Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey familia y friends!!

How is everyone doing!  Wow, I cannot believe that Boston got, that blows my mind! Tell him I say hi, and tell him to write me!  That is so great about Myles!  That is so awesome he is already going through the temple! I hope we get back in time to see him!

So I am so excited for today, at 4 p.m. were flying out to Tarapoto!!  It's going to be so great!!!  My pensionista, Hna Luzmila, has been counting down the days! She is so excited!  It's going to be my last chance to say goodbye to everyone!

So mom and dad, you have already received my flight info....haha wow, that is too wierd!  Today Reg and I went to this restaurant called Texas to celebrate our 22 months! I had an American steak.  It was so good! Seriously, it's been so long!  Were flying back with them today to Tarapoto, then reg will take another car to Moyobamba.

So this week has been great, not only have we been working with Wilder and Maria, but we have found many new investigators!  Plus they did this huge training here in Iquitos, and now all the members really want Iquitos to progress so that one day we can have a temple here.  So now they are giving us references.  Its was cool.  They asked us to speak in front of the whole stake, and I was just like Brothers and Sisters...I'm tired of just knocking on doors....we need your help.  We need your references, your friends and your families.  The only way that we will see a temple here one day is if we start acting now.  And then the next week, we received 8 new references from our ward counsel!  Plus this other guy from our stake is working with high paid bank owners and has invited them to come to church with him.  Now we are teaching the CEO of a Bank Called Scotia Bank here in Iquitos.  It's going to be great.   Iquitos needs future leaders.  Plus, the other CEO of the Energy company, Francisco, he is doing great. He came to church, and he loved it! He is still reading the book of Mormon.  Right now he is on a trip, but he says when he gets back he wants to be down with the Book!  Hopefully during this time, he can feel the spirit and know of the Truthfulness!  But the good news is that Maria gets home this week.  We are going to get them going with the papers, and get them married and baptized!! It's been too long! haha Wilder is so ready, he is just waiting for her to come back!

I'm glad you guys had a great time in Cornonado!

I got to go, but I love you guys!

All my Love,


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