Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Crump

Haha so funny story,  i was so excited to see everyone yesterday, i forgot to say...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!! I felt so bad when i got off i was like oh no, that the whole point of today!!  So mom i am so sorry!! i hope you had the greatest day!!  You truely are the greatest mom ever!! I love you so much!!  You are my best friend and i am Proud to say im a Mommas boy!  Thank you for all you do!  You seriously are incredible in everyway!!  So many people here are so jealous of me, because of you!  Everyone knows momma crump here!!  It was so good to see you!!  Im grateful for your example, and for teaching us what is right.  It is because of you and dad, is why i am here doing one of the most rewarding things i have ever done in my life!!  I love you so so much!! Stay happy and know that i am safe, and all will be well.  "Ill Love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as im living, (And into the eternities) my mommy you´ll be!"
So this past week was awesome!!  So as some of you know Dayanna was baptized this last saturday!!  So a little more info on what happened that day!  So the Baptism was planned to be at our chapel, which is connected to the offices where i was staying, at 10 am in the morning!  So Saturday came around, and the day before Elder Fonseca, was like dont worry ill get everything set up, ill see you there like 15 minutes before to take pictures!  So at about 9:45 am i went to the chapel, and everything was closed and no one was there and there was no water in the font!  i was like oh no, he forgot!! haha so i called Elder Fonseca, and he didnt answer!  So after about 20 calls, still no answer!!  It was about 10:10 at this point.  So i called our Zone Leaders, and told them what happened, and they are like, yeah we dont know fonseca told us in your church at 10.  So i didnt know what to do, so then i called the district leader, and he was like oh yeah they changed chapels in the morning, because our font was broken.!!  They changed chapels to the church, way up the mountain!!  I was like WHAT!  So Elder Huaiquimilla and i jumped in the first combi (Van/Taxi) we found and headed up there!  The combi was crambed with people, and a lady was like resting her bag on my knee so it was not comfortable!  haha but i didnt care just as long as i made it there in time!  So i said so many prayers, in that crazy ride just to make it in time to see her baptized!  So when we got to the church, we got out and practically sprinted, well i hopped really fast, and we hurried inside.  Right when we enter, they open the font doors and Dayanna, and her friend who brought her to church were standng in the font and it was just about to start.  So we sat down and he began the prayer!!  It was perfect timing!!  She looked so nervous but looked out at us, and she smiled.  Then when she came out of the water, she was grinning from ear to ear!!  She had never looked so happy!  I was so thankful that i was able to see this expirence!!  I am so grateful for Heavenly Father in answering my prayer! This week rocked!! This area hasnt had a baptism since November!!  It has been such a challenge building this area back up, but such and incredible blessing!!!  I miss my area, and i cant wait to get back!

So the other day All the elders in the offices had stuff they need to go do, so just for two hours in the night, they let Elder Hernadez the guy who is allergic to peru,(haha) and me go out to my area!! I was so happy!!  So i strapped on my pack, grabbed my crutches, Hernandez took a coughing pill, and we were off!  Los Enfermos! Haha  It was funny Elder Hauiguimilla was like now dont go too far, and if you need anything or your knee hurts call us right away!  Haha i was ok mom!!  But anyway it was great we went to two less active members houses!!  One with Hermana Dora, she used to be a sister missionary, but she just fell away.  It was good during the lesson she started to cry saying all the mistakes she had made,and she wants to set goals, and go through the temple again.  She hasnt been since her mission 10 or so years ago!!  It was awesome to meet with her!  Plus she came to church!!  The other was pretty funny.  Her name is Justina, and she is the aunt of Aquilles!  She always tells us she doesnt have time, or she is never there so we haven't been able to teach her!  So when we knocked on the door she peers out, and opens it up a little, and is like sorry elders im busy, and right as she was finishing her sentence she looks down at my knee and is like what happened?  I told her the story and just like everyone else in peru she told me to be careful! Haha but anyway she was like why are you tracting?  I was like because im still a missionary aren't I?  haha she laughed and i was like we wanted to come see you! and at this point no one can say no to the cripple with crutches!  So she let us in, and it was awesome!!  She is another one of the those quick baptisms without really teaching before!!  She really didnt know too much, practically nothing at all!  So we have some work to do!  haha but it was great night, i was a little sore but all worth it!! Dont worry all is good mom!  
So i have my doctors appointment this thursday and if the doctor says i can go out then i am cleared to return to my area!!  SO PLEASE PRAY FOR MY KNEE!!!  haha  To answer some questions, to work it out i just do a lot of stretches throughout the whole day.  It isnt too much, but it really is feeling better.  Now the only problem is walking...haha but its ok i think i can manage!  Heavenly Father will bless me, even if i have to limp around for a bit!:)
So Yesterday was so great to see and hear from you guys!  I love you so so much!!  Hopefully Next time i write ill be back to work!!!  I love you so much!!  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AGAIN MOM!!!!  IM SORRY I TOTALLY SPACED IT YESTERDAY!!  Your all amazing!!
All my Love,

BAPTISM!! Dayanna!!
Chicken feet...
Weird photo of me and reg, that i just found!!
Happy Mothers Days!!!
We went to chiles!!

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