Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Crump

Well, so sorry that this letter is coming to you guys a little late.  Today we had our last P day on Mondays....I think haha, yes it's going to be on Thursdays from now on.  But if anything changes, I'll let you know.  
So today we finally went to Quistacocha! It was awesome! Seriously, so fun!  It's this out door zoo that is just right in the smack of the Jungle.  Then it comes out to the river, and there is this beautiful beach where we played beach volleyball.  It was a blast.  It was cool becuase all 4 zones here in Iquitos came, so we have like 50 missionaries there! This is also the place where you take the picture with the big anaconda, but today the guy wasn't there!  What luck huh?:) haha, no but dont worry I will go back and conquer my fear.  But we did do the classic Iquitos Tradition, we all ate suri.  If you dont know what suri is look it up on google.  Its this fat worm, that has pinchers that you have to eat when you come to Iquitos.  It was nasty.  So you have to put the whole body in your mouth, bite the head off and then eat it.  When I did it, the suri POOPED in my mouth!  I almost threw up!  It was so hard to do, but i knew if I threw up, they would make me eat another one! haha, but it was all good, I finished it! haha, I'll send some pics, and i'll try to send the video.  So today was an awesome day.
So this week, so many things have been happening.  We are doing so much here in the offices as well as in our area! Its like there just isn't enough, time.  The president is coming around great, but there is still a lot to learn.  We are just getting prepared for our transfers.  Were sending off 8 missionaries who are finishing their missions. Were preparing to receive 8 new misisonaries, and to top it off, I have 3 future missionaries that are from the Branches that are leaving on their missions.  So we have to go shopping with them and get all the stuff they need for the mission.  It has been a busy busy week, and the best part we still have been able to go out and teach!  We have really been working hard with Wilder and Maria.  He has come so far, and she has been in her home village for about a week and a half now, and she still is reading her scriptures praying everyday.  The best part is that they call each other every morning and night to see how everything is going, and to verify if they are completing the goals that we left them.  They have had many problems in the past and he said, that this is really the first time that my wife and I have really expressed how much we love eachother.  He was like, I never used to just call her to talk or to ask her how her day is going, but now I just can't get enough of her.  It is amazing how the gospel changes families.  It truly is the medicine for any broken up family.  But the coolest thing was the other day, the sister missionaries called us and said that they had ordered something about a month ago for Wilder.  They ordered him a set of scriptures that are giant and in big print, because he cant see very well and has a hard time reading.  So he wasn't really reading the Book of Mormon.  Now that he has his new set, he is reading like crazy! He loves them! He even brought them to church!  haha  This week we are going to set the date for the wedding.  She is coming home, and I know that they are going to set the date to be married and baptized!  So if all goes well, at the end of this month we will marry and baptize a family!  We're so excited!  So many people that we are teaching are doing so great.  They just need to find the time to come to church! haha  

Anyway, it's so good to hear that Corinne and Brady finally are heading out! I'm happy for them, and I cant wait to go see them!  So the address that I sent is our official office address.  The other one is for the institute building.  So you just need to put the new address for everything.
Oh yeah, funny story, so this week there was a workers strike!  It's where no one works!  Everyone goes and throws their trash,  burn stuff in the street and the go and break glass bottles so no one will drive.  The people are crazy! They burn down businesses if they are opened!  And if someone gets in a motocar, the people attack them and pop their tires! It really was so stupid, because after 3 days, everyone runs out of money and need to go work again.  So they were all in the streets cleaning up their mess! haha, oh Peruvians,  gotta love them! haha

Well family, hopefully all goes well this week! I love you guys so much! I'm grateful for all of you! 

All my Love,


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