Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Elder Collins

Here we go...
   Well hey there! Hows everyone doing? Is everyone getting all tired out from the summer parties!? Dad i wanna wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and that you know how much i appreciate everything you are doing for me! I love you Dad! Well this week was a fast and good week! Tuesday was pretty much doing things for the transfers and what not. E. Mossman came, hes from sandy utah. Its pretty cool having him here! On thursday this week we went down to Tarapoto for interviews with Pres. Gomez. It was a jolly good time but a lot of work just to drive two hours to have a ten min. interview haha. The driver we got this time was a little more crazy so we all got car sick this time. President and his wife did a little presentation to introduce themselves and talk about their families. They have a pretty cool family. We were there about two hours doing interviews with just our zone. My interview went well it was like 15 min and for the first ten min i kind of felt like i was interviewing him. I just kept asking him a bunch of questions. It was kind of funny and the last five min or so is when we kind of started talking more seriously and he asked me when i finished and i told him 3 months and he just said well i just encourage you to keep working till the end! haha! That was his only advice for me! sort of made me trunky. He just said i know that you will work to the end. In my mind i was like thats it!? Are you already throwing me out. haha. Pres. Gomez is a really good guy and is just really excited all the time. He talks really patiently and lovingly. His wife is really great too. She always tells us that were her children. When she first met me she said Elder collins ive heard a lot about you. Its because they are living in my old area in iquitos. Dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing. We all got back to moyobamba at like 3 and we hadnt eatin yet so we went and ate as a zone.  On friday we had a branch activity that went pretty good. We found a couple of new investigators from it. Saturday was really cool! E. Uceda from the 70 came to talk to all the leaders in moyobamba and in my interview Pres. Gomez told us to go to it. So me and my companion and the asistants went to it. It was way awesome. When he was about half way done he called for our Branch president saying i want to meet Pres. Garcia can he come up and also bring your two powerful missionarys with you i think they are here too! So Pres. Garcia my comp and me went up to the front with him. He just shook our hand met us and thanked Pres. Garcia for all his work, he only has 4 years as a member and his branch is the strongest in moyo then he thanked us and asked questions about how we are working with the branch and with the Pres. to have so much success and about the plan we just created. Wow! i was pretty nervous but i felt the spirit sooo strongly. After answering his questions he thanked us again and gave us a hug! it was so cool. It was the first time a general authority had visited in like 4 years. His whole training was really good and got everyone excited about the missionary work. there is a new spirit here in moyobamba and with the plan we just put together with the District Pres. we will start to see a lot of progress! and finally on saturday we had two baptisms. Darvin who is 15 and Rosario. Rosario is a widowed lady who has been attending church for about 8 months but never could be baptized because she wasnt married and living together with her partner. At the end of it all she felt the spirit more than for here boyfriend. and he didnt want to get married so she kicked him out to be able to get baptized! She has a really strong testimony. Darvin is also a kid who everyone thought was a member. He attends early morning seminary every morning and has been attending for about 3 months alone. It was a big week! haha. Well thats about it Hope all is well Love you, love reg  
wow its super slow today! I tried sending pics but it didnt work! mom i just got the papers that i have to fill out to go through customs!!!! holy shnikeys

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