Friday, August 16, 2013

Elder Collins

Well i cant believe it. Its finally came huh?. Looks like there is going to be two Elder Collins real soon huh? Wow, im sure everyone is really emotional right now! I wish i could have seen his farewell talk but you will have to send it to me! I want to hear it! Do you have pictures?! Why do i never receive pictures?!! 
   This week went by really fast. Maybe its because i spent half of it in iquitos haha!. We went on tuesday afternoon and didnt come home until thursday at 9pm! It was pretty great. I saw Nick a lot. One of the first things he tells me when i get there is " our flight plans came!" Oh great. that doesnt make me trunky at all. haha. One good thing about him booking the flights is that we will be sitting by each other the whole way home. they bad thing is that well he can just give himself the window seat hahah! The conference was pretty good. There was a few things that i didnt like about it but its all good. One funny thing is that HNA Gomez is like running the mission. When we were doing the goals for this month she just took control over it. I think its fine that she puts her opinion in but she shouldnt be making the decisiones thats what pres. has been called to do but he loves his wife and just does what she wants. Its just such a change from Pres. Blunck that is hard to get used to. But he told us before he left just to obey. It sure was a fun couple of days though! haha I stayed with Elder Amaya and Elder Brown. Them two together i think are the funniest companionship that i have ever seen! We all went to a burger (iquitos type) restaurant with like 3 other companionships. I got to know the other zone leaders too because they are all sort of new so i talked with them all this time. So we stayed in 9 de octubre my old zone so i went with E. Brown to do a baptism interview in my old area and while i was there in walked Jose Poblete. When he saw me he just started crying and gave the longest biggest hug. He just asked me to wait for a min to go bring his wife. Well looks like he told Hna Jenny (fam mudarra) and some other people i baptized too because they all started to come to see me. When i was with the fam Poblete they made me cry. They just thanked me a lot. They both have callings and are really active in the church. I felt the spirit really strong and it made me feel like everything that i have done this last 22 months is worth it! It was a great moment for me. I didnt have my camera to take a picture thought!! I am really grateful to be a missionary to be able to meet familys like them. I cant imagine what it will be like visiting everyone when im going home. Probably the same as leaving there. The Gospel really is a gospel of transformation. Im so excited for myles!! God saves the best ones for last so if he saved him for this time a little after me that means he will be better than i am as a missionary. I can already tell his testimony is stronger than mine was when i left. He will change a lot of familys lifes. Wow what a miracle. Im going to write him too! I love him a ton and will miss him the most. I still dont think its fair but i still have faith ill see him in the mtc!! I love you all have a great week!!  Love Reg

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