Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elder Collins

Alright...ill admit it...im coming home. 
  Hey family hows it going? Super pumped that your all just already in the airport waiting for me.haha. When all of the titles of the emails you get say 3 weeks left it does something to you. Well this week was just splendid. At the first of the week we did some work visits with the Elders in Nueva Cajamarca. I was with a new Elder who doesnt even have a month named E. Villar, he´s, well special. E. Crump can testify to that. He has a couple of screws loose. He wanted the explanation of everything we couldnt do as missionaries. He kept saying wow im so excited to be finishing like you. haha only 23 and a half months to go! haha We had a problem with him too because he did not want to give me his USB that had a bunch of Rock and Metal music on it. He kept trying to lie and what not. We had to talk to him for about an hour before he finally gave in and gave it to me. Silly boy trix are for kids.
    Well this weekend President and sister Gomez were here. We had our zone conference. It was pretty good and they even sang happy birthday to me and bought me some cake. Well at the end of the conference i was the last one to bear my testimony ( i think my zone planned that on purpose) I got up all normal and said "well I was reading my journal from my first conference i feel just as excited and eager to learn as i did the first conference as i feel now at my last conference" and when i said that it hit me so hard. I just started crying. I couldnt hold it in. I dont think that it really hit me before because i always just shake it off and go to work. Wow two years! Well one cool thing too is that i got to ride in the back of presidents car. That was the first time i have been in a car like that for a long time! NICE. The assistants slept with us this weekend. We had a good time and they are both funny guys but they are freakishly obedient. Like im known for being obedient but they were just too much. Two gringos together will do that. There was like a mini General conference this week in Peru so we all went to the stake center to watch a broadcast from E. Scott and E. Bednar. It was really good. So good news!! The Sinti Family are going to be getting married and baptized this saturday! They have attended church solid for like 4 weeks in a row and hno. Ronald hasnt drank for a couple of weeks and thats more than his whole life. They are starting to make friends in the branch to and are excited. We also might have  another baptism of a guy named Erick. He is a way cool reference we got who is just super eager to learn. Looks like im just wrapping up my last couple of baptisms before i leave! haha. Well thats pretty much what happened this week. Love Reg

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