Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elder Collins

Hey family hows it going?... Well mom i have some big news. Ive been praying for a while to know what i should do and finally the answer came. Ive decided to extend my mission one change. Ill be coming home in Nov. now. I didnt know if i should do it or not but i found a family yesterday that i just think i need to be here to help them. I know its kind of last notice and im sure you will be sad but i feel like its the right thing to do.....Nah just kidding. Haha! Bet you just fell out of your seat didnt you? Really though i cant believe that its down to 2 weeks!! thats nuts! It still doesnt feel like they will let me go home. 
  Well this week was awesome! It sure did go by really fast too! So everything went well with the wedding of the Sinti family. At first we were not receiving any help at all but then the right before the branch decided to kick it in. They got married and baptized the same day. Also we had another baptism of Erick Flores. He was a reference who just wanted to get baptized and change his life. He learned really quickly and attended for the past few weeks. We didnt know if his baptism was going to be this week or the next but it was this last week. One funny thing about him is I contacted him like 2 months ago and he pretty much told me to get lost and that he did not like anything about religion. He told us the day before his baptism that he had remembered he did that but didnt realize it was me haha. When I told him it was me he was embarrassed and said that was his alcoholic life. He has not had a drink since then. He really has had a huge change of heart. Hno. Ronald too!! He doesnt want to drink at all anymore. We gave them along with the branch some church clothes to come in, they usually just came in shorts and a t shirt. They looked soo good all dressed up walking to church as a family. They both looked just flat out happier. I started teaching them when I first got here and the truth is I didnt think they would get baptized so thats why we left them because they never attended but the Lord put them in our path again when they needed the gospel and were ready to act this time.
 I know the atonement can change anyone. Its a gospel of transformation because Heavenly Father sees us how we are and what we can become. Only through him can people change their hearts. Im soo grateful for the experiences that ive had so far in the mission and for all the people Heavenly Father has put into my path. I dont know if ill have more baptisms or not I do have one possibility but if not im grateful for all the blessings ive received. It will be so hard to have to say good by to this place and the people ive met. I cant believe how fast the time has gone. I remember my first day like it was yesterday. Everything has just flown by. Im grateful for all of you and for all your prayers. I sometimes joke saying only good things happen because my family prays so much for me and not because of our own efforts. I love you all! LOVE THE ELDER COLLINS (THE ORIGINAL)

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