Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Collins

Family family family,
  Well hey there again. Sounds like you all had a good week! Thats pretty crazy what happened with cole. Probably should learn how to ride a motorcycle...haha no all jokes really i hope hes ok! Well this week has been kind of slow to tell ya the truth. Maybe its because E. Raffagnini finished his mission and kept telling me im next or maybe its because we didnt have a baptism or maybe its because it was the week before transfers. Oh ya today is transfers because of the new mission this transfer was only 4 weeks intstead of 6. Wow myles got his suit huh? Nice.. Lets see. I used mine in the mtc and ccm, Special conferences with area 70s or zone leader conference but we usually end up taking it off at the first part of the meetings anyways. But hey i dont know how maybe it is the mold and the heat and rain but it still got thrashed. Wow so last week going to the caves was the coolest! Definitely the best pday that i have had. We rented hard hats with lanterns on them and paid some dude who lives in the town where the caves are two soles each to show us to the cave. It was fun climbing around and avoiding falling over. Normally there isnt water in the cave but this time there was so we had to do it the hard way without entering the water of course. Its a little stressful doing activities as a zone being a zone leader because if something goes wrong its my fault. Still cant cook very good. Actually not really at all. I just end up always cooking soup. haha. I did however buy raw vegetables and have been eating those to eat better. Also i found cheese, it cost a lot but it was worth it. My body sure wasnt used to it either...if you know what i mean! haha. Hey question does myles get my emails when i send it straight to his email? Im going to send him his jersey today just in case! You guys might have to wait to get yours because it would cost me like 100 soles to send them all together. i mean i could do it if you want. depends on you guys. Well hope you all have a great week and what not!. I love you! love reg

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