Friday, July 26, 2013

Elder Crump

So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW YOU WILL BE TURNING 50!!! That is so great. I'm so happy for you! I hope you have the best Birthday!  I love you so much, have a good one! When I get back, we´ll share an Coldstone Ice Cream Cake to celebrate!

So family and friends, how are you?  So this week really has been so nice, we finally are back to normal! haha things always slow down after all the transfers!  It's nice to get caught up in everything. Writing in your journal, studying, teaching more lessons, and actually sleeping! haha

So I have great news!  So this next transfer, no one is going home!!!!  It will be my first transfer where I don't have to send home missionaries!! YAY!!  It will be great because it will build up the missionaries here in Iquitos, we only have a 100 missionaries, but by the end of the year we should have almost 200! It's super weird, because as much as I don't want to think about it, I have to start preparing the paper work for my group to go home...Seriously, I never thought that I would be buying my own plane ticket! Haha, it's too weird! Haha, it was funny because just the other day I sent out a super Trunky Letter asking about the personal information about all the missionaries who will be going home on the 8th of October! Haha Reg responded and said, he is gonna be sick! haha 

Anyway, things are going great here.  We are just really working hard with the President to help them get their own style going.  They really are so sweet and really care for the missionaries.  We are excited for what is to come, and we have been thinking of some new ideas that we can do, because hey its a new mission!  Something thing that I am really working with is getting in touch with all the different types Municipales.  It's been great because I have made friends with them, and we are going to to what we did in Lima, and we are going to host a Massive wedding in our church!  It has never been done here in Iquitos before!  Well of course there are massive weddings, but with the church we have never done it!  It's gonna be pretty exciting!  It's gonna be a lot of work! I'm thinking its going to happen in September, near the end which will be perfect, because at that point my replacement will be here and he will be able to learn how to do it!  

So things with Wilder and Maria got a little shaky!  We had invited them to a Ward party, and then a baptism last Saturday, but they didnt show up, and they were'nt at home...So at that moment we felt like something went wrong.  So we just thought it's ok, we will see them at church tomorrow....but they didn't come. We called and we found out that Wilder went to go work and Maria said she was too busy!  I was so confused, because just last Friday we went with them to do all the paper work for the wedding, and they were so excited!  But, I guess they had a little fight, and he left the house and went to work.  She just said she felt so bad that she couldn't come to church, she knew that she wouldn't have the spirit if she went...So that night when we went over we found all this out, and this night we had decided to take this member with us to the lesson.  And, it made all the difference.  At one point in the lesson, they started fighting and started bringing up things that happened in the past, and the member just steps in and burns them.  He goes off saying that ok first off you both are right, but hey Wilder, you need to man up and take responsibility for what you have done.  Your in the process of Repentance and you need to make all the changes.  And Maria you need to stop bringing up the past.  It has already happened there is nothing that we can do.  We need to learn from what we have done, and not go back and do it again.  It seriously was so amazing!  But the best part was when he was like and you two can't be so selfish, because this relationship isn't just you two, it's your two children as well!  The decision you both will make right now will effect the lives of your children.  And if you dont accept this gospel in which you both know to be true, they will suffer and loose all the blessing God has for them.  And who will be to blame...YOU TWO!  He was like God will have his justice, and one day we need to report back to him.  I was just staring in astonishment.  They both looked like little children at this point.  Then both of them turned to him and thanked him.  Wilder never knew his dad, and he says that he has been waiting all his life for someone to tell him that.  Wow, it was awesome!  They were so happy!  Really the members are so key!  I wanted to explode on them too, but I feel like because it was someone else, someone they didn't really know, it made all the difference.  She is going back to her town and is going to tell her dad that she is getting married, and she wants his blessing.  She wants him to support her.  I am praying like crazy that all will be well.  She is coming back this next week, and so the wedding will be for the next week!  Please pray for them, they need all the help they can get.

I love that you guys threw a surprise party for Dad! haha wow 50!  You still look like your 25, dad!  I'm glad that dad is so popular, and thousands came to his party at Draper days. Haha  it must off been a blast, you´ll have to send pictures!

I'm so happy for Corinne and Brady! They are going to love it there! It really will be such a great experience for them! Plus we can go visit them! Mom, I'm glad your feeling better about all of it, and that you get to Skype with them everyday on your new iPhone!

So I just got the letter with the Missionary Announcement of Sister Ogden!  Wow, that's crazy that she already has a week out there! When does Taylor go out? What's his email address?  How's Tammy doing?

Haha, I love that you really went all the way to Grantsville to see Elder Wilson!  I bet he loved that! He always told me he wanted to meet you!  Everyone here does, they always talk about Trish or Mama Crump! haha

Well, I love you guys!  I hope you had a great 4th of July! And guess what, my son Flores has a year in the mission field today!!  So proud, he is growing up so fast! haha

All my Love,


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