Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elder Collins

The LAST ONE!!!!
     Well it came, I just entered my last transfer! Can you believe it! Thats so crazy to me i can hardly believe it. Sometimes it doesnt even feel real. I kind of just feel like im never going, kind of like i did when i was home about to leave. Really though i dont feel like im finishing at all. So this week was pretty good. We had zone conference here in moyobamba. Usually we go down to tarapoto but this time they came up here because since the mission is smaller they have a little more time on their hands. Nick came up too. I bearly even saw him though. Just during the conference and like twice after. He had to do the transfer stuff and I had to do work visits. I thought we would be able to do divisions maybe for a couple of hours but that didnt work out. The conference was pretty good. Definitely a lot more laid back than before. One cool thing is that i got another 8/4/2 certificate. Hahah big deal right? Ive been doing a lot of work visits lately. I realized ive been slacking off on those the last month. Its just hard because my zone is huge. I like them though because i get a break from my comp and i get to help everyone else out. I have 4 other areas in my zone. By car Belen is about 5min away, Soritor is about 35 min away, Rioja is about 45 min away and Nueva Cajamarca is 1 hour away! We are a traveling zone. This week has just been a lot of trying to find new investigators in a lot of rain. Seemed like the jungle or something!!. We have found quite a few. The Sinti family is good. They all came to church again. They have a wedding date and they want to be baptized too. The Mom is a little hesitant still but its nothing out of the normal. This week we should be baptizing Ronaldo Peña. He is the brother of Darvin, one of the kids i baptized about a month ago. Hes a good kid. Everyone thought he was a member and they wanted to put him in as deacons quorum pres., but hes not even baptized yet haha.
       Today is transfers. I havent received them yet but im not planning on going anywhere. I think im going to be getting a new comp, but we will see in about half an hour when they send me my email. Its good to hear from myles. He doesnt write me a lot but thats understandable because you only get like a half an hour until you go into the field. He looks like he is having fun. Haha i want to see Sam play football so bad!! and max too? How does max like high school? Thats crazy that hes in high school! Ill bet he looks really big now. What position is he playing? Ill bet sams tearing it up too. WIll i be home to see sams last games too??!! Whats anna doing? Does she like middle school? Which one did she end up going too? Could you answer some questions please?! hahahaha. Well i love you all and hope you have a great week love reg! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Crump

First off, I'm jealous you guys are in Lake Powell right now!!  I miss being out there! Seriously, it's my favorite place to go!  I hope you guys have a great time!
So I'm glad you guys went to the docks to get internet to send your letters! Haha, true love for your son!  haha
So this week has been pretty crazy!  As of right now, we have 6 Families that we are working with!!!  And yes, all 6 of them need to get married! Haha, we have been working so hard, and they are progressing! 3 of them are new and were references from the ward!  Its makes such a difference when your with someone who is either friends or family with the person.  The members have a power that the missionaries don't quite have.  The people really have a hard time saying no to the members, because they are their friends.  So we really have been taking that training seriously that we received in how to train the members to become missionaries.  We have been planning with them and doing practices, so that they can make the invitations.  It really has been working!  So sad thing, Maria still has not come back yet...we are getting nervous.  There is no communication with her and we don't know when she is coming back. We have been praying and fasting for them.  They are such a great family and with all they have been through, this is their time to make the change.  The other 5 families are doing great.  One needs to get the divorce finalized, to get remarried, and the other 4 just need to come to church.  Its been a battle with them.  Satan is strong and is doing all he can to bring them down. 

This week, well actually today, we are flying out to Moyobamba!  I'm excited, but nervous to leave my area alone for 4 days...we have been planning with the members to be able to visit our investigators, so hopefully that works!  I'm excited to go see Moyobamba.  It will be nice to see Reg!  Plus Moyobamba is the coolest part of the mission.  Plus, I'm excited, because we get to go and work with the missionaries, since we will be there for a while!  But, it's going to be a busy trip, because this next week is transfers.  Right now, I'm buying all the flights, and when were down there I got to do all the forms to send to the missionaries and prepare everything for all the new missionaries!   Hopefully we get it all done!

