Monday, May 7, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello! So pretty much im the king of this jungle. Im in Pucallpa in an area called
YARINACOCHA. Well its really beautiful here and really green and the funny thing is its one of the lesser green jungle areas. Its incredibly hot!!! And our area is the biggest one so there is some major sweating going on. My comps name is Elder Flores from Mantizuno..or however you spell it but its one of the places we went to on our cruise. He is really cool. He is definitly way better than my last comp. He is 23 so he is pretty mature and nice too! So thank goodness i was only with that last pain for only one transfer. I kind of felt bad because he was way sad that i was leaving and told me i was his favorite comp but i was just like well thats nice...I guess that shows how much patience i had. But it was really sad because the whole gutierrez family started balling when i went to say bye to them and the next morning they were waiting outside me house with cards and gifts and stuff. So my new ward is pretty cool and are nice. Its hard right now though because they cant understand me here! Its like im starting over learning the language! Its a different type of spanish its like they have a little singing tune to there accent. So fun fact i dont know when but ill be calling you today to schedule a time to call you on sunday. Sorry i dont think skype is going to work out here because i dont think the computers can handle it. Yes i have a pinsionista..she is way nice and an older lady. We eat so much more rice here and also a lot of fried banana. Yes there are snakes here but so far ive only seen the mission type...Jungle girls. Sorry if this letter is so random i just remember stuff and write it. Another fun fact we only get packages once a month out here just so you know. Well i love you and hope your all doing good!! love reg

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