Friday, September 27, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey, how is everyone doing?  I hope great!  So mom officially you´re trunky! haha I bet you and Becky are waiting in the airport! haha 
So my birthday went great! Haha, it started first out like this, so the day before some of the zone leaders here invited me out to lunch!  We went to this Place called Rustica, and I got BBQ RIBS.  I had never felt so American!  Haha, so that was fun!  Then the next day on my birthday we went to the store and Elder Stringham bought me Pancake Mix, so we made pancakes!  They were so good!  So the rest of the day was pretty normal.  I got a little package from Reg, and the assistants just got back from their trip and brought me back a gift.  The whole day consisted the zone leaders calling and saying happy birthday! haha  So then we went to lunch! The relief socitey president invited us, and on our way we came across a Monkey.... He was the pet of this guy, and he was on a leash.  So of course, we went over to say hi to him, and the monkey was named Pepe.  Boy, was he crazy! He was so excited to see us!  He jumped all over us, and I was trying to take an inoocent picture with him, and he puts his tongue in my ear and gives me a wet willey! Haha, I never thought that I would say that! Haha, its was gross, but funny!  Haha, so then we get to the house and, she made me a cake as well with the lunch!  After that, we came back to the offices and got more work done, but then at night we had another appointment to have dinner with a family.  When we get there, they also had a big cake waiting for me! haha This family Is so great! They always treat us so good!  The mom told me that my gift is coming.  Her husband is out in the Jungle Hunting, and he is going to bring me back my gift....haha I'm a little nervous to what he's going to bring back! So then after all that, we get back to our house.  We were all just sitting there talking, then all of the sudden just get attacked by like 12 eggs!  I didn't even see it coming!  Really, they destroyed me all singing happy birthday! haha oh man it was a great day!  Our house still has egg on the wall, but it was fun!

So this past week has been so amazing!  Joel is so ready for this Saturday! He came to church and tonight is having his final interview!  He really has come a long way, but is so ready to make this change!  
Also, we have another who will be getting baptized! So when Elder Carter went to Pucallpa, and came back on my birthday, he was sitting next to this guy who had a lot of questions.  They started talking, and we found out that he lives right in front of the mission offfices!  So it's right in my area!  We we went and talked to him, and he began reading the Book of Mormon, and right away he loved it.  So we came back the next day, and asked me when can I get baptized?  He came to church that first Sunday, and if he comes this Sunday, he will be set for the beginning of October!  So now we will have 2 more baptisms right before I leave!  His name is Juan, and he is awesome! About 2 years ago he got divorced from his wife, and just always felt so lost!  He loved church and wants to be the example.  So my last baptism will be my last weekend before I come home! 
So mom, to answer some of your questions:  I am going to leave most of my clothes here.  There are many future missionaries that don't have like anthing here so I'll be giving it to them!  For example, I gave away my suit!  It was getting old and a little beat up, but we took it to this lady.  She stitched it up and cleaned it, and I gave it to a guy from my ward that was leaving on the mission.  It fit him perfectly! His family was so happy, because they hadn't found his a suit that fit him, or that was in their price range!  But don't worry mom, I will be coming home in a suit.  I got a way good deal, and I bought a new suit, a pair of shoes, a new shirt, a new tie all for 100 dollars.  They had this deal going on, that I couldn't pass up! Clothes shopping sounds great, just if you could have some garments when I get home will be great!
That is so crazy that Myles is in the Philippines!  How is he doing? He's gonna be awesome!!
So yeah, Wilson is getting married! She was his girlfriend before he left.  She wrote him his whole mission, but they only dated for like 3 weeks before he left! haha, way to go Wilson!

Brooke went on a mission? What the?  Wow, its crazy how many misisonaries there are!!  Hey, tell Brig that I say hi! Tell him when I get home were totally gonna hit up the golf course, if its not too cold!  Tell him to set up the tee time!

Thank you for talking to UVU, what do I need to do with all that?

Well family and friends, I do love you all!  This next week is going to be wierd, the last one but we´ll finish it strong, with 2 more baptisms!! I'm stoked!  You guys are the best! I love you!

All my Love,

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