating, haha so I turned it off, and President laughed, and was like Elder Crump I think your phone rings more than anyone! haha 

Family, I just want to say that i love you guys so much!  Im so happy all is going well with you guys!  Seriously it makes me so happy  to hear all that you are doing!  Im so proud of all of you!

Sorry again this is getting sent so late.  We had to run to the airport to go pay for a missionary going home from another mission, because we are the closest to the airport and his mission is like 5 hours away!  haha man its not even missionaries from our misson and were still in the airport late! haha
So Family, hopefully this next week will be better in the missionary field work!  I am trying to do everything I can to be an infield missionary, its hard, but possible!  I know that Heavenly Father will bless us in what we are doing!  I'm so grateful to be here, and hopefully in these next couple of weeks, I'll know a little bit about what's all gonna go down with the new changes!  
Tomorrow, I'll send Pictures!! 
All my Love,