Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elder Collins

Family! NICE.
    Hello family how is everyone doing? Hope everyone is all happy and joyful this time of year. How has the weather been and what not? Im glad myles got his package. I thought it would take longer than it did. I felt bad that I didn't send you guys your shirts right after i left the postoffice. I would send them now but i think its easier to just come home with it. But hey i sent you inka cola gum right? thats pretty cool! Somehow i knew mom would probably take it all! haha. So this week went by really fast. We had a couple of weddings in the zone that we had to organize. I think thats the most work ive done to get some families baptized that weren't even mine! The day of the wedding the guy in our ward who helps us out doing it called us like 1 hour before and said elders didnt you guys call me canceling it on thursday?! I was like what?! No!! But he luckily said that he would still do it but we just had to postpone it a couple of hours. I secretly think my comp canceled it the other day when he got frustrated and did it without telling me but then forgot to call back and reorganize it. Silly boy. He wont admit it but i know he did. He´s  a cool guy but its really like being comps with an evangelist person. He´s always talking about satan and what not in the lessons saying Satan doesnt want this or he wants to have you and your family. I just told him that Pres. Blunck taught us not to even talk about Satan and Elder Holland said "i dont like talking about him until i absolutely have to."  But its all good. So this week we had two baptisms, Edson and Katty. Katty is a teenage girl they were teaching before i got here. I didnt want to teach her but she already had a baptism date so i kind of just said ya if she doesnt get baptized on this date we wont teach her anymore. Its dangerous to teach teen girls without there familys. Edson is 18 and is really cool. He just loves futbol and has made a ton of friends in the church. His parents want to be baptized too but have to get divorced first with their ex spouses and get married to each other first. His little brothers got baptized a couple months ago. We found out he went early to church to talk with the branch president to start mission papers!! haha the president just said how about we get you baptized first!. I baptized Edson and my comp Katty. Now its time to start getting more familys ready to get baptized. I havent married a family for awhile so thats my goal this next month to marry and baptize a family too!. Just found out we are going to receive more money to buy food! What a relief im tired of eating top roman with eggs. Also i already asked a member to be our pensionista and she agreed so we might start that up soon. Hna gomez is going to be traveling to visit the pensionista and teach them how to cook healthy too. The bad part is that it will happen in the next two months or so..mm......ya....haha! Well thats about all for this week! i hope your all happy and healthy. i love you have a great week!!! Love reg

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