Monday, August 5, 2013

Elder Collins

Quien? Que? Cuando? Donde? Por que?

Hellos family how are all of you doing? Well i just want to first off saying i just love receiving scary news! not! Wow that sounds pretty crazy! im so glad that Grandpa is ok. I cant believe that happened! Im glad dad was able to give him a blessing. I know he will be ok then. Thats super cool myles became an elder. I still remember being sustained as an elder in sacrament meeting . When is his farewell? this week right? or did it already pass? Hey could you somehow record his talk for me. go buy a tape recorder or something because i would love to hear it. 
    So this week was pretty good! it went by super duper fast. Everyone in the zone thinks they are all cute making comments about me going home. Chambones!! For p´day last week we played basketball as a zone. It was pretty fun playing with everyone, i havent played for awhile so i was embarrassed about how bad i played, i actually thought about just kicking the ball instead. I just wanted to play soccer. haha. Whats happened to me! I think i talked to Nick a ton this week! i dont know who had more questions. haha. We always end up talking for a long time though. One cool thing that happened is that he called me after one of the guys Jose Poblete who i baptized in iquitos gave him a ride in the moto car and said that he missed me and that he is really active in the church and loves it!! that made me feel real happy and felt the spirit when he called me. Also E. Mossman married and baptized a family last week and the dad was already a member and has been trying to get his family together for awhile and baptized. Nick baptized him when he was in Tarapoto. So it was cool to see some fruits from the labor. This week we had a baptism of Christian Garcia. He is the son of the Branch Pres. It was an awesome baptism. His parents have been praying that he would get baptized for years now and has never really accepted the gospel until now. His testimony was really sweet because he said he had heard from the missionarys before and never took intrest but when we came he felt like he should listen and follow. I was really happy and felt the spirit when he said that. His dad baptized him confirmed him and gave him the priesthood all in the same weekend! Christian is married and his wife just started to listen to us to and he is going to help us with her. The problem is she is expecting in like two weeks so it would be kind of hard for her to be baptized with baby so close. but she is next!!! I was grateful to fast, even though i get crankier easier i feel the spirit more strongly during the sacrement. I fasted to be blessed to see myles in the mtc. I hope the lord answers that prayer. This week or tomorrow actually im going to iquitos for the zone leader conference! im excited, nick already sent me my flight ticket!! nice. Well thats about it i love you all! take care grandpa! love reg

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