Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Collins

Alright, Im healed.. Its always a great week when your not sick! Well this week was pretty good. We found a new family and the parents are actually married! The mom had all those perfect questions like "why is there so many churches?" and why dont churches teach more about familys?" We also found another family without a dad and none of them have been baptized or gone to church because they said there is so many that none seemed to be right! nice right? I give credit to your guys fast for me. So thank you! Well we baptized a little girl. It was cool and all but i didnt feel satisfied at all. Its gotta be a family or someone who is going to receive the priesthood or it just wont cut it for me. Well today is transfers, im not planning on going anywhere but hey i guess we will see. Schools out right? I had my own little pepperwood party wed night. It was kind of weird only having another mexican dude in the room with me and my only dance music was Motab but hey i made it work. Well have fun in George! love you have a great week! and Happy Fathers day Dad! love reg

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