Monday, July 1, 2013

Elder Collins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I HOPE IT WAS SUPER GREAT! Sorry its a day late but hey it still counts!  I love you a ton have a great day and week love REGGIE!!
  Well hey. So this week was pretty good. Im still cleaning up this zone. Before i got here i dont know why but these missionarys were super unfocused and doing a lot of things that they shouldnt do just thinking that our zone is an exception to the rules! There is still work to do Its also been kind of hard because E. Raffagnini is finishing his mission in two weeks and doesnt want to work and since he lives in the same house as us he likes to remind me that im the next one to finish and how many weeks i have left! . So we finished out this month with ten baptisms in all! its not too bad because the last two or three months they have only been getting 4 or so baptisms. We had a great week. We married a family and baptized them too! The Paredes family. They are a great family who have been listening to the missionarys for about a year or so in other parts of the jungle. They always had problems with their paper work to get married but we got that all done and the first of the week so they were able to get married. The dad is super funny and really sarcastic. Like the day of his baptisms we went to his house and he was sleeping and had just woken up so he was tired and looked like he was drinking or something so i said"hno how many beers did you drink" and he looks at me and says " now how are you going to say something like that? After all we have been through and what your teaching me?! know i only drink wine!" haha. Hes a lot like sisinio. Speaking of which im going to iquitos tomorrow afternoon for the zone leader conference! im super pumped excited to see that family! Also i think nick arranged it that i spend the night with them in there room! All this week has been celebrations here in moyobamba. They had san juan. san Pedro and pretty much all of the other apostles celebrated here this week. A lot of parades and a lot of beer. Its funny that they drink beer to celebrate the apostles haha. I still dont cook well at all! mom Thanks for the tips on how to cook but i hate to tell you there are not any bell peppers, tortillas or parmesan cheese here in moyobamba! haha. Well maybe there is i just have to look harder! But ill definily try to cook some of those things! Well that pretty much wraps this week up! Hope your all well! i love you have a great week love reg!

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