Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elder Collins

   Hola familia como fue esta semana. Espero que todo esta bien y que la torta helada que compro por mi cumpliaño va durar un mes... Well i just wanted to write the first line in another language like myles does. This week was great! I have my new companion. His name is Elder Becerra, he is from Piura Peru. My 4th peruvian comp. I heard he is awesome so i was hoping to get him as my last comp. And you know what its true he is awesome! Im really happy and greatful that he will be my last comp. He is really chill and just calm. He only has 11 months in the mission. Poor guy i will be the second missionary that he will send home. He seems to always be happy and doesnt like to talk to much unlike my last comp who wouldnt shut his trapper. He came on tuesday night but didint get here til 11:30pm! I was waiting in the transport office since 9pm! We got home pretty late. There is also another new kid in the zone and the truth is he is a wierdo! Well this is only my 3rd time having to show the area. The truth is i dont like doing that because it always makes you think that you dont have enough investigadores. Im really happy this week we had a baptism! Ronaldo Peña. He is the Brother of Darvin one of the boys i baptized like two months ago. With this baptism i completed my goals i set at the first part of my mission!!!! Im really grateful that Heavenly Father has given me soo many opportunities to learn and grow and to get to know so many of his children. I was really happy about that but also sad because i realized its coming to an end. This week we are going to Iquitos! whoo! Its like taking a vacation haha. It will probably be my last zone leader conference i dont know if they will let me go my last week in octubre. We get back like at 9ish on thursday and friday is my birthday and then on saturday im completing 23 months!!! what a trunky week haha. We are still teaching the Sinti family. The dad Ronald has a drinking problem. The mom is really upset with him because he drank one glass of beer and tried to justify it saying he didnt get drunk and Jesus drank wine haha. Its frustrating but i still have some people to baptize here before i can leave. I want to pass my goals i made! Well thats about it. Thanks for the video that was awesome! But i saw like 2 little blonde girls that werent in the family before.....???? Well i love you have a great week love reg!!

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