Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Collins

That will do pig, that will do.
   Well hey family hows everyone doing? How was your week. Im sure you all celebrated my birthday without me, thats cool i wont cry that much. Well this week was just fantastic! We went to iquitos on tuesday afternoon and almost missed our flight (dont tell crump) because i didnt double check to see when our flight was! But it was all good. The conference was pretty good. I feel like i have a lot more zone leader friends then i did before. There are a lot more new ones. It was officially my last zone leader conference too. When we were putting the goals up for sep. We all got into a interesting conversation about what we should do. It was pretty much the older zone leaders (including me) vs the newer ones and the sister leaders. It was a headache arguing about what the goal should be for the next month for like an hour and a half. I just felt like there were too many people voicing their opinions with lack of experience. But it was a good overall. There was some pretty good trainings this time too. Pres. was even longer than his wifes this time haha. I stayed with an Elder named Withulhume. He is a way funny guy we had a fun time together. I said goodbye to couple of leaders that im not going to be seeing again.On thursday before i went back crump told me to come into the office, he bought a big slice of cake for me! What a guy! And it was a training that day too for another zone so he saved us a pizza to share too! When i said goodbye to him i was like alright well see you next month thinking about the next conference then i realized that the next time i come back too see him we will be going home!!!! Wow it hit me soo hard! I think thats the first time. Kind of sad. My birthday was pretty good. The family below us took us out to lunch and bought me a cake too! That was really nice of them! At night me and elder mossman and our pension ( did i tell ya we got one now?!) made huge rodeo burgers! It was soo good! And thats pretty much how my birthday went. I opened your package in the morning too. Thanks i like that idea a lot, also thanks to Debby and Grandma Chase for their packages too!!! On saturday i did something way cool! So there is a family in another area who got baptized when i first got here but i did there baptism interviews so they love me, well there nephew got baptized this saturday and i was the one who got to do a river!!! haha it was so cool. There is only two areas in the whole mission where its allowed and i was able to do it. Ive always wanted to! Well thats about its. Les amo mucho Elder Reg

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