Monday, May 28, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello Family,
Wow what a week! Well i guess i will say the bad stuff first. I was sick on and off all week with a fever and a bad stomach. It was the worst because i would have the chills so i was freezing so i would put on more clothes but i have a fever so i just started sweating like crazy! I finally remembered that i had medicine from dad in my suitcase so i just took the one that seemed like it would help so i guess we´ll see if it works. Well this week we had a wedding of Abrahan and Maritza and there baptism. They are the super humble family with the baby that you sent a package for. It was way cool to be able to help someone get married and then baptized too! They are super nice and really humble and i have definitly seen blessing come to them as they have been following the example of Christ. I baptized Abrahan and my comp Maritza yesterday! I was sick in the morning but luckily i felt better by the baptism. We had a pool party!! We did a baptism day with our whole zone and 13 people got baptized yesterday! it was crazy and so cool to see so much white. We have to find some more families this week and start teaching them. We visited the more jungly part of our area and it was so fun. I got bit by a monkey then he peed on my arm then sat on the top of my head! im super bummed right now because i left my camera at home so i cant send you any of my awesome pictures but ill see if my comp has them too!
Last week we had a conference with our president and he talked a little bit about leaving behind the natural man. He said that he had an interview with a missionary on his last 5 months and the missionary just started crying saying that he has never stepped up and been a leader or made decisiones and has just gone with the flow his whole mission and feels like he missed out on being what he could have been. That really got me thinking! i have had this mind set of "oh im new still" I have 7 months! im not new at all. Presidnt also said you need to find a point in your mission where you decide that you want to leave behind the natural man and become a true desciple of christ. I realized ive let myself loose some of that drive a had before and wasnt studying like a should be. So this past week i have been reading all of the past conference ensigns that i could find. I LOVE conference talks i dont know why i didnt before. There is one by my main man Elder Callister titled Joseph Smith the prophet of the restaration*+(name%3a"Tad+R.+Callister") This talk for some reason helped me realize why im here. Its almost ridiculous how true this church is. And the funny thing is if it wasnt true it still has all the answers and most correct principles of Christ. After i read this talk i was thinking if this church isnt true then i dont think that God exsists. Thats how amazing this Gospel is. Well i love you all so much have a great week, Love, Reg


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