Friday, August 2, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey how is everyone doing? I hope great!  So things are going great here.  We are starting off this month great!  We set some new goals, and the Wedding Date has been changed to the 17 of August for Wilder and Maria.  Its due to lack of paperwork, and the fact that she is still traveling in boat to get home.  We are excited, and so are they.  Plus, the Ward has been such a huge help.  We did and activity were the Sisters made food, and then we sold it at the activity!  We raised enough money to pay fully for the wedding!  It truly was such a blessing, and it really has strenthened the testimony of the Family to know that their are people supporting them!  We are still just praying and hoping that all goes well and Maria comes back with all the desires to get married and baptized!  
So this past week we found this business owner that owns this like Energy company.  He was a reference from a member in another ward. We went and taught about the restoration, and he loves it!  He is just so amazed that God will never forget us and will always have a prophet.  He wants to meet the prophet! Haha, his name is Francisco. Seriously, future leader of the Church.  He read part in the Book of Mormon, plus more!  He said that he knows the Book is True, knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet because of it, and then asked when can I get baptized? It was so amazing!  Like I have always said, if someone will just sit down and read the book, they will feel the spirit and know of the truth!  We are excited and is preparing for this month!
So this month is going to be awesome, because I get to go around to all the Zones and train them about how to do Baptism Records!  So I get to fly with the assistants, my comp, Presidente and Hermana Gómez to all the other Zones in the Jungle!  Were going to Tarapoto, Pucallpa, and Moyobamba!!  I am so excited!!  It will be so great to go back to Tarapoto and see my converts and the members!  I will be able to see Reg. Plus to be able to get to know all of the Jungle, will be such a blessing!  Were heading out August 8th to Tarapoto!
Yes, officially the flight planes have been sent for our return feels weird, because there is still so much time! But don't worry, you guys will recieve and Email from Salt Lake soon with all the details.  In about a month, you will be getting some more info from the Presidente Gómez.
Im glad all went good for Dad´s birthday, it sounds like he really enjoyed himself!

SO BOSTON COMES HOME IN LIKE A WEEK! What!! That is so crazy to me!  I bet Emily is Freaking out! Haha, mom give him a big hug for me!  And don't be too jealous, your day will come soon, but not too soon!
So today I just did my first training about the registros to the Zones here in Iquitos, and it went good!  I love burning the missionaries with Love, and using the spirit! Haha, it went great!

So yesterday, we got a nice surprise form Taylor Baker, (Elder Baker) he was the finance secretary with me in Lima. He finished his mission like 2 months ago.  He came back with his whole family, and they took us out to Dinner!  It was so nice, plus he brought me Beef Jerky and Mountain Dew!  Boy, did I miss him! Haha, he is planning on meeting you at my homecoming mom, he is one of the thousands out here who want to!
Well family and friends, I love you guys! I hope you have the best week!

All my Love,


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