Friday, October 11, 2013

Elder Crump and Elder Collins are HOME!

These two elders made it home safely this week, and needless to say, both families are ecstatic! 

Elder Crump's homecoming is this Sunday October 13 at
11755 S. 2000 E. in Sandy
at 12:30pm

Elder Collins' homecoming is Sunday October 20th at
11626 S. 300 E. in Draper
at 9:00am

Friday, October 4, 2013

Elder Crump

Well, Family and Friends, how are you? It really just hit me today reading all your emails, this will be my last email to you guys. This past week has been incredible!  Really, one of the hardest, but most amazing weeks I have ever had. We were so so busy with all the things going down with the changes, training Elder Stringham, and preparing everything for Joel´s baptism.  Yes. he did show up, but when he got there we knew something was wrong.  He came early, and kind of just walked in and went out and sat on the soccer court.  So my comp went out and talked to him.  When he came back, he said that he is just nervous and needs some time to think and pray.  So we went back in and got all the final touches done for the baptism.  When we went back out, he was talking to his friend, who has been with him through this whole process.  Then they came back together.  I pulled him aside, asked how he was doing, and if he was ready.  And he just smiled and said, "I´ve never been more ready!" He said that Heavenly Father answered his prayer.  Then he asked me if I could teach him how to tie his tie for his baptism.  So we headed on in, got changed, and he tied his own knot.  And then....HE GOT BAPTIZED!! Really, such an amazing experience.  He gave a little testimony and got a little emotional thanking his friend for introducing him to the church, and for us teaching him and all the support of the members!  We had the entire elders quorum there!!! Haha, it was awesome!!  Then he got confirmed on Sunday.  That same day our stake had fast Sunday, because of conference.  We both were just sitting there, and Joel turns to me and says are you gonna go up and bear your testimony?  I was like, um I don't know.  Then he was like, if I go up will you come up with me?  I was like, heck yes.  So we both go up, and there was about 7 minutes left in the meeting.  I gave a quick, last testimony saying goodbye to everyone, and then Joel just gets up there and blows me out of the water.  It was so simple, funny, spiritual and powerful. He just looked so comfortable up there! He was lovin it! Seriously, I'm so proud of him.  That is the first time in my mission, where I saw a new convert get up that first sunday, the day after he gets baptized and bore his testimony.  Wow, seriously I'm just so happy that we were able to teach him.  In other news, Juan is getting baptized, but next week...I was a little bummed, but he needs to come to church again.  He had a problem with his brother, and wasn't able to come to church, but he called us and felt super bad. Later that day, we went and taught him and the spirit was so strong. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, and right away he just was like, when can I get baptized? So the date has been set for the 12th!  Its weird inviting people to be baptized knowing I won't be there.  But hey, like I said I'm leaving my area better than I found it.  

Mom, to answer all of your final questions.  Reg and I are in the same mind set, and all we see is CAFE RIO!! Haha, so we would like to go together there!  Of course anyone can come over.  The food Im am just craving is just American food!  ANYTHING MADE IN THE USA! Haha, I'm excited!!

Wow. really words cannot describe how I feel right now.  Dad has it all right, its truly bitter sweet.  I'm excited to come home, to be with you all, but this has been my life for 2 years.  I honestly am going to miss the Peruvian people. As difficult as they can be sometimes, they are my brothers and sisters. It has been such a  blessing to have served here.  So many experiences, so many memories and lessons that I couldn't have learned anywhere else! I want to thank you all for your love and support.  For all your emails and letters. They truly make your whole week, just knowing that someone is thinking of you.  No one ever said this would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it, and it has.  I love you all so very much. I cant wait to see you. Tuesday will be an emotional day.  I bet mom and Becky are just dying at this point, but don't worry its almost here! Haha, I love you all. These next couple of days are the last 30 seconds in overtime, with no timeouts left.  We gotta give it our all!  I love you guys. Can't wait to see you!  Nos vemos Martes!!

