Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elder Crump

Well First off, Christian got baptized!!  It was such an amazing service.  Seriously, like I said when we first found him, I was astonished with his responses to the questions.  He was just so well prepared.  But as we know, satan just likes to butt in and kind of slowed the process down when he got into the fight with his mom.  But through time he learned to forgive her, and she learned to forgive him.  So through this repentance process, it only made them closer.  Seeing him in church with his shirt and tie, and even getting up to bear his testimony, was amazing.  During the service, the mom gave the opening prayer and just began to cry.  She really said such a sincere prayer, of how happy she is, that finally after so long her son is accepting the gospel.  It really set the tone of the spirit.  This next week he will recieve the Priestood, and the bishop is looking for his calling. 

So to talk a little more about the title of the email!  The fear has been conquered.  So this past Monday, we all went to Quistacocha again, with all the missionaries here in Iquitos, Presidente and Hermana Gómez.  It was so nice to finally have a P day!  So right when we get there, guess who we find....Charita....Who is this?  Oh yes, it's the big snake that everyone takes pictures with!!  Wow, she was so ugly!  Seriously, but I did it.  I conquered my fear, I held her! Haha, man it doesn't sound too crazy, but she was big, and heavy! Haha, but anyway, I was a little nervous at first to touch her, but once she was on my shoulders, she was just so calm.   I just wanted to give her a big kiss! Haha.  Anyway, bucketlist moment...I held a Big snake!

So this week has been great.  We have been going like crazy to get all the people we are teaching ready!  Oh boy, do I have a story for you guys.  So the other day, we were teaching Joel, and just the lesson before we found him, and he just looked super sad.  He had a bad day and just seemed kind of mad at everything.  When we asked him, he just said that I'm missing something.  Every time I'm here, Im happy with you guys, but out there...(The world) It just isn't the same...So BOOM, we followed the impressions of the spirit, and taught about the Book of Mormon.  The night before we felt as if something was wrong with him or missing, and we had planned on doinig it so It all worked out! He had so many questions, but he loved every minute of it.  In that 30 minutes we had with him, his whole expression had changed.  He left feeling the spirit, smiling and laughing.  And the best part is he is noticing the power of the Holy Ghost.  So we left him a chapter about Baptism to read, 2 Nephi 31, because he had some doubts about it.  He loves to read, so we knew he would do it.  So we came back in two days later, and he told us that he read it, and said that he has some questions about baptism.  He knew that baptism is important, but didn't know why it was necesary.  We we opened up to that very same chapter and read with him.  He really enjoyed it, with the scriptures all the questions were answered.  And then he asked the money question, but I'm a good person, can I just be a good person without getting baptized?  And then my comp swoops in with this amazing example, and right there he just is sitting there in silence, with the spirit so strong.  So then I asked him, if he thinks that its right for him? And he says yes.  So then I invited him, and I asked him to prepared to be baptized on the21st of September. And he just started to laugh, haha, like really hard.  At first, I was like oh great, he is going to be like no its too soon, but I still held my ground waiting for a response.  He says, I'm sorry, Im not laughing at you guys, I just feel happy.
I don't know why, right when you said the 21st, it just felt right.  Yes, I will be baptized on the 21st, that's the date for me!  Now, I was just in amazment!  Right there, he received his answer!  Really, It was so incredible!!  He is so excited.  The best part is, he was a reference form a member in our ward.  She is always with us, when we teach him, and it truly make the difference!  

Wow, I'm just loving working here!  The time is zipping by, and its scary, but now is not the time to think about it,  just keep working!  I can't wait to meet my new replacement.  I still have no idea who it is, but he is coming on Monday! Its gonna be a lot of work to do, but I'm excited!

So, I'm so happy for Jordan, really that is going to be so great for her!  She is going to be such a great missionary!

So my comp is great!  We really work well together!  He really is a great missionary, who has such a big heart! He is in charge of the money, and all the supplies that we need.  He also is in charge of the sick missionaries.  So he works with Hermana Gómez in that.  He is coming along, there is still so much to learn, but in time and practice he will get it!

Well, I'm glad BYU is doing good!  I can't wait to go to a game, I have been dying to go!  When is the last home game dad?  Save me a spot!:)

So Brig got home, wow that's wierd, how is he?  Tell him I say hi, and I'm still waiting on his response to my email! Haha.  That's sweet about Devon and Taylor! They both are going to rock it!! I'm proud of them!

Well family and friends, I do love you all!  Ha sido 2 años, pero muy pronto vamos estar juntos de neuevo.  Les amo mucho, cuídense, y no te preocupas mamá todo estará bien.

All my Love,


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