Monday, May 28, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello Family,
Wow what a week! Well i guess i will say the bad stuff first. I was sick on and off all week with a fever and a bad stomach. It was the worst because i would have the chills so i was freezing so i would put on more clothes but i have a fever so i just started sweating like crazy! I finally remembered that i had medicine from dad in my suitcase so i just took the one that seemed like it would help so i guess we´ll see if it works. Well this week we had a wedding of Abrahan and Maritza and there baptism. They are the super humble family with the baby that you sent a package for. It was way cool to be able to help someone get married and then baptized too! They are super nice and really humble and i have definitly seen blessing come to them as they have been following the example of Christ. I baptized Abrahan and my comp Maritza yesterday! I was sick in the morning but luckily i felt better by the baptism. We had a pool party!! We did a baptism day with our whole zone and 13 people got baptized yesterday! it was crazy and so cool to see so much white. We have to find some more families this week and start teaching them. We visited the more jungly part of our area and it was so fun. I got bit by a monkey then he peed on my arm then sat on the top of my head! im super bummed right now because i left my camera at home so i cant send you any of my awesome pictures but ill see if my comp has them too!
Last week we had a conference with our president and he talked a little bit about leaving behind the natural man. He said that he had an interview with a missionary on his last 5 months and the missionary just started crying saying that he has never stepped up and been a leader or made decisiones and has just gone with the flow his whole mission and feels like he missed out on being what he could have been. That really got me thinking! i have had this mind set of "oh im new still" I have 7 months! im not new at all. Presidnt also said you need to find a point in your mission where you decide that you want to leave behind the natural man and become a true desciple of christ. I realized ive let myself loose some of that drive a had before and wasnt studying like a should be. So this past week i have been reading all of the past conference ensigns that i could find. I LOVE conference talks i dont know why i didnt before. There is one by my main man Elder Callister titled Joseph Smith the prophet of the restaration*+(name%3a"Tad+R.+Callister") This talk for some reason helped me realize why im here. Its almost ridiculous how true this church is. And the funny thing is if it wasnt true it still has all the answers and most correct principles of Christ. After i read this talk i was thinking if this church isnt true then i dont think that God exsists. Thats how amazing this Gospel is. Well i love you all so much have a great week, Love, Reg


Elder Crump

Family!! How are you doing!!  Things are going great here!! So guess what...Im back in my area!! Whooo!!  Finally it took so long!!  I had just become a level 4 office slave!! (I had 4 weeks there)  haha its so good to be back!!  So funny story with how a got to go back.  So on monday Elder Hauiquimilla called president, and told him how the thereapy was going and he said just to make sure, he needs to stay in the offices another week!!  So i was a little bummed, but it was ok.  Then on friday president came into the offices because he had some meetings, and he asked me to come into his office and talk to him.  He asked how my knee was doing and had me walk around and see if i was still limping, and i wasnt!!  So he was like great, it looks like alll is going good, and your recovering!!  He still said i had to wait until monday, then he started talking to me about how are area was this is the bad part...its falling apart agian, not a lot but a little bit.  He said that he isnt too happy with elder fonseca, because the work has dropped since i left.  he is supposed to be the senior comp, and having me gone shouldnt make too much of a difference.  So he talked to me about the contacts that they were having.  They week i got hurt only 26.  Thats a little understandable because i was hurt, and they need to find him a companion.  But the next week, only 12!!! and the following 14! I was Honestly shocked!!  I couldnt believe it!!  Not having a lot of lesson during the week isnt always in our control.  Things happen with the members, but the three things i learned that the missionaries DO HAVE control in is their Attitude, their desires, and their CONTACTING!!!  So president asked if im feeling alright would you want to go back to your area today?  Before he even finished I was like YES!!! Haha  So after we had our meeting he met with our zone and we talked about things we can do to improve our baptizms!  It was a great training!!  We read through alma chapter 8, 10 and 15 all about being missionaries and following almas example!!  So officially im back in my area!!  But guess what... we have three wards now!!  Were in a trio, because another one of the elders in our district finally got his visa and headed to mexico for his real mission, so Another Elder Hernandez is with us.  So we are now in charge of Contisuyo, Tauhantinsuyo, and Chinchisuyo. I know a lot of suyos  haha but man our area is so big now!  i love it!!  Its awesome!!!
Things are going great with my knee!  I always wear my brace, and it doesnt hurt to walk!! Even though are area is lot bigger dont worry we take a lot of combi´s so not too much walking!!  But since we have 3 wards sunday was crazy!  We went to Tahuantinsuyo at 8, then took a combi clear up to Chinchisuyo at 9, then took a combi back down to conti at 10!! So the bad news is we have to travel a lot on sunday, but the good news is we get to go to 3 sacrament meetings each week!! haha
I was so great to see brandon!!  It seriously made my whole day!!  I cant believe i got to see him still!! it was so swesome, but wierd!! haha  he looked great, and i loved the package from andrea, and the kids!!!  President Blunck and his wife are so great! So kind, and truley care!!