So like I said we got the Transfers...and there are some crazy ones!  I was kind of surprised!  I can't tell you yet, but next week for sure! Haha, sorry to do that!

Well guys, I do love you so much! I hope you have the best time in Lake Powell.  I'm jealous, but happy for you guys! Dad make sure that boat is all up and running for when I get home!

So like you said, mom, this is my last 6 weeks.  This is my last chance to give all I can.  September will be a month filled with Weddings and Baptisms, just you guys wait!  I love you guys!  Have fun and be safe!

All my Love,


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Elder Collins

Hola Familia!! 
   Wow, i cant believe that myles is gone!! I feel like he just got his call. Ill bet the house is quiet...wait do sam and max still live there?...never mind. haha From the looks of it he did a lot better than i did leaving..Haha. He is a lot emotionally stronger than me anyway. He looks great too! im way proud of him. Sounds like that language will be a killer but it all comes with time. I am really proud of him. Looking at his pictures made me actually miss the MTC a lot and brought back a lot of those first day or week feelings and excitement. It would be so cool to start all over again but at the same time not at all. haha. Really i got those first day butterflies looking at his pictures but then all those butterflies got killed as the zone reminds me that this monday i enter into my last change!! Yep, this monday i start my last change! I cant believe it! It really doesn't seem real. Can you believe it?! 
    So this week was pretty good. Im getting a little antsy because i haven't had a baptism for like 2 weeks and i was going to have one this week but he didn't attend church. Dang. But this week was pretty great because we found some good families. We have one the Sinti Family that we are teaching. They are really humble and don't have a lot. They all attended church yesterday which was cool. The only obstacle is that the dad likes to throw a few down when his friends invite him. But they do have the desires to change. This week ive been trying to love my companion a lot more. I have been praying that i could think more positivly with him. I think the Lord helped me a lot too. But its all good because i feel like im getting a new comp this next change. How about we pray that it can be Nick!? haha. That would be so cool. So i guess he is coming at the end of this week. I didn't know it was for 4 days. I guess the kid just wants to party with me in Moyo. Im looking forward to that. Well i sure do miss you a lot and hope all is well. I love you! Love reg

Friday, August 16, 2013

Elder Collins

Well i cant believe it. Its finally came huh?. Looks like there is going to be two Elder Collins real soon huh? Wow, im sure everyone is really emotional right now! I wish i could have seen his farewell talk but you will have to send it to me! I want to hear it! Do you have pictures?! Why do i never receive pictures?!! 
   This week went by really fast. Maybe its because i spent half of it in iquitos haha!. We went on tuesday afternoon and didnt come home until thursday at 9pm! It was pretty great. I saw Nick a lot. One of the first things he tells me when i get there is " our flight plans came!" Oh great. that doesnt make me trunky at all. haha. One good thing about him booking the flights is that we will be sitting by each other the whole way home. they bad thing is that well he can just give himself the window seat hahah! The conference was pretty good. There was a few things that i didnt like about it but its all good. One funny thing is that HNA Gomez is like running the mission. When we were doing the goals for this month she just took control over it. I think its fine that she puts her opinion in but she shouldnt be making the decisiones thats what pres. has been called to do but he loves his wife and just does what she wants. Its just such a change from Pres. Blunck that is hard to get used to. But he told us before he left just to obey. It sure was a fun couple of days though! haha I stayed with Elder Amaya and Elder Brown. Them two together i think are the funniest companionship that i have ever seen! We all went to a burger (iquitos type) restaurant with like 3 other companionships. I got to know the other zone leaders too because they are all sort of new so i talked with them all this time. So we stayed in 9 de octubre my old zone so i went with E. Brown to do a baptism interview in my old area and while i was there in walked Jose Poblete. When he saw me he just started crying and gave the longest biggest hug. He just asked me to wait for a min to go bring his wife. Well looks like he told Hna Jenny (fam mudarra) and some other people i baptized too because they all started to come to see me. When i was with the fam Poblete they made me cry. They just thanked me a lot. They both have callings and are really active in the church. I felt the spirit really strong and it made me feel like everything that i have done this last 22 months is worth it! It was a great moment for me. I didnt have my camera to take a picture thought!! I am really grateful to be a missionary to be able to meet familys like them. I cant imagine what it will be like visiting everyone when im going home. Probably the same as leaving there. The Gospel really is a gospel of transformation. Im so excited for myles!! God saves the best ones for last so if he saved him for this time a little after me that means he will be better than i am as a missionary. I can already tell his testimony is stronger than mine was when i left. He will change a lot of familys lifes. Wow what a miracle. Im going to write him too! I love him a ton and will miss him the most. I still dont think its fair but i still have faith ill see him in the mtc!! I love you all have a great week!!  Love Reg