Todo mi Amor,


Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder Collins

Well its come. I cant believe it. I dont know if Ill ever be able to describe what ive done here. Peru is incredible and a one of a kind place and I wouldnt be able to describe it well enough either. Ive spent more than half my mission in the hot and sweaty parts of the amazon jungle and the other part in one of the busiest craziest and one of the most contaminated cities in the world. I have sweated through my shirt everyday. The weather is either hot or really hot but there arent hot showers. Ive slept under mosquitos nets but somehow ive still gotten eatin alive. Ive walked holes through my shoes three different times up the mountains and in the rain, and my socks dont match anymore. I have eatin rice and chicken and chicken and rice everyday, Ive eatin heart, stomach, liver and feet, monkey turtle alligator, ants and tree grubs. I came weighing 186 and at one point got down to 170...the bathroom was my best friend. Ive gotten stomach infections and dengae once. Ive been called gringo more than Elder and i dont know how many times ive heard "wuts ur naem?" 
  I got here and the Lord saw it fit that he needed to humble me from right off the bat. I struggled and i cried. He cut me down so that he could build me up. I got to know him more than ever in those moments. I always believed in God but thats when i got to know he was my Loving Heavenly Father. I made a promise to him that if he helped get over the hard part i would give him all i got and be the best missionary in this mission. Through the atonement i was able to change. Christ is my Savior. He did live 2000 years ago and he did walk into the garden of gethsemane and there all alone feeling more alone than i ever could have he suffered and bled from every pore so that he could fufill the great plan of salvation. And ive had the honor to represent him. How great has my calling been?!  No one else could do it, only him.  I wouldnt trade any of this time here for the world. This is my mission this is my home. I love Peru and the Peruvians. I really dont think anyone on this earth can understand what ive gone though. This has been the hardest thing ive ever done in my life but has been the best thing ive done for my life. Its been filled with adventures, ups and downs, and the privilege to get to know many people and to teach and baptize families. Im just happier now. Im more grateful for everything that i have. Ive seen wickedness and ive seen joy. I always knew that the church was true but now i understand, its just clicked, my eyes have been opened. Thank you for all of your love and support, prayers and thoughts. I needed them more than you know. I dont know how I can describe this experience but for now, lets just call it, THE BEST TWO YEARS. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey, how is everyone doing?  I hope great!  So mom officially you´re trunky! haha I bet you and Becky are waiting in the airport! haha 
So my birthday went great! Haha, it started first out like this, so the day before some of the zone leaders here invited me out to lunch!  We went to this Place called Rustica, and I got BBQ RIBS.  I had never felt so American!  Haha, so that was fun!  Then the next day on my birthday we went to the store and Elder Stringham bought me Pancake Mix, so we made pancakes!  They were so good!  So the rest of the day was pretty normal.  I got a little package from Reg, and the assistants just got back from their trip and brought me back a gift.  The whole day consisted the zone leaders calling and saying happy birthday! haha  So then we went to lunch! The relief socitey president invited us, and on our way we came across a Monkey.... He was the pet of this guy, and he was on a leash.  So of course, we went over to say hi to him, and the monkey was named Pepe.  Boy, was he crazy! He was so excited to see us!  He jumped all over us, and I was trying to take an inoocent picture with him, and he puts his tongue in my ear and gives me a wet willey! Haha, I never thought that I would say that! Haha, its was gross, but funny!  Haha, so then we get to the house and, she made me a cake as well with the lunch!  After that, we came back to the offices and got more work done, but then at night we had another appointment to have dinner with a family.  When we get there, they also had a big cake waiting for me! haha This family Is so great! They always treat us so good!  The mom told me that my gift is coming.  Her husband is out in the Jungle Hunting, and he is going to bring me back my gift....haha I'm a little nervous to what he's going to bring back! So then after all that, we get back to our house.  We were all just sitting there talking, then all of the sudden just get attacked by like 12 eggs!  I didn't even see it coming!  Really, they destroyed me all singing happy birthday! haha oh man it was a great day!  Our house still has egg on the wall, but it was fun!

