Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Elder Collins

Hola Familia!! 
   Wow, i cant believe that myles is gone!! I feel like he just got his call. Ill bet the house is quiet...wait do sam and max still live there?...never mind. haha From the looks of it he did a lot better than i did leaving..Haha. He is a lot emotionally stronger than me anyway. He looks great too! im way proud of him. Sounds like that language will be a killer but it all comes with time. I am really proud of him. Looking at his pictures made me actually miss the MTC a lot and brought back a lot of those first day or week feelings and excitement. It would be so cool to start all over again but at the same time not at all. haha. Really i got those first day butterflies looking at his pictures but then all those butterflies got killed as the zone reminds me that this monday i enter into my last change!! Yep, this monday i start my last change! I cant believe it! It really doesn't seem real. Can you believe it?! 
    So this week was pretty good. Im getting a little antsy because i haven't had a baptism for like 2 weeks and i was going to have one this week but he didn't attend church. Dang. But this week was pretty great because we found some good families. We have one the Sinti Family that we are teaching. They are really humble and don't have a lot. They all attended church yesterday which was cool. The only obstacle is that the dad likes to throw a few down when his friends invite him. But they do have the desires to change. This week ive been trying to love my companion a lot more. I have been praying that i could think more positivly with him. I think the Lord helped me a lot too. But its all good because i feel like im getting a new comp this next change. How about we pray that it can be Nick!? haha. That would be so cool. So i guess he is coming at the end of this week. I didn't know it was for 4 days. I guess the kid just wants to party with me in Moyo. Im looking forward to that. Well i sure do miss you a lot and hope all is well. I love you! Love reg

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