Hey guys i love you all so much!! Im so grateful to be here!! Its so amazing everyday!!  Thanks for the the updated dad, Im rooting for The Thunder!!  haha  I cant wait to see the backyard!! Good luck dad sorry im not there!!  Oh yeah and by the way we got a hundred contacts this week!!  haha there was no way i was gonna let us get less than the goal!!haha
All my Love,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello family!
Wow that was a fast week! So we had three baptisms yesterday. Two sisters and there little brother. These girls have just drunk and slept around all there lives and the sad thing is that they are only 14 and 17! Crazy. I honestly didnt think that they would change but it was way cool to see them actually want to feel clean. The older one has a baby and felt so guilty about it that she wanted to talk to our president so they talked and he helped her. It was cool to be able to tell her that she doesnt have any sins anymore and that she is perfectly clean when she came out of the water. It rained a lot this week so it was pretty muddy all week. Good thing i have Killer Boots!! I ate monkey jerkey, it was gross and were going to eat crocodile tomorrow. We had a conference with president and Hma Blunck this past week and it was awesome! i learned so much! and they even brought us donuts..i didnt even think that they existed here! Well sorry its short and what not but i cant think of anything else to say But love you! Reg
 Haha i watched the video! the only problem was that i couldnt hear it! I think its because these headphones are terrible here! hopefully the next one will work but i can sort of read your lips.. Also
Luis Guiterrez finally got baptized!!!!! Pictures coming!

Elder Crump

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORINNE!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE 22!  Que loco!  So i just want to wish you the best birthday ever!  I love you so much!! You are such an amazing sister!!  Thanks for all you do!!  I hope today is the best day!!
So this week has been pretty normal, but i still loved it!  So as you heard things are going great with my knee!  I went to the doctor for a check up, and he says that the cartalage between my Tibia, and my Femur is swollen!  So he said that i dont need crutches anymore, but i do need to have Physical Therapy!  Ugh... when i first heard it i was like no! I dont want to! But if it helps me get back to normal than im all for it!! So the next day we went to the physical therapist, and he did some tests and set up a program for me.  I need 10 sessions of therapy.  So every Monday, and Thursday in the morning im going to the doctor, but just for the next 5 weeks!  But the good thing is president thinks i get to return to my area soon!  I talked to them on friday, and they had me walk for them, and i still limp when i walk, but im able to walk thats whats important!  Hermana Blunck doesnt want me to get on it too soon, so both of them want me to stay for another week in the offices...but the problem is The elder with elder fonseca need to go back to his area tomorrow because the other companion is finishing his mission.  So i kind of have to go back!  President said thats a good point, but we want to make sure your ready!  So it just depends on today what he says.  I could be going back tomorrow, or this friday!  Either way im happy i just get to go back!! 
So Hermana Blunck has been having me go out with the office elders at night to see how my leg does!  Its been so great! My knee hurts a little bit, but its good!  Also i have a brace i wear, and it helps a lot! 
So now to the good stuff!  So the other day i was out with Elder Flores, and we went to visit one of his investigators Alex.  It was the 2nd lesson with him, and he had a lot of questions because the gave him a Book of Mormon, and he read all the introduction, and the testimonies!  It was a great lesson, in the end... During the lesson he kept asking questions, but i felt like Elder Flores was kind of dodging them.  I kept feeling like i needed to say something, and right when i was going to he would say something else and change the topic!  it was bad, but then i had the strongest feeling i need to read the introduction with him.  But i was like he already has read it... so why?  But i just kept getting the feeling i needed to.  So i did.  After he was like yeah... i understand... i need to read think about it and pray...i knew already knew that... So then i was confused, but right then i was filled with the spirit, and i knew exactly why i was supposed to read it.  I told him, i know that you already know this part, but i love sharing this scripture any chance i get, because the invitation this book gives may seem so simple, but in reality the answer we receive is so much more than i can explain!  Right from there it lead me into bearing my testimony about the Book.  I have never felt the spirit so strongly, or felt so sure about what i was saying in my life.  Every word that left my lips, was from God.  And through him we were able to break through his hard exterior!  He just looked astonished, and said ok, I'll read it.  It truly was so amazing!  What a blessing it was!  Im so glad the spirit pushed me, to open my mouth and say the words.  Always be in tune with the spirit.  Dont be afraid to say things.  If its from the spirit, then its right.  I am so grateful for this wonderful companion that i have in my life!
So i got the package with the candy, and the Batman Shirt!  Thank you!! I love it!!
All the office elders Say hello and the would love a Package!! Haha they are guys they love food!!  There are 6 of them in the office. Elder Huaiquimilla, Flores, Hendricks, Nova, Sorenson, and Mar.
To anwser some questions.  Elder Huaiquimilla is and Elder.  He is only 20, but he is in charge of all the sick people elders that need appointments,and that come to the office!  Its part of his calling in the offices!  Im so glad to hear all is well!!  ALLY IS ENGAGED!! HOLY COW!!  If you see her mom tell her i want a letter from her!!  Haha man thats like 5 girls already that are engaged!!  Im excited to see the backyard!! I can imagine dad misses me! Haha  Well guys sorry i dont have too much to say! But know that i love you!! Corinne happy Birthday again!!  I love you so much!! Hopefully next monday ill be back in Contisuyo!!  
Tell Ray and Lisa i love and miss them! And im so glad to hear they are doing good!!  I have written boston and korb a letter but the others i just get your emails from them!  But i did just get a letter from Alex!!!  FINALLY!! HAHA 
I love you all so so much!!
All my Love,