So this past week has been so amazing!  Joel is so ready for this Saturday! He came to church and tonight is having his final interview!  He really has come a long way, but is so ready to make this change!  
Also, we have another who will be getting baptized! So when Elder Carter went to Pucallpa, and came back on my birthday, he was sitting next to this guy who had a lot of questions.  They started talking, and we found out that he lives right in front of the mission offfices!  So it's right in my area!  We we went and talked to him, and he began reading the Book of Mormon, and right away he loved it.  So we came back the next day, and asked me when can I get baptized?  He came to church that first Sunday, and if he comes this Sunday, he will be set for the beginning of October!  So now we will have 2 more baptisms right before I leave!  His name is Juan, and he is awesome! About 2 years ago he got divorced from his wife, and just always felt so lost!  He loved church and wants to be the example.  So my last baptism will be my last weekend before I come home! 
So mom, to answer some of your questions:  I am going to leave most of my clothes here.  There are many future missionaries that don't have like anthing here so I'll be giving it to them!  For example, I gave away my suit!  It was getting old and a little beat up, but we took it to this lady.  She stitched it up and cleaned it, and I gave it to a guy from my ward that was leaving on the mission.  It fit him perfectly! His family was so happy, because they hadn't found his a suit that fit him, or that was in their price range!  But don't worry mom, I will be coming home in a suit.  I got a way good deal, and I bought a new suit, a pair of shoes, a new shirt, a new tie all for 100 dollars.  They had this deal going on, that I couldn't pass up! Clothes shopping sounds great, just if you could have some garments when I get home will be great!
That is so crazy that Myles is in the Philippines!  How is he doing? He's gonna be awesome!!
So yeah, Wilson is getting married! She was his girlfriend before he left.  She wrote him his whole mission, but they only dated for like 3 weeks before he left! haha, way to go Wilson!

Brooke went on a mission? What the?  Wow, its crazy how many misisonaries there are!!  Hey, tell Brig that I say hi! Tell him when I get home were totally gonna hit up the golf course, if its not too cold!  Tell him to set up the tee time!

Thank you for talking to UVU, what do I need to do with all that?

Well family and friends, I do love you all!  This next week is going to be wierd, the last one but we´ll finish it strong, with 2 more baptisms!! I'm stoked!  You guys are the best! I love you!

All my Love,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elder Collins

Hey family hows it going?... Well mom i have some big news. Ive been praying for a while to know what i should do and finally the answer came. Ive decided to extend my mission one change. Ill be coming home in Nov. now. I didnt know if i should do it or not but i found a family yesterday that i just think i need to be here to help them. I know its kind of last notice and im sure you will be sad but i feel like its the right thing to do.....Nah just kidding. Haha! Bet you just fell out of your seat didnt you? Really though i cant believe that its down to 2 weeks!! thats nuts! It still doesnt feel like they will let me go home. 
  Well this week was awesome! It sure did go by really fast too! So everything went well with the wedding of the Sinti family. At first we were not receiving any help at all but then the right before the branch decided to kick it in. They got married and baptized the same day. Also we had another baptism of Erick Flores. He was a reference who just wanted to get baptized and change his life. He learned really quickly and attended for the past few weeks. We didnt know if his baptism was going to be this week or the next but it was this last week. One funny thing about him is I contacted him like 2 months ago and he pretty much told me to get lost and that he did not like anything about religion. He told us the day before his baptism that he had remembered he did that but didnt realize it was me haha. When I told him it was me he was embarrassed and said that was his alcoholic life. He has not had a drink since then. He really has had a huge change of heart. Hno. Ronald too!! He doesnt want to drink at all anymore. We gave them along with the branch some church clothes to come in, they usually just came in shorts and a t shirt. They looked soo good all dressed up walking to church as a family. They both looked just flat out happier. I started teaching them when I first got here and the truth is I didnt think they would get baptized so thats why we left them because they never attended but the Lord put them in our path again when they needed the gospel and were ready to act this time.
 I know the atonement can change anyone. Its a gospel of transformation because Heavenly Father sees us how we are and what we can become. Only through him can people change their hearts. Im soo grateful for the experiences that ive had so far in the mission and for all the people Heavenly Father has put into my path. I dont know if ill have more baptisms or not I do have one possibility but if not im grateful for all the blessings ive received. It will be so hard to have to say good by to this place and the people ive met. I cant believe how fast the time has gone. I remember my first day like it was yesterday. Everything has just flown by. Im grateful for all of you and for all your prayers. I sometimes joke saying only good things happen because my family prays so much for me and not because of our own efforts. I love you all! LOVE THE ELDER COLLINS (THE ORIGINAL)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elder Collins

