Monday, May 7, 2012

Elder Crump

I dont need surgery!!  Yes!!!  I am so happy!  So here is what the doctor had to say.  So the bones are all ok, but the ligaments under my tibia bone, and knee cap were strained.  Its the same knee that i hurt while in pirates and in lake powell remember?  So i am on crutches for another week and still in the offices... president says he wants to make sure im ok before i can go out.  The doctor said i can start to walk on it soon, but i need to take it slow, because if i strain it it could tear!  And that would be the worst!!  As much as i love you guys i dont want to come home until i am done!!:)  This whole experience has been crazy.  We were having so much success, and when i left our numbers dropped down low.  I was shocked.  But then they picked back up this week, not a lot but better than the last.  Im excited to get back into my area.  I miss not being there.  The offices have been great.  They Elders have really become my friends, and i have got to see their less serious/official side.  Its been fun.  I am truly developing ADD though!! I get so bored fast!! haha i just want to get to walking again!!  As hard as its been to not be working its been a blessing.  My Spanish has really come out a lot more in this past week.  Because while out in the field while teaching, my Spanish in lessons, and anything to do with the church  was pretty good, and i always feel comfortable teaching, but when it comes to just normal conversation with people, i wasn't terrible, but its been a challenge.  Im able to communicate, but not to well.  Grammar wise, and not knowing all the words. Im my prayers i have been constantly praying for help from our heavenly father. And i really havent felt like i was improving.  But ever since i have been here,  i am learning how to just have normal conversations, and learning a lot more in the in the doctrine.  One because while working in here you talk to a lot of people, and its not about the church words, but about business, and other things.  Its been such an amazing experience, and a wonderful opportunity, to have been here.  I know that this is exactly what i needed.  I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  Not always the way we expect, but i know he answers them.  haha i dont think Heavenly Father wanted me to get hurt, but he has blessed me through this whole process.  And has opened up an opportunity for me to improve my teachings as well as my Spanish.  I am so grateful that all is well with my knee and soon i will be back out in the field!!
So Daniel is getting baptized for sure this week!! He wanted to wait one more week, because his friend Dayanna finally committed and they are getting baptized together!!! Yay 2 more baptisms!! i am so stoked!! This past month we have been so blessed to have found them!!  This definitely wouldn't of happened with out the help of the ward.  Thanks for the advice dad it really helped!!! 
So mom i told you not to worry, and you did!! haha its ok i knew you would, your a mom, my mom:)  But seriously dont worry!:) everything is going great.  Im only on crutches for a little longer, and then i will be back to normal.  I cant put too much weight on it yet, but soon!!  Elder Fonseca has been with an new elder that was in a threesome in my zone, he says he drives him crazy, but its helping him learn patience. 
Ok so the CDs thank you, but its the DVDs need.  It has all the movies like the joseph smith movie, legacy, and a bunch of others.  I cant play the cds, only DVDS for investigators.  thank you sorry you sent i, but if you can find the DVDs that would be awesome!  I haven't received anything yet, but i keep and eye out!!
Sorry i dont have to much to say, its just a lot of office work here, and studying! haha but ill let you know how the baptism goes,  as well as the knee!!
So im gonna call you today to set up the plan for sunday so be ready i dont know when but it will only be for ten minutes!! 
i love you guys so much! Thank you for your prayers, and for everything you do!!  You all are amazing!!
Im so glad to hear all i well with grandma!!  i have been praying for her like crazy!!
All the offices send their Love to you guys!!
Ok yeah so reg is in the Jungle!! Im so jealous!!!!!  All the white kids from my group are in the jungle!! Fenn Moyobamba (the prettiest part of the jungle) Richardson in Iquitos ( the coolest part, with all the animals, and a lot of rain), and Collins ( the area with the most baptisms, and Elder Bylund is his ZONE Leader!!!, plus he is with a bunch of people from my first zone, who are awesome!!!  but its ok ill find my way out there!!!
Its just one jungle, its just split into 9 zones.  Im hoping next change Tarapoto, or pullcalpa with Reg, but it all depends on the president...and my knee!!  I love you guys so much!!  I cant wait to talk you you all!!  Stay safe, and stay happy!!
All my Love,

Ps. Thanks for the Jazz updates, even though its terrible news! come on jazz?  how is everyone else doing?  Elder Flores is a Lakers Fan, and he wants to know about them...haha 
Love you all!!

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