Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Collins

Well it was super good and spectactular to be able to talk to you guys last night. When i woke up i felt like it was all just a dream. But since you already now pretty much everything i did this week i dont think i have to write a ton right? Well as you know yesterday i ate turtle for lunch. Mmm..swampy. But i guess i can tell you about my other investigatores. We have two sisters who are getting baptized this saturday. They are kind of dumb i cant lie. Just really light headed but they have had some problems in the past with baby making so its taken awhile. We also have an older man that cant really walk well so were trying to find him a wheel chair. Maybe we should just make him one. Well i love you all have a great week. Im going to go eat some more turtle! love reg

Pictures are:
Me after the rain storm, Jungle birds, our sketch  that we did for the mothers in our ward and this rice and chicken meal that i ate for 4 meals in a row this week!! 

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