Alright...ill admit coming home. 
  Hey family hows it going? Super pumped that your all just already in the airport waiting for me.haha. When all of the titles of the emails you get say 3 weeks left it does something to you. Well this week was just splendid. At the first of the week we did some work visits with the Elders in Nueva Cajamarca. I was with a new Elder who doesnt even have a month named E. Villar, he´s, well special. E. Crump can testify to that. He has a couple of screws loose. He wanted the explanation of everything we couldnt do as missionaries. He kept saying wow im so excited to be finishing like you. haha only 23 and a half months to go! haha We had a problem with him too because he did not want to give me his USB that had a bunch of Rock and Metal music on it. He kept trying to lie and what not. We had to talk to him for about an hour before he finally gave in and gave it to me. Silly boy trix are for kids.
    Well this weekend President and sister Gomez were here. We had our zone conference. It was pretty good and they even sang happy birthday to me and bought me some cake. Well at the end of the conference i was the last one to bear my testimony ( i think my zone planned that on purpose) I got up all normal and said "well I was reading my journal from my first conference i feel just as excited and eager to learn as i did the first conference as i feel now at my last conference" and when i said that it hit me so hard. I just started crying. I couldnt hold it in. I dont think that it really hit me before because i always just shake it off and go to work. Wow two years! Well one cool thing too is that i got to ride in the back of presidents car. That was the first time i have been in a car like that for a long time! NICE. The assistants slept with us this weekend. We had a good time and they are both funny guys but they are freakishly obedient. Like im known for being obedient but they were just too much. Two gringos together will do that. There was like a mini General conference this week in Peru so we all went to the stake center to watch a broadcast from E. Scott and E. Bednar. It was really good. So good news!! The Sinti Family are going to be getting married and baptized this saturday! They have attended church solid for like 4 weeks in a row and hno. Ronald hasnt drank for a couple of weeks and thats more than his whole life. They are starting to make friends in the branch to and are excited. We also might have  another baptism of a guy named Erick. He is a way cool reference we got who is just super eager to learn. Looks like im just wrapping up my last couple of baptisms before i leave! haha. Well thats pretty much what happened this week. Love Reg

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elder Crump

Well First off, Christian got baptized!!  It was such an amazing service.  Seriously, like I said when we first found him, I was astonished with his responses to the questions.  He was just so well prepared.  But as we know, satan just likes to butt in and kind of slowed the process down when he got into the fight with his mom.  But through time he learned to forgive her, and she learned to forgive him.  So through this repentance process, it only made them closer.  Seeing him in church with his shirt and tie, and even getting up to bear his testimony, was amazing.  During the service, the mom gave the opening prayer and just began to cry.  She really said such a sincere prayer, of how happy she is, that finally after so long her son is accepting the gospel.  It really set the tone of the spirit.  This next week he will recieve the Priestood, and the bishop is looking for his calling. 

So to talk a little more about the title of the email!  The fear has been conquered.  So this past Monday, we all went to Quistacocha again, with all the missionaries here in Iquitos, Presidente and Hermana Gómez.  It was so nice to finally have a P day!  So right when we get there, guess who we find....Charita....Who is this?  Oh yes, it's the big snake that everyone takes pictures with!!  Wow, she was so ugly!  Seriously, but I did it.  I conquered my fear, I held her! Haha, man it doesn't sound too crazy, but she was big, and heavy! Haha, but anyway, I was a little nervous at first to touch her, but once she was on my shoulders, she was just so calm.   I just wanted to give her a big kiss! Haha.  Anyway, bucketlist moment...I held a Big snake!

