Monday, July 8, 2013

Elder Collins

  So this week was pretty good! To start off we went to iquitos on Tuesday night. Nick and i got to go proslighting together that night and we also stayed in their room. Yes, we did share a bed. Nothin funner then sharing a small bed sweating in the jungle with your cousin right? The conference was super good! Really different but still it was great. Pres. Gomez and his wife are great people and are really excited to be here. They feel really honored to replace pres and sister blunck. I dont think they are going to change much at first so thats good. They are both still learning all the basics so its kind of funny to see them do certain things because they are just as new as any new missionary would be. I learned a lot in the conference and it sure did help me a lot with some questions or thoughts that i have had. The new offices are super nice. Crumps desk takes up the whole place and hes got a plasma for a computer screen. Im just saying he might be tempted to watch the restoration all day on that bad boy. haha. While we were there the city of iquitos was on strike against the government. It was pretty crazy. People were rioting in the streets, throwing glass bottles in the roads to pop the tires of the people who wanted to work, burned stuff, tore down trees and what not too! So we didnt up leaving until Thursday afternoon like at 4. I went and visited Sisinio and Hna Nancy Thursday to eat lunch with them. It was so good to see them and they were super happy to see me. Haha it was like i had never left. Best pension ever!  At first the assistants said we couldnt go which bugged me a lot because they knew i wanted to go but then we just got permission from pres. Gomez. I got back super tired. Its hard traveling so much! I dont know how pres. Blunck did it. The two hour car ride to come back isnt the funnest either because its kind of windy the roads and its hard to sleep. On Saturday we had a baptism of Nilser! he is a really good guy who has been attending for about a month or so now. He was really excited but really nervous too. Its been kind of rainy the last week and every morning its cool to see the jungly mountains with haze. It looks like the movies and what not.  Today for pday we are going to go explore some caves the jungle. Should be a fun time. I love you all love reg
Hey i was thinking we bought so much stuff that i don't use so i was thinking i should write you guys a list to save you guys the trouble of buying stuff for myles and not using it...
1. A secret pack to put your documents in is not necessary and worthless.
2. You don't need to buy and umbrella, only girls use those and the mission will usually provide one.
3. You don't need to buy those wood molds for the shoes. I think i used them in the mtc and thats it. Just buy really good shoes. Not from mens warehouse! haha It doesnt matter if they are ugly trust me just comfortable and strong. Almost like a tennis shoe boot looking thing
4.  Don't take so many p-day clothes. Its only once a week and you really wont use them that much.
5. I have not used my adapter for the wall outlets once in the field.
6. Don't need to take any books apart from the scriptures. They give you everything in the mtc!
7. Leave your i phone for me.
8. Leave me some clothes too!
9 You start in 2 months..i finish in 3.
10. Love you!!

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