Elder Crump

Hey, how is everyone doing?  So today we just got back from another part of the Jungle, Pucallpa!  It was so awesome!  It's where Reg served!  It is so so Hot there!  And there is just tons of dirt! Its a great zone though! The people there were so great! Seriously, they are even more receptive than the people here in Iquitos!  It was sad to say to goodbye to a lot of the people, because unless they get changed to Iquitos, I'll never see them again.  It was super wierd to say goodbye to Elder Flores...Seriously, I'm gonna miss that kid.  He has grown so much, and just seeing him up there working hard and being a District Leader was awesome!  Plus, one of the nights, we got to leave and go teach with all the missionaries.  It was so great!  Like I said, the people are so prepared to accept the gospel, and let's just say that Pucallpa is going to have a lot of success! While we were there, President had a video conference with Salt Lake, and he asked us if we would stay in the Hotel with him.  So we got to stay in this super nice hotel room.  Let's just say, I have never slept so good!  Plus, I had my first hot shower in almost 2 years!  WOW,  blessings of living in the states!  But overall, it was a great trip! And now the zone is well trained! 

It was way funny last night, we were just finishing from going out on splits with the missionaries, and it started to pour rain!! Seriously, like no other! Haha,  we needed to take a taxi back to the hotel, but no one wanted to stop!  So there we were, just standing out in the rain soaking, we were trying to wave down a car! Haha, finally after like 20 min, someone finally stopped! Haha, we totally soaked up his car, but he was happy and said that he wants to come visit our church.  Haha, I gave him a super wet pamphlet, but I told him when he goes to church the missionaries will give him a new dry one! haha

So things are going great with our area.  We are a little nervous, because we haven't had too much time to get to our area, because we just went to Tarapototo, and Like 2 days after we went to Pucallpa!  But the good news is today we will go meet up with our investigators, and I hope that Maria got home!  Wilder has been waiting too long!!

This week is going to be great! Francisco gets home and we are going to see how it went with his reading.  He told us he wanted to finish the Book of Mormon, let's see what happens!  To answer your question dad, we are in the offices from 8am until 5 or 6 pm. We are able to go out everyday to teach from 6-9pm, except for Sundays, we get the whole day to be in our area!  A lot of times, there are emergencies, but the fact that we plan to leave makes all the difference, and if something comes up obviously we take care of it, then go back to our area!

Wow, I can't believe that Norah is 1!  I still haven't even met her! Or Mia!!  Wow, it's going to be so great to see them!  I super jealous that you guys will be going to Lake Powell! That will be way fun!  Be careful with the rocks! Question, are we still with the same house boat or did you guys change?

Haha, oh mom. I loved your super trunky email!  Haha, don't worry, there is too much to do here to really think about coming home, but when I do it sounds like its going to be a blast.  Seriously, I'm way excited!, but don't worry, it's not on my mind yet!  

Well, I hope you guys to have the best week! Things here are going great! Our last trip is going to be next week! Were going to Moyobamba!  We´ll be with Reg for like 4 days!  Don't worry, I will be safe. I always keep the rules, and I won't do anything stupid! Haha, I love you guys so much!  
PS. wish Myles good luck for me!  How's Boston doing? 

