Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORINNE!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE 22!  Que loco!  So i just want to wish you the best birthday ever!  I love you so much!! You are such an amazing sister!!  Thanks for all you do!!  I hope today is the best day!!
So this week has been pretty normal, but i still loved it!  So as you heard things are going great with my knee!  I went to the doctor for a check up, and he says that the cartalage between my Tibia, and my Femur is swollen!  So he said that i dont need crutches anymore, but i do need to have Physical Therapy!  Ugh... when i first heard it i was like no! I dont want to! But if it helps me get back to normal than im all for it!! So the next day we went to the physical therapist, and he did some tests and set up a program for me.  I need 10 sessions of therapy.  So every Monday, and Thursday in the morning im going to the doctor, but just for the next 5 weeks!  But the good thing is president thinks i get to return to my area soon!  I talked to them on friday, and they had me walk for them, and i still limp when i walk, but im able to walk thats whats important!  Hermana Blunck doesnt want me to get on it too soon, so both of them want me to stay for another week in the offices...but the problem is The elder with elder fonseca need to go back to his area tomorrow because the other companion is finishing his mission.  So i kind of have to go back!  President said thats a good point, but we want to make sure your ready!  So it just depends on today what he says.  I could be going back tomorrow, or this friday!  Either way im happy i just get to go back!! 
So Hermana Blunck has been having me go out with the office elders at night to see how my leg does!  Its been so great! My knee hurts a little bit, but its good!  Also i have a brace i wear, and it helps a lot! 
So now to the good stuff!  So the other day i was out with Elder Flores, and we went to visit one of his investigators Alex.  It was the 2nd lesson with him, and he had a lot of questions because the gave him a Book of Mormon, and he read all the introduction, and the testimonies!  It was a great lesson, in the end... During the lesson he kept asking questions, but i felt like Elder Flores was kind of dodging them.  I kept feeling like i needed to say something, and right when i was going to he would say something else and change the topic!  it was bad, but then i had the strongest feeling i need to read the introduction with him.  But i was like he already has read it... so why?  But i just kept getting the feeling i needed to.  So i did.  After he was like yeah... i understand... i need to read think about it and pray...i knew already knew that... So then i was confused, but right then i was filled with the spirit, and i knew exactly why i was supposed to read it.  I told him, i know that you already know this part, but i love sharing this scripture any chance i get, because the invitation this book gives may seem so simple, but in reality the answer we receive is so much more than i can explain!  Right from there it lead me into bearing my testimony about the Book.  I have never felt the spirit so strongly, or felt so sure about what i was saying in my life.  Every word that left my lips, was from God.  And through him we were able to break through his hard exterior!  He just looked astonished, and said ok, I'll read it.  It truly was so amazing!  What a blessing it was!  Im so glad the spirit pushed me, to open my mouth and say the words.  Always be in tune with the spirit.  Dont be afraid to say things.  If its from the spirit, then its right.  I am so grateful for this wonderful companion that i have in my life!
So i got the package with the candy, and the Batman Shirt!  Thank you!! I love it!!
All the office elders Say hello and the would love a Package!! Haha they are guys they love food!!  There are 6 of them in the office. Elder Huaiquimilla, Flores, Hendricks, Nova, Sorenson, and Mar.
To anwser some questions.  Elder Huaiquimilla is and Elder.  He is only 20, but he is in charge of all the sick people elders that need appointments,and that come to the office!  Its part of his calling in the offices!  Im so glad to hear all is well!!  ALLY IS ENGAGED!! HOLY COW!!  If you see her mom tell her i want a letter from her!!  Haha man thats like 5 girls already that are engaged!!  Im excited to see the backyard!! I can imagine dad misses me! Haha  Well guys sorry i dont have too much to say! But know that i love you!! Corinne happy Birthday again!!  I love you so much!! Hopefully next monday ill be back in Contisuyo!!  
Tell Ray and Lisa i love and miss them! And im so glad to hear they are doing good!!  I have written boston and korb a letter but the others i just get your emails from them!  But i did just get a letter from Alex!!!  FINALLY!! HAHA 
I love you all so so much!!
All my Love,


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