Monday, May 28, 2012

Elder Crump

Family!! How are you doing!!  Things are going great here!! So guess what...Im back in my area!! Whooo!!  Finally it took so long!!  I had just become a level 4 office slave!! (I had 4 weeks there)  haha its so good to be back!!  So funny story with how a got to go back.  So on monday Elder Hauiquimilla called president, and told him how the thereapy was going and he said just to make sure, he needs to stay in the offices another week!!  So i was a little bummed, but it was ok.  Then on friday president came into the offices because he had some meetings, and he asked me to come into his office and talk to him.  He asked how my knee was doing and had me walk around and see if i was still limping, and i wasnt!!  So he was like great, it looks like alll is going good, and your recovering!!  He still said i had to wait until monday, then he started talking to me about how are area was this is the bad part...its falling apart agian, not a lot but a little bit.  He said that he isnt too happy with elder fonseca, because the work has dropped since i left.  he is supposed to be the senior comp, and having me gone shouldnt make too much of a difference.  So he talked to me about the contacts that they were having.  They week i got hurt only 26.  Thats a little understandable because i was hurt, and they need to find him a companion.  But the next week, only 12!!! and the following 14! I was Honestly shocked!!  I couldnt believe it!!  Not having a lot of lesson during the week isnt always in our control.  Things happen with the members, but the three things i learned that the missionaries DO HAVE control in is their Attitude, their desires, and their CONTACTING!!!  So president asked if im feeling alright would you want to go back to your area today?  Before he even finished I was like YES!!! Haha  So after we had our meeting he met with our zone and we talked about things we can do to improve our baptizms!  It was a great training!!  We read through alma chapter 8, 10 and 15 all about being missionaries and following almas example!!  So officially im back in my area!!  But guess what... we have three wards now!!  Were in a trio, because another one of the elders in our district finally got his visa and headed to mexico for his real mission, so Another Elder Hernandez is with us.  So we are now in charge of Contisuyo, Tauhantinsuyo, and Chinchisuyo. I know a lot of suyos  haha but man our area is so big now!  i love it!!  Its awesome!!!
Things are going great with my knee!  I always wear my brace, and it doesnt hurt to walk!! Even though are area is lot bigger dont worry we take a lot of combi´s so not too much walking!!  But since we have 3 wards sunday was crazy!  We went to Tahuantinsuyo at 8, then took a combi clear up to Chinchisuyo at 9, then took a combi back down to conti at 10!! So the bad news is we have to travel a lot on sunday, but the good news is we get to go to 3 sacrament meetings each week!! haha
I was so great to see brandon!!  It seriously made my whole day!!  I cant believe i got to see him still!! it was so swesome, but wierd!! haha  he looked great, and i loved the package from andrea, and the kids!!!  President Blunck and his wife are so great! So kind, and truley care!!

Hey guys i love you all so much!! Im so grateful to be here!! Its so amazing everyday!!  Thanks for the the updated dad, Im rooting for The Thunder!!  haha  I cant wait to see the backyard!! Good luck dad sorry im not there!!  Oh yeah and by the way we got a hundred contacts this week!!  haha there was no way i was gonna let us get less than the goal!!haha
All my Love,

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