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Crump

Haha so funny story,  i was so excited to see everyone yesterday, i forgot to say...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!! I felt so bad when i got off i was like oh no, that the whole point of today!!  So mom i am so sorry!! i hope you had the greatest day!!  You truely are the greatest mom ever!! I love you so much!!  You are my best friend and i am Proud to say im a Mommas boy!  Thank you for all you do!  You seriously are incredible in everyway!!  So many people here are so jealous of me, because of you!  Everyone knows momma crump here!!  It was so good to see you!!  Im grateful for your example, and for teaching us what is right.  It is because of you and dad, is why i am here doing one of the most rewarding things i have ever done in my life!!  I love you so so much!! Stay happy and know that i am safe, and all will be well.  "Ill Love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as im living, (And into the eternities) my mommy you´ll be!"
So this past week was awesome!!  So as some of you know Dayanna was baptized this last saturday!!  So a little more info on what happened that day!  So the Baptism was planned to be at our chapel, which is connected to the offices where i was staying, at 10 am in the morning!  So Saturday came around, and the day before Elder Fonseca, was like dont worry ill get everything set up, ill see you there like 15 minutes before to take pictures!  So at about 9:45 am i went to the chapel, and everything was closed and no one was there and there was no water in the font!  i was like oh no, he forgot!! haha so i called Elder Fonseca, and he didnt answer!  So after about 20 calls, still no answer!!  It was about 10:10 at this point.  So i called our Zone Leaders, and told them what happened, and they are like, yeah we dont know fonseca told us in your church at 10.  So i didnt know what to do, so then i called the district leader, and he was like oh yeah they changed chapels in the morning, because our font was broken.!!  They changed chapels to the church, way up the mountain!!  I was like WHAT!  So Elder Huaiquimilla and i jumped in the first combi (Van/Taxi) we found and headed up there!  The combi was crambed with people, and a lady was like resting her bag on my knee so it was not comfortable!  haha but i didnt care just as long as i made it there in time!  So i said so many prayers, in that crazy ride just to make it in time to see her baptized!  So when we got to the church, we got out and practically sprinted, well i hopped really fast, and we hurried inside.  Right when we enter, they open the font doors and Dayanna, and her friend who brought her to church were standng in the font and it was just about to start.  So we sat down and he began the prayer!!  It was perfect timing!!  She looked so nervous but looked out at us, and she smiled.  Then when she came out of the water, she was grinning from ear to ear!!  She had never looked so happy!  I was so thankful that i was able to see this expirence!!  I am so grateful for Heavenly Father in answering my prayer! This week rocked!! This area hasnt had a baptism since November!!  It has been such a challenge building this area back up, but such and incredible blessing!!!  I miss my area, and i cant wait to get back!

