Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elder Collins

The LAST ONE!!!!
     Well it came, I just entered my last transfer! Can you believe it! Thats so crazy to me i can hardly believe it. Sometimes it doesnt even feel real. I kind of just feel like im never going, kind of like i did when i was home about to leave. Really though i dont feel like im finishing at all. So this week was pretty good. We had zone conference here in moyobamba. Usually we go down to tarapoto but this time they came up here because since the mission is smaller they have a little more time on their hands. Nick came up too. I bearly even saw him though. Just during the conference and like twice after. He had to do the transfer stuff and I had to do work visits. I thought we would be able to do divisions maybe for a couple of hours but that didnt work out. The conference was pretty good. Definitely a lot more laid back than before. One cool thing is that i got another 8/4/2 certificate. Hahah big deal right? Ive been doing a lot of work visits lately. I realized ive been slacking off on those the last month. Its just hard because my zone is huge. I like them though because i get a break from my comp and i get to help everyone else out. I have 4 other areas in my zone. By car Belen is about 5min away, Soritor is about 35 min away, Rioja is about 45 min away and Nueva Cajamarca is 1 hour away! We are a traveling zone. This week has just been a lot of trying to find new investigators in a lot of rain. Seemed like the jungle or something!!. We have found quite a few. The Sinti family is good. They all came to church again. They have a wedding date and they want to be baptized too. The Mom is a little hesitant still but its nothing out of the normal. This week we should be baptizing Ronaldo Peña. He is the brother of Darvin, one of the kids i baptized about a month ago. Hes a good kid. Everyone thought he was a member and they wanted to put him in as deacons quorum pres., but hes not even baptized yet haha.
       Today is transfers. I havent received them yet but im not planning on going anywhere. I think im going to be getting a new comp, but we will see in about half an hour when they send me my email. Its good to hear from myles. He doesnt write me a lot but thats understandable because you only get like a half an hour until you go into the field. He looks like he is having fun. Haha i want to see Sam play football so bad!! and max too? How does max like high school? Thats crazy that hes in high school! Ill bet he looks really big now. What position is he playing? Ill bet sams tearing it up too. WIll i be home to see sams last games too??!! Whats anna doing? Does she like middle school? Which one did she end up going too? Could you answer some questions please?! hahahaha. Well i love you all and hope you have a great week love reg! 

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