So this week has been great.  We have been going like crazy to get all the people we are teaching ready!  Oh boy, do I have a story for you guys.  So the other day, we were teaching Joel, and just the lesson before we found him, and he just looked super sad.  He had a bad day and just seemed kind of mad at everything.  When we asked him, he just said that I'm missing something.  Every time I'm here, Im happy with you guys, but out there...(The world) It just isn't the same...So BOOM, we followed the impressions of the spirit, and taught about the Book of Mormon.  The night before we felt as if something was wrong with him or missing, and we had planned on doinig it so It all worked out! He had so many questions, but he loved every minute of it.  In that 30 minutes we had with him, his whole expression had changed.  He left feeling the spirit, smiling and laughing.  And the best part is he is noticing the power of the Holy Ghost.  So we left him a chapter about Baptism to read, 2 Nephi 31, because he had some doubts about it.  He loves to read, so we knew he would do it.  So we came back in two days later, and he told us that he read it, and said that he has some questions about baptism.  He knew that baptism is important, but didn't know why it was necesary.  We we opened up to that very same chapter and read with him.  He really enjoyed it, with the scriptures all the questions were answered.  And then he asked the money question, but I'm a good person, can I just be a good person without getting baptized?  And then my comp swoops in with this amazing example, and right there he just is sitting there in silence, with the spirit so strong.  So then I asked him, if he thinks that its right for him? And he says yes.  So then I invited him, and I asked him to prepared to be baptized on the21st of September. And he just started to laugh, haha, like really hard.  At first, I was like oh great, he is going to be like no its too soon, but I still held my ground waiting for a response.  He says, I'm sorry, Im not laughing at you guys, I just feel happy.
I don't know why, right when you said the 21st, it just felt right.  Yes, I will be baptized on the 21st, that's the date for me!  Now, I was just in amazment!  Right there, he received his answer!  Really, It was so incredible!!  He is so excited.  The best part is, he was a reference form a member in our ward.  She is always with us, when we teach him, and it truly make the difference!  

Wow, I'm just loving working here!  The time is zipping by, and its scary, but now is not the time to think about it,  just keep working!  I can't wait to meet my new replacement.  I still have no idea who it is, but he is coming on Monday! Its gonna be a lot of work to do, but I'm excited!

So, I'm so happy for Jordan, really that is going to be so great for her!  She is going to be such a great missionary!

So my comp is great!  We really work well together!  He really is a great missionary, who has such a big heart! He is in charge of the money, and all the supplies that we need.  He also is in charge of the sick missionaries.  So he works with Hermana Gómez in that.  He is coming along, there is still so much to learn, but in time and practice he will get it!

Well, I'm glad BYU is doing good!  I can't wait to go to a game, I have been dying to go!  When is the last home game dad?  Save me a spot!:)

So Brig got home, wow that's wierd, how is he?  Tell him I say hi, and I'm still waiting on his response to my email! Haha.  That's sweet about Devon and Taylor! They both are going to rock it!! I'm proud of them!

Well family and friends, I do love you all!  Ha sido 2 años, pero muy pronto vamos estar juntos de neuevo.  Les amo mucho, cuídense, y no te preocupas mamá todo estará bien.

All my Love,


Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Collins

That will do pig, that will do.
   Well hey family hows everyone doing? How was your week. Im sure you all celebrated my birthday without me, thats cool i wont cry that much. Well this week was just fantastic! We went to iquitos on tuesday afternoon and almost missed our flight (dont tell crump) because i didnt double check to see when our flight was! But it was all good. The conference was pretty good. I feel like i have a lot more zone leader friends then i did before. There are a lot more new ones. It was officially my last zone leader conference too. When we were putting the goals up for sep. We all got into a interesting conversation about what we should do. It was pretty much the older zone leaders (including me) vs the newer ones and the sister leaders. It was a headache arguing about what the goal should be for the next month for like an hour and a half. I just felt like there were too many people voicing their opinions with lack of experience. But it was a good overall. There was some pretty good trainings this time too. Pres. was even longer than his wifes this time haha. I stayed with an Elder named Withulhume. He is a way funny guy we had a fun time together. I said goodbye to couple of leaders that im not going to be seeing again.On thursday before i went back crump told me to come into the office, he bought a big slice of cake for me! What a guy! And it was a training that day too for another zone so he saved us a pizza to share too! When i said goodbye to him i was like alright well see you next month thinking about the next conference then i realized that the next time i come back too see him we will be going home!!!! Wow it hit me soo hard! I think thats the first time. Kind of sad. My birthday was pretty good. The family below us took us out to lunch and bought me a cake too! That was really nice of them! At night me and elder mossman and our pension ( did i tell ya we got one now?!) made huge rodeo burgers! It was soo good! And thats pretty much how my birthday went. I opened your package in the morning too. Thanks i like that idea a lot, also thanks to Debby and Grandma Chase for their packages too!!! On saturday i did something way cool! So there is a family in another area who got baptized when i first got here but i did there baptism interviews so they love me, well there nephew got baptized this saturday and i was the one who got to do a river!!! haha it was so cool. There is only two areas in the whole mission where its allowed and i was able to do it. Ive always wanted to! Well thats about its. Les amo mucho Elder Reg