Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder Collins

Well its come. I cant believe it. I dont know if Ill ever be able to describe what ive done here. Peru is incredible and a one of a kind place and I wouldnt be able to describe it well enough either. Ive spent more than half my mission in the hot and sweaty parts of the amazon jungle and the other part in one of the busiest craziest and one of the most contaminated cities in the world. I have sweated through my shirt everyday. The weather is either hot or really hot but there arent hot showers. Ive slept under mosquitos nets but somehow ive still gotten eatin alive. Ive walked holes through my shoes three different times up the mountains and in the rain, and my socks dont match anymore. I have eatin rice and chicken and chicken and rice everyday, Ive eatin heart, stomach, liver and feet, monkey turtle alligator, ants and tree grubs. I came weighing 186 and at one point got down to 170...the bathroom was my best friend. Ive gotten stomach infections and dengae once. Ive been called gringo more than Elder and i dont know how many times ive heard "wuts ur naem?" 
  I got here and the Lord saw it fit that he needed to humble me from right off the bat. I struggled and i cried. He cut me down so that he could build me up. I got to know him more than ever in those moments. I always believed in God but thats when i got to know he was my Loving Heavenly Father. I made a promise to him that if he helped get over the hard part i would give him all i got and be the best missionary in this mission. Through the atonement i was able to change. Christ is my Savior. He did live 2000 years ago and he did walk into the garden of gethsemane and there all alone feeling more alone than i ever could have he suffered and bled from every pore so that he could fufill the great plan of salvation. And ive had the honor to represent him. How great has my calling been?!  No one else could do it, only him.  I wouldnt trade any of this time here for the world. This is my mission this is my home. I love Peru and the Peruvians. I really dont think anyone on this earth can understand what ive gone though. This has been the hardest thing ive ever done in my life but has been the best thing ive done for my life. Its been filled with adventures, ups and downs, and the privilege to get to know many people and to teach and baptize families. Im just happier now. Im more grateful for everything that i have. Ive seen wickedness and ive seen joy. I always knew that the church was true but now i understand, its just clicked, my eyes have been opened. Thank you for all of your love and support, prayers and thoughts. I needed them more than you know. I dont know how I can describe this experience but for now, lets just call it, THE BEST TWO YEARS. 

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