I love you guys! Have a great week!

All my Love,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey familia y friends!!

How is everyone doing!  Wow, I cannot believe that Boston got home...wow, that blows my mind! Tell him I say hi, and tell him to write me!  That is so great about Myles!  That is so awesome he is already going through the temple! I hope we get back in time to see him!

So I am so excited for today, at 4 p.m. were flying out to Tarapoto!!  It's going to be so great!!!  My pensionista, Hna Luzmila, has been counting down the days! She is so excited!  It's going to be my last chance to say goodbye to everyone!

So mom and dad, you have already received my flight info....haha wow, that is too wierd!  Today Reg and I went to this restaurant called Texas to celebrate our 22 months! I had an American steak.  It was so good! Seriously, it's been so long!  Were flying back with them today to Tarapoto, then reg will take another car to Moyobamba.

So this week has been great, not only have we been working with Wilder and Maria, but we have found many new investigators!  Plus they did this huge training here in Iquitos, and now all the members really want Iquitos to progress so that one day we can have a temple here.  So now they are giving us references.  Its was cool.  They asked us to speak in front of the whole stake, and I was just like Brothers and Sisters...I'm tired of just knocking on doors....we need your help.  We need your references, your friends and your families.  The only way that we will see a temple here one day is if we start acting now.  And then the next week, we received 8 new references from our ward counsel!  Plus this other guy from our stake is working with high paid bank owners and has invited them to come to church with him.  Now we are teaching the CEO of a Bank Called Scotia Bank here in Iquitos.  It's going to be great.   Iquitos needs future leaders.  Plus, the other CEO of the Energy company, Francisco, he is doing great. He came to church, and he loved it! He is still reading the book of Mormon.  Right now he is on a trip, but he says when he gets back he wants to be down with the Book!  Hopefully during this time, he can feel the spirit and know of the Truthfulness!  But the good news is that Maria gets home this week.  We are going to get them going with the papers, and get them married and baptized!! It's been too long! haha Wilder is so ready, he is just waiting for her to come back!

I'm glad you guys had a great time in Cornonado!

I got to go, but I love you guys!

All my Love,


Elder Collins and Elder Crump

Hello everyone!  Reggie's address has updated to the same address as Nick's now so if you want to send them a letter, here is the new address:

Peru Iquitos Mission
Calle Condamine #139
Iquitos Maynas
Loreto, Loreto

It is also on the side of the blog just incase you forget.

Also, great news!  We have received flight information for both Reggie and Nick!  They will be arriving October 8th in the afternoon :)

Travel Itinerary
*** This is a NON-REFUNDABLE TICKET; cancelation or change fees may apply.  We have 24 business hours to cancel or make any changes at no additional charge. Please review the itinerary.

Departure: DATE 07OCT13

Arrival: DATE 08OCT13

Monday, August 5, 2013

Elder Collins

Quien? Que? Cuando? Donde? Por que?