So the other day All the elders in the offices had stuff they need to go do, so just for two hours in the night, they let Elder Hernadez the guy who is allergic to peru,(haha) and me go out to my area!! I was so happy!!  So i strapped on my pack, grabbed my crutches, Hernandez took a coughing pill, and we were off!  Los Enfermos! Haha  It was funny Elder Hauiguimilla was like now dont go too far, and if you need anything or your knee hurts call us right away!  Haha i was ok mom!!  But anyway it was great we went to two less active members houses!!  One with Hermana Dora, she used to be a sister missionary, but she just fell away.  It was good during the lesson she started to cry saying all the mistakes she had made,and she wants to set goals, and go through the temple again.  She hasnt been since her mission 10 or so years ago!!  It was awesome to meet with her!  Plus she came to church!!  The other was pretty funny.  Her name is Justina, and she is the aunt of Aquilles!  She always tells us she doesnt have time, or she is never there so we haven't been able to teach her!  So when we knocked on the door she peers out, and opens it up a little, and is like sorry elders im busy, and right as she was finishing her sentence she looks down at my knee and is like what happened?  I told her the story and just like everyone else in peru she told me to be careful! Haha but anyway she was like why are you tracting?  I was like because im still a missionary aren't I?  haha she laughed and i was like we wanted to come see you! and at this point no one can say no to the cripple with crutches!  So she let us in, and it was awesome!!  She is another one of the those quick baptisms without really teaching before!!  She really didnt know too much, practically nothing at all!  So we have some work to do!  haha but it was great night, i was a little sore but all worth it!! Dont worry all is good mom!  
So i have my doctors appointment this thursday and if the doctor says i can go out then i am cleared to return to my area!!  SO PLEASE PRAY FOR MY KNEE!!!  haha  To answer some questions, to work it out i just do a lot of stretches throughout the whole day.  It isnt too much, but it really is feeling better.  Now the only problem is walking...haha but its ok i think i can manage!  Heavenly Father will bless me, even if i have to limp around for a bit!:)
So Yesterday was so great to see and hear from you guys!  I love you so so much!!  Hopefully Next time i write ill be back to work!!!  I love you so much!!  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AGAIN MOM!!!!  IM SORRY I TOTALLY SPACED IT YESTERDAY!!  Your all amazing!!
All my Love,

BAPTISM!! Dayanna!!
Chicken feet...
Weird photo of me and reg, that i just found!!
Happy Mothers Days!!!
We went to chiles!!

Elder Collins

Well it was super good and spectactular to be able to talk to you guys last night. When i woke up i felt like it was all just a dream. But since you already now pretty much everything i did this week i dont think i have to write a ton right? Well as you know yesterday i ate turtle for lunch. Mmm..swampy. But i guess i can tell you about my other investigatores. We have two sisters who are getting baptized this saturday. They are kind of dumb i cant lie. Just really light headed but they have had some problems in the past with baby making so its taken awhile. We also have an older man that cant really walk well so were trying to find him a wheel chair. Maybe we should just make him one. Well i love you all have a great week. Im going to go eat some more turtle! love reg

Pictures are:
Me after the rain storm, Jungle birds, our sketch  that we did for the mothers in our ward and this rice and chicken meal that i ate for 4 meals in a row this week!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Elder Crump

