Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elder Crump

Haha, wow its has been a crazy week!  We just got done with all the changes....and boy was its rough!  Everything went great, but seriously I am wiped out!  So first off, it all started on Saturday.  The missionaries that were finishing their missions were all coming into Iquitos that day.  So we had all the flights set, but we get all these calls saying that none of the Elders have their passports to fly.  And of course they don't, because their passports are at Immigration getting processed, but they are able to fly with a copy.  But of course none of them made copies like I told them to.  So I was like, oh its ok, I'll call Elder Sepulveda who is now the Personal Secretary of Lima North.  He received all the Passports during the mission change and took them to the Immigrations to get processed, but he forgot to make copies as well!!  So I had to call the airline and explain what was happening, and they straight up told me no.  So i had to call another guy, and finally they let them pass with a drivers license.  We lucked out!  So then on Sunday was all of the Interviews with the missionaries who finished and Presidnet Gómez.  Then it was the dinner.  Oh my goodness, it was so good! Me and my companion spent the day on saturday making tortillas.  Yes we actually made home made mexican tortillas.  It was so good!  We made 130 tortillas for 15 people! Haha so that night, I finished by eating 11 Tacos.  It was so good!  It was sad to see them give their final testimonies and with all of that, we finished at about 8:30pm.  So this is where it gets reall ¨Fun¨ haha so bright and early we had to go to the airport to send off the missionaries who are finishing and send them to Lima.  We had to get up at 5:30am to get to the airport by 6:15am So we get there, and we are waiting for all the missionaries to show up.  All the Elders get there by 6:30am, but the two Sisters from their group show up at like 7:20am. I wanted to kill them! Haha, so I hurried and got them checked in.  Then they were running a little late, so I hurried and got them to the gate.  Everyone said their goodbyes, but one of the sisters was delaying, she didn't want to leave. They did the last call for everyone to get on the plane, and she wouldnt go, she was waiting for a member to come and say goodbye, but I was like sorry Sister but you need to leave.  She was a little mad, but she needed to leave.  So she got on the plane and she headed out!  YES!  So then I just had to wait to see if all goes well when they are in Lima.  So I receieve phone calls and all is going great.  All the missionaries got on their planes, except for that one sister.  She said she had problems with her passport.... so I had to call her family saying that your daughter won't we coming home today, and they next flight isnt until tomorrow... The mom was sad, but she understood!  So then it was the Change day!  Everyone found out were they were going and Tuesday was the day for all of them to leave! So It was a little tricky, because the Presidente wanted to do all of the training and interviews of the new missionaries in his house.  And it was going to work out perfectly, because we would send out all the missionaries who have changes in the morning, and then at 12:30 the new missionaries were going to arrive.  But it started raining like no other! It seriously was pouring! Haha, so the plane got delayed...And the new missionaries didn't get here until about 2:30.!  It was teriible.  By the time we finished everything it was 8:30pm.  It was a long day!  Then bright and early again we had to go to the airport and send the new missionaries to their new Zones, and we had to send off those future missionaries from our District to their missions. Seriously, I am just wiped out! 

Wow that was a lot to say.  Anyway on a brighter note, we have been working really hard with Wilder and Maria.  Now we are just in this process of getting them married.  Wow, it's even harder than it was in many thing that we have to do!  But we are doing all we can to make it for this month the 26th their wedding, and the 27th their baptism. They have really come such a long way!  They are ready to make this step, it just all depends if we can get all the paper work done in time!  Plus, I have like 7 other companionships that are asking if I can look for a Partida (Birth Cirtificate) for them as well.  Its pretty crazy with just us 4 here in offices, but we´ll manage!

Well Family I hope all is well!  It's always so good to hear from you guys!  I love and miss you all!  Wow, I just realized that Lexi went to the MTC yesterday! Wow crazy!  Give Tammy a big hug mom, you know she will need it!  Well guys, I love you all so much!   Thank you for everything!  Corinne & Bradford, I still cant believe you guys are heading out! Wow, it's going to be such a cool experience for both of you! Can't wait to come see you guys! :)

Have a great week!
All my Love,


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