Hellos family how are all of you doing? Well i just want to first off saying i just love receiving scary news! not! Wow that sounds pretty crazy! im so glad that Grandpa is ok. I cant believe that happened! Im glad dad was able to give him a blessing. I know he will be ok then. Thats super cool myles became an elder. I still remember being sustained as an elder in sacrament meeting . When is his farewell? this week right? or did it already pass? Hey could you somehow record his talk for me. go buy a tape recorder or something because i would love to hear it. 
    So this week was pretty good! it went by super duper fast. Everyone in the zone thinks they are all cute making comments about me going home. Chambones!! For p´day last week we played basketball as a zone. It was pretty fun playing with everyone, i havent played for awhile so i was embarrassed about how bad i played, i actually thought about just kicking the ball instead. I just wanted to play soccer. haha. Whats happened to me! I think i talked to Nick a ton this week! i dont know who had more questions. haha. We always end up talking for a long time though. One cool thing that happened is that he called me after one of the guys Jose Poblete who i baptized in iquitos gave him a ride in the moto car and said that he missed me and that he is really active in the church and loves it!! that made me feel real happy and felt the spirit when he called me. Also E. Mossman married and baptized a family last week and the dad was already a member and has been trying to get his family together for awhile and baptized. Nick baptized him when he was in Tarapoto. So it was cool to see some fruits from the labor. This week we had a baptism of Christian Garcia. He is the son of the Branch Pres. It was an awesome baptism. His parents have been praying that he would get baptized for years now and has never really accepted the gospel until now. His testimony was really sweet because he said he had heard from the missionarys before and never took intrest but when we came he felt like he should listen and follow. I was really happy and felt the spirit when he said that. His dad baptized him confirmed him and gave him the priesthood all in the same weekend! Christian is married and his wife just started to listen to us to and he is going to help us with her. The problem is she is expecting in like two weeks so it would be kind of hard for her to be baptized with baby so close. but she is next!!! I was grateful to fast, even though i get crankier easier i feel the spirit more strongly during the sacrement. I fasted to be blessed to see myles in the mtc. I hope the lord answers that prayer. This week or tomorrow actually im going to iquitos for the zone leader conference! im excited, nick already sent me my flight ticket!! nice. Well thats about it i love you all! take care grandpa! love reg

Friday, August 2, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey how is everyone doing? I hope great!  So things are going great here.  We are starting off this month great!  We set some new goals, and the Wedding Date has been changed to the 17 of August for Wilder and Maria.  Its due to lack of paperwork, and the fact that she is still traveling in boat to get home.  We are excited, and so are they.  Plus, the Ward has been such a huge help.  We did and activity were the Sisters made food, and then we sold it at the activity!  We raised enough money to pay fully for the wedding!  It truly was such a blessing, and it really has strenthened the testimony of the Family to know that their are people supporting them!  We are still just praying and hoping that all goes well and Maria comes back with all the desires to get married and baptized!  
So this past week we found this business owner that owns this like Energy company.  He was a reference from a member in another ward. We went and taught about the restoration, and he loves it!  He is just so amazed that God will never forget us and will always have a prophet.  He wants to meet the prophet! Haha, his name is Francisco. Seriously, future leader of the Church.  He read part in the Book of Mormon, plus more!  He said that he knows the Book is True, knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet because of it, and then asked when can I get baptized? It was so amazing!  Like I have always said, if someone will just sit down and read the book, they will feel the spirit and know of the truth!  We are excited and is preparing for this month!
So this month is going to be awesome, because I get to go around to all the Zones and train them about how to do Baptism Records!  So I get to fly with the assistants, my comp, Presidente and Hermana Gómez to all the other Zones in the Jungle!  Were going to Tarapoto, Pucallpa, and Moyobamba!!  I am so excited!!  It will be so great to go back to Tarapoto and see my converts and the members!  I will be able to see Reg. Plus to be able to get to know all of the Jungle, will be such a blessing!  Were heading out August 8th to Tarapoto!
Yes, officially the flight planes have been sent for our return flights...it feels weird, because there is still so much time! But don't worry, you guys will recieve and Email from Salt Lake soon with all the details.  In about a month, you will be getting some more info from the Presidente Gómez.
Im glad all went good for Dad´s birthday, it sounds like he really enjoyed himself!

SO BOSTON COMES HOME IN LIKE A WEEK! What!! That is so crazy to me!  I bet Emily is Freaking out! Haha, mom give him a big hug for me!  And don't be too jealous, your day will come soon, but not too soon!
So today I just did my first training about the registros to the Zones here in Iquitos, and it went good!  I love burning the missionaries with Love, and using the spirit! Haha, it went great!

So yesterday, we got a nice surprise form Taylor Baker, (Elder Baker) he was the finance secretary with me in Lima. He finished his mission like 2 months ago.  He came back with his whole family, and they took us out to Dinner!  It was so nice, plus he brought me Beef Jerky and Mountain Dew!  Boy, did I miss him! Haha, he is planning on meeting you at my homecoming mom, he is one of the thousands out here who want to!
Well family and friends, I love you guys! I hope you have the best week!

All my Love,