Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Crump

First off, I'm jealous you guys are in Lake Powell right now!!  I miss being out there! Seriously, it's my favorite place to go!  I hope you guys have a great time!
So I'm glad you guys went to the docks to get internet to send your letters! Haha, true love for your son!  haha
So this week has been pretty crazy!  As of right now, we have 6 Families that we are working with!!!  And yes, all 6 of them need to get married! Haha, we have been working so hard, and they are progressing! 3 of them are new and were references from the ward!  Its makes such a difference when your with someone who is either friends or family with the person.  The members have a power that the missionaries don't quite have.  The people really have a hard time saying no to the members, because they are their friends.  So we really have been taking that training seriously that we received in how to train the members to become missionaries.  We have been planning with them and doing practices, so that they can make the invitations.  It really has been working!  So sad thing, Maria still has not come back yet...we are getting nervous.  There is no communication with her and we don't know when she is coming back. We have been praying and fasting for them.  They are such a great family and with all they have been through, this is their time to make the change.  The other 5 families are doing great.  One needs to get the divorce finalized, to get remarried, and the other 4 just need to come to church.  Its been a battle with them.  Satan is strong and is doing all he can to bring them down. 

This week, well actually today, we are flying out to Moyobamba!  I'm excited, but nervous to leave my area alone for 4 days...we have been planning with the members to be able to visit our investigators, so hopefully that works!  I'm excited to go see Moyobamba.  It will be nice to see Reg!  Plus Moyobamba is the coolest part of the mission.  Plus, I'm excited, because we get to go and work with the missionaries, since we will be there for a while!  But, it's going to be a busy trip, because this next week is transfers.  Right now, I'm buying all the flights, and when were down there I got to do all the forms to send to the missionaries and prepare everything for all the new missionaries!   Hopefully we get it all done!

So like I said we got the Transfers...and there are some crazy ones!  I was kind of surprised!  I can't tell you yet, but next week for sure! Haha, sorry to do that!

Well guys, I do love you so much! I hope you have the best time in Lake Powell.  I'm jealous, but happy for you guys! Dad make sure that boat is all up and running for when I get home!

So like you said, mom, this is my last 6 weeks.  This is my last chance to give all I can.  September will be a month filled with Weddings and Baptisms, just you guys wait!  I love you guys!  Have fun and be safe!

All my Love,


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