Sunday, September 8, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey family, so I'm writing this letter early, because I bet you could of guessed, we don't have p day today...haha I'm used to it.  We have a zone conference today, and its gonna start at about 8:30 a.m.  So yesterday we have the Zone leaders conference, and I got to see Reg!!  Its good to see him, I wished him a happy birthday, but tomorrow I'll give him an official call on his birthday!...Well, so I started to write this letter in the morning, but the conference started, and i had to go, but here I am, and now its not too bright and early.  So like I said, it was good to see Reg.  Today I called him into the offices before he left, and I had a piece of a cake waiting for him.  So i bought some Catholic candles because that's like all they have here and we sang happy birthday.  It turned out to be great!  Its weird, because the next time I see him, we will be heading  

So the conference we had today was super great.  Really powerful.  So in the end of every conference, we are given time to bear our testimonies, and all of the people that are finishing with me get up, man it was rough.  So of course everyone was just staring at me and the spirit was literally just pushing me to go, so I did and it was hard.  During the mission, I really have never had a problem with bearing my testimony, but to know that it is going to be my last one with all the elders and sisters, it was hard.  It really has been such and amazing experience.  But what gave me more excitement, was is that I still have one month left.  There is so much to do.  So many people to teach, marry, and baptize.  We have all the people, they are progressing, they just need to make the commitment, and follow through! I know that we will finish this month with success!  I'm excited to keep working hard until the end.  Right now is the time to prove myself to the Lord.  Have I lived up to my potential as a missionary?  If not, I better start doing it, and if so I better keep going and go above and beyond! 

This week has been a great one.  We are getting everything ready for all the upcoming conferences, and I am just getting everything prepared for my replacement.  I still don't know who it is.  I have some Ideas, but we´ll see.  I have some say in who it will be, but in the end I told President that it is his decision, because in the end he won't be my personal secretary, but yours. Haha, he laughed and he knows that he has got some thinking to do.  

So mom to answer you questions.  Yes mom, I like your 3rd option.. Lets just wait till I get home, and we´ll put the money to a new phone, and we can eat cake then as well!

Wow I'm so excited for Jordan.   Hmmm, lets see, I think that she is going to either Peru Iquitos or Paris France. Those are my guesses!  That will be great for her! She will love it!

Wow, I hope everything is ok with Alex.. I didn't think it was that serious!  I saw the picture, and I bet his mom flipped out!  I hope all is well, and he doesn't have to go home!

So let me just tell you guys that this month, like I said before, will be a very successful month.   We have many families that we are teaching, as well as this 20 year old guy named Joel.  His friend gave us the reference, and he really wants to know if this is all true.  He says if he can know Joseph Smith was a Prophet, he will the know the truth to it all.  He knows he needs to pray, and he knows that God will respond.  When we first met him, he didn't believe in him, but he prayed and he said that he could describe the feelings he felt, and he knew that someone was listening.  So when he gets his answer, I'll let you guys know.  As well as the new families that we are teaching, they too just need to pray to know the truth.  This last couple of weeks, we really have been focusing on the apostasy.  We had our conference with Elder Callister and taught about that, and said that the investigators will NEVER progress or make the changes if they don't understand the apostasy.  They need to know that it happened.  They need to know why.  And with that, they will be ready to hear of the restoration, and will be able to accept it and pray to know the truth.  So many times in my mission, I really never understood why the people don't fully make the commitment.  They feel the spirit, and they believe that the restoration is true, but then they kind of just go back to their old life.  Well all the churches are good, just like this one,  so they don't fully commit, and then become eternal investigators.  But when we teach about the apostasy and really help them to understand that Christ organized one church, but it fell, then begins the repentance process, where they start to make the changes.  Where they can't deny the feelings of the spirit.  It really has been such a blessing to apply all we learn into our teachings and our everyday lives.  I know without a doubt that the blessings will come through and we will finish strong.

Family, Friends I love you guys so much! Its so great to hear from you guys! I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.  I cant wait to hear form you all, and I hope that all is great!

Ps mom i'm still getting your letters! The trip sounds great I cant wait!!

All my love,


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