Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello family!
Wow that was a fast week! So we had three baptisms yesterday. Two sisters and there little brother. These girls have just drunk and slept around all there lives and the sad thing is that they are only 14 and 17! Crazy. I honestly didnt think that they would change but it was way cool to see them actually want to feel clean. The older one has a baby and felt so guilty about it that she wanted to talk to our president so they talked and he helped her. It was cool to be able to tell her that she doesnt have any sins anymore and that she is perfectly clean when she came out of the water. It rained a lot this week so it was pretty muddy all week. Good thing i have Killer Boots!! I ate monkey jerkey, it was gross and were going to eat crocodile tomorrow. We had a conference with president and Hma Blunck this past week and it was awesome! i learned so much! and they even brought us donuts..i didnt even think that they existed here! Well sorry its short and what not but i cant think of anything else to say But love you! Reg
 Haha i watched the video! the only problem was that i couldnt hear it! I think its because these headphones are terrible here! hopefully the next one will work but i can sort of read your lips.. Also
Luis Guiterrez finally got baptized!!!!! Pictures coming!

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