Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Collins

Momma! and family
So the first three days of this last week i was sick! Monday night and tuesday day was the worst. I ended having a stomach infection so i literally was in the bathroom every fortyfive min. Not a fun night. But i got some meds and im all good now. Plus literally every member had there own secret remody to heal my stomach. A couple of them were all making me tea and some herbs stuff that was absolutely terrible. My pinsionista took good care of me too. I tried to do a lot better at studying and what not this week. I love reading the old conference talks they are the best! We had a really cool sunday yesterday. Last week we didnt have any investigators show up to sacrament meeting and yesterday we had 7 come! It was cool and i cant lie i was bragging to the other two missionarys in the ward because theyre always bragging about how many they have. So me and my comp decided walking all the time is boring and since im a genious we decided to make some sling shots for all the dogs and frogs and night! Really makes walking around all the time a bit more fun. It was kind of just a plane week this week. We had some pretty good lessons. We have this family and they have two boys and literally they are like me and myles when we were little. It even made me tear up watching them, and it might of been the fact that i hadnt eatin in two days. But really the one looks like myles, his name is Eddy and he is the funniest 2 year old i know. He calls me his Gringo Amigo! ha ya well Nothing too exciting. Love you! reg
Ok sooo sorry again i forgot my memory card but its only because i was so busy sending you a letter so there wont be any pictures this week..i know i suck. Well my time is just about up. Elder Byland says hi. I love you mom and hope you have a great week! Take care miss you and loves reg :)

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