I dont need surgery!!  Yes!!!  I am so happy!  So here is what the doctor had to say.  So the bones are all ok, but the ligaments under my tibia bone, and knee cap were strained.  Its the same knee that i hurt while in pirates and in lake powell remember?  So i am on crutches for another week and still in the offices... president says he wants to make sure im ok before i can go out.  The doctor said i can start to walk on it soon, but i need to take it slow, because if i strain it it could tear!  And that would be the worst!!  As much as i love you guys i dont want to come home until i am done!!:)  This whole experience has been crazy.  We were having so much success, and when i left our numbers dropped down low.  I was shocked.  But then they picked back up this week, not a lot but better than the last.  Im excited to get back into my area.  I miss not being there.  The offices have been great.  They Elders have really become my friends, and i have got to see their less serious/official side.  Its been fun.  I am truly developing ADD though!! I get so bored fast!! haha i just want to get to walking again!!  As hard as its been to not be working its been a blessing.  My Spanish has really come out a lot more in this past week.  Because while out in the field while teaching, my Spanish in lessons, and anything to do with the church  was pretty good, and i always feel comfortable teaching, but when it comes to just normal conversation with people, i wasn't terrible, but its been a challenge.  Im able to communicate, but not to well.  Grammar wise, and not knowing all the words. Im my prayers i have been constantly praying for help from our heavenly father. And i really havent felt like i was improving.  But ever since i have been here,  i am learning how to just have normal conversations, and learning a lot more in the in the doctrine.  One because while working in here you talk to a lot of people, and its not about the church words, but about business, and other things.  Its been such an amazing experience, and a wonderful opportunity, to have been here.  I know that this is exactly what i needed.  I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  Not always the way we expect, but i know he answers them.  haha i dont think Heavenly Father wanted me to get hurt, but he has blessed me through this whole process.  And has opened up an opportunity for me to improve my teachings as well as my Spanish.  I am so grateful that all is well with my knee and soon i will be back out in the field!!
So Daniel is getting baptized for sure this week!! He wanted to wait one more week, because his friend Dayanna finally committed and they are getting baptized together!!! Yay 2 more baptisms!! i am so stoked!! This past month we have been so blessed to have found them!!  This definitely wouldn't of happened with out the help of the ward.  Thanks for the advice dad it really helped!!! 
So mom i told you not to worry, and you did!! haha its ok i knew you would, your a mom, my mom:)  But seriously dont worry!:) everything is going great.  Im only on crutches for a little longer, and then i will be back to normal.  I cant put too much weight on it yet, but soon!!  Elder Fonseca has been with an new elder that was in a threesome in my zone, he says he drives him crazy, but its helping him learn patience. 
Ok so the CDs thank you, but its the DVDs need.  It has all the movies like the joseph smith movie, legacy, and a bunch of others.  I cant play the cds, only DVDS for investigators.  thank you sorry you sent i, but if you can find the DVDs that would be awesome!  I haven't received anything yet, but i keep and eye out!!
Sorry i dont have to much to say, its just a lot of office work here, and studying! haha but ill let you know how the baptism goes,  as well as the knee!!
So im gonna call you today to set up the plan for sunday so be ready i dont know when but it will only be for ten minutes!! 
i love you guys so much! Thank you for your prayers, and for everything you do!!  You all are amazing!!
Im so glad to hear all i well with grandma!!  i have been praying for her like crazy!!
All the offices send their Love to you guys!!
Ok yeah so reg is in the Jungle!! Im so jealous!!!!!  All the white kids from my group are in the jungle!! Fenn Moyobamba (the prettiest part of the jungle) Richardson in Iquitos ( the coolest part, with all the animals, and a lot of rain), and Collins ( the area with the most baptisms, and Elder Bylund is his ZONE Leader!!!, plus he is with a bunch of people from my first zone, who are awesome!!!  but its ok ill find my way out there!!!
Its just one jungle, its just split into 9 zones.  Im hoping next change Tarapoto, or pullcalpa with Reg, but it all depends on the president...and my knee!!  I love you guys so much!!  I cant wait to talk you you all!!  Stay safe, and stay happy!!
All my Love,

Ps. Thanks for the Jazz updates, even though its terrible news! come on jazz?  how is everyone else doing?  Elder Flores is a Lakers Fan, and he wants to know about them...haha 
Love you all!!

Elder Collins

Hello! So pretty much im the king of this jungle. Im in Pucallpa in an area called
YARINACOCHA. Well its really beautiful here and really green and the funny thing is its one of the lesser green jungle areas. Its incredibly hot!!! And our area is the biggest one so there is some major sweating going on. My comps name is Elder Flores from Mantizuno..or however you spell it but its one of the places we went to on our cruise. He is really cool. He is definitly way better than my last comp. He is 23 so he is pretty mature and nice too! So thank goodness i was only with that last pain for only one transfer. I kind of felt bad because he was way sad that i was leaving and told me i was his favorite comp but i was just like well thats nice...I guess that shows how much patience i had. But it was really sad because the whole gutierrez family started balling when i went to say bye to them and the next morning they were waiting outside me house with cards and gifts and stuff. So my new ward is pretty cool and are nice. Its hard right now though because they cant understand me here! Its like im starting over learning the language! Its a different type of spanish its like they have a little singing tune to there accent. So fun fact i dont know when but ill be calling you today to schedule a time to call you on sunday. Sorry i dont think skype is going to work out here because i dont think the computers can handle it. Yes i have a pinsionista..she is way nice and an older lady. We eat so much more rice here and also a lot of fried banana. Yes there are snakes here but so far ive only seen the mission type...Jungle girls. Sorry if this letter is so random i just remember stuff and write it. Another fun fact we only get packages once a month out here just so you know. Well i love you and hope your all doing good!! love reg

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Elder Crump-Results

We got the results of Nick's MRI yesterday, things are looking good!  This is what the mission office said:

Familia Crump,
The results of the MRI are negative. The doctor said that Elder Crump needs to use his crutches for about another week. He said to slowly start to walk on it until he feels comfortable walking. He needs to take good care of his knee during this time. If he does, he shouldn't have any problems.
Elder Flores