Monday, September 2, 2013

Elder Crump

So first off, sorry for giving you that teaser in the last email, but hey I mean who doesn't love it when a movie ends and it leaves you hanging!  Haha, well so the changes have been done, and some were pretty crazy, but the most crazy was.....I have a new companion!  Yep, Elder Carter is no longer the Financial Secretary...But he isn't leaving the offices...He just got called to be the new Assistant! Haha, I was flipping out!  I'm excited for him, but sad because I really wanted to finish with him!  Plus that means he will probably be in the offices for like another 6 to 9 months!  And just this past month he completed 6 months in the offices! Haha, well like I said, I have a new companion! His name is Elder Lozano.  He is from Lima, and he is so awesome! He was a zone leader, and we have been friends for a while. He speaks perfect English.  Seriously, he is great, I'm excited to work with him, even if it will only be for a transfer.

So as you guessed, they sent out Elder Uribe, who was the other assistant, and he went to go train a new zone leader in another zone!  It's crazy because everything changed, it's gonna be super different.  Now I am the one who has been in the offices the longest!  Almost 10 months. since I got here! WOW, time has flown by!  Anyway, it will be good for the mission.  Elder Carter is an amazing missionary, very humble, very obedient, and very focused in his purpose!  He will really help the mission to progress!
So I'm glad you guys had a great time in Powell, I bet it was a nice relaxing trip!  But hey, EVERYONE better be ready to go down next year, because it has been TOO long since we were all together!  So start planning!  Trevor, Kenzie, Corrine, Bradford, Shay, Bren, Hudson, Norah, and Mia! haha
So we just got back from Moyobamba....and all I can say is wow! Really Reg is living in paradise! It is so green up there!  Just the drive from Tarapoto to Moyobamba was amazing!  So many mountains and trees.  Seriously, i felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park!  My training that I did with all the Zones was about the Baptism Records.  How to fill them out, and why they are important.  About a year ago, they did a training on all this, where the Secretaries went to all the jungle with the assistants to do the training, but that was over a year ago.  All those Elders, who learned how to do it, finished their missions and the others who are still here like me, apparently aren't teaching the new missionaries how to do it.  So we have been having a lot of problems and a lot of mistakes.  So I proposed the Idea to go train all the zones again and the President Loved the Idea, so we went!  It really has been helping, and ever since we got back the Baptism records are being completed correctly!  It really makes the process go faster, and makes it possible for their converts to be able to go to the temple.  But the sad thing is, if there is an error or the name is spelled wrong, the Record doesn't work, and the baptism like doesn't count.  It was super sad, because I shared a story about how from our mission a family had gotten baptized over 3 years, and during these three years they worked hard to save all their money to go to the temple.  Finally, after all that hard work, they finally made it to the temple.  When they got there, they found out that 2 of their 5 children were not in the records as members.  Their record wasn't done right.  Because of that, the whole family couldn't go to the temple to be sealed, 2 would be left out.  So the family got their stuff and went home.  The 2 children had to get re baptized and they had to wait a whole 3 more years to be able to go to the temple.  In the end, they all made it, but how sad is that.  All because of one mistake, or someones lack of verification, this family had to WAIT to be an Eternal Family.  It ended up being a good training.  I think everyone learned how important it is to fill out the Record properly.  We go through so much hard work to find, teach, marry, baptize and then confirm people.  And in the end, it doesn't even count, because we didn't do our part...I can't imagine how sad I would be if one of my converts couldn't go to the temple, because of me. Hopefully everyone caught on to what I was trying to say.

So this week has been good, we are trying to get back into our area.  The good news is the members were visiting some of our investigators, and just last night we just invited another family to get baptized!  Wow, seriously this family is so great.  Their names are John and Melissa.  They were a reference from the ward, and they really just want to make all the changes that are needed.  We talked about how we can turn this house that they are living in, into a home.  Because yes there is a big difference.  A house is something material, something we live in, but a home is were we are with our families, where the spirit is, and it's the one place in this world that we can feel safe from all that goes on in the world.  Melissa looked as if she wanted to cry!  And then John just blew my mind with his answers.  We talked about repentance, and he said that a man cannot repent with just his lips, because tomorrow he will go back and commit the same sin.  He told me that he needs to change, but with his actions.  He needs to come to church, read the scriptures, and pray,  And through that process, I can truly show God that I want to be forgiven, and better yet I deserve to be forgiven...WOW, I was speechless! Tomorrow, we have a lesson with them.  Were gonna set the date for the wedding and baptism!
We received word that Maria's business fell through, and that is why she is stuck there.  She is trying get it all fixed up before she comes back.  We are told that she will be back on the 9th of Sept.  So help me, I will marry and baptize this family before I come home! They are so ready, this is their time, she just needs to come back!!

Well family and friends, it's great to hear from you all! I love you guys!  Thanks mom for reminding me, but there is still 5 weeks and 4 days!! Don't be cutting me short, yet! :) Haha, this last transfer is going to be great! We will have success, and I will be able to leave my area, better than I found it!

So this week, its now been 4 weeks that we have had without P day... there has just been so much to do. We have been traveling, training and working with the missionaries, there just wasn't time.  Hopefully, this next week we will be able to take a day off to relax.

P.S. I was super sad that I couldn't go out and work with Reg.  We got sent on work visits with missionaries in the other areas. We went to Rioja, and then the next day to Nueva Cajamarca.  Wow, Moyobamba is so pretty! Nueva cajamarca is definitely the prettiest! It's the only area where you get to baptize in the river!  Anyway, overall it was a good trip!

I love you guys.  Hope you have a great week!

All my Love,


So this trip, I found out that one of my Converts from Tarrapoto, Jorge Pisfil, who was the single dad that we baptized, moved to Moyobamba and got married.  In the priesthood meeting that I was attending, he became an Elder!!!  I have never been so happy, there he was in a shirt and tie sitting in church with his family! Wow, it was great!!  Best trip ever!

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