Friday, August 16, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey, how is everyone doing?  So today we just got back from another part of the Jungle, Pucallpa!  It was so awesome!  It's where Reg served!  It is so so Hot there!  And there is just tons of dirt! Its a great zone though! The people there were so great! Seriously, they are even more receptive than the people here in Iquitos!  It was sad to say to goodbye to a lot of the people, because unless they get changed to Iquitos, I'll never see them again.  It was super wierd to say goodbye to Elder Flores...Seriously, I'm gonna miss that kid.  He has grown so much, and just seeing him up there working hard and being a District Leader was awesome!  Plus, one of the nights, we got to leave and go teach with all the missionaries.  It was so great!  Like I said, the people are so prepared to accept the gospel, and let's just say that Pucallpa is going to have a lot of success! While we were there, President had a video conference with Salt Lake, and he asked us if we would stay in the Hotel with him.  So we got to stay in this super nice hotel room.  Let's just say, I have never slept so good!  Plus, I had my first hot shower in almost 2 years!  WOW,  blessings of living in the states!  But overall, it was a great trip! And now the zone is well trained! 

It was way funny last night, we were just finishing from going out on splits with the missionaries, and it started to pour rain!! Seriously, like no other! Haha,  we needed to take a taxi back to the hotel, but no one wanted to stop!  So there we were, just standing out in the rain soaking, we were trying to wave down a car! Haha, finally after like 20 min, someone finally stopped! Haha, we totally soaked up his car, but he was happy and said that he wants to come visit our church.  Haha, I gave him a super wet pamphlet, but I told him when he goes to church the missionaries will give him a new dry one! haha

So things are going great with our area.  We are a little nervous, because we haven't had too much time to get to our area, because we just went to Tarapototo, and Like 2 days after we went to Pucallpa!  But the good news is today we will go meet up with our investigators, and I hope that Maria got home!  Wilder has been waiting too long!!

This week is going to be great! Francisco gets home and we are going to see how it went with his reading.  He told us he wanted to finish the Book of Mormon, let's see what happens!  To answer your question dad, we are in the offices from 8am until 5 or 6 pm. We are able to go out everyday to teach from 6-9pm, except for Sundays, we get the whole day to be in our area!  A lot of times, there are emergencies, but the fact that we plan to leave makes all the difference, and if something comes up obviously we take care of it, then go back to our area!

Wow, I can't believe that Norah is 1!  I still haven't even met her! Or Mia!!  Wow, it's going to be so great to see them!  I super jealous that you guys will be going to Lake Powell! That will be way fun!  Be careful with the rocks! Question, are we still with the same house boat or did you guys change?

Haha, oh mom. I loved your super trunky email!  Haha, don't worry, there is too much to do here to really think about coming home, but when I do it sounds like its going to be a blast.  Seriously, I'm way excited!, but don't worry, it's not on my mind yet!  

Well, I hope you guys to have the best week! Things here are going great! Our last trip is going to be next week! Were going to Moyobamba!  We´ll be with Reg for like 4 days!  Don't worry, I will be safe. I always keep the rules, and I won't do anything stupid! Haha, I love you guys so much!  
PS. wish Myles good luck for me!  How's Boston doing? 

I love you guys! Have a great week!

All my Love,


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