Monday, June 25, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey its so good to hear from you guys!!!  Im so so glad that dad had a good fathers day!!  So this past week has been great!!  Being District Leader is stressful, but a great experience!!  What i do is about 5 times a week i call and get the numbers from my district, as well as the names of their investigators, their families, and how they are progressing!  Then after i call the zone leaders and re explain everything to them.  Haha and sometimes they aren't to happy with the numbers for example 2 elders in my district only had 85 contacts and they were like why, what happened, what can you do to help them, and all that jazz haha so i take a lot of heat, but not too bad!! haha  because our district is awesome, and we are all doing great!! haha every Tuesday i have to do a training on how we can improve and i teach lessons form PMG and from the 8 principles of the mission!  My first one went great i taught about how we need to use the holy ghost in our teaching.  How we can prepare to receive the holy ghost, how we obtain it, and furthermore teach with it.  also the importance of teaching what is the holy ghost, so that your investigators know that what they are feeling is the answer from god, the holy ghost.  It went great, then we did some practices, in asking questions, and listening to the holy ghost.  It turned out to be ok!  Heavenly Father defiantly was helping me out there!! I was so nervous, but i was comforted and all went well!!
So things are going great!  Daniel is rocking it!! He is more and more like a missionary everyday!!  Cant wait for the 28th of July!!!  Dayanna´s family is doing great because her family lives in another area, we set up for other missionaries to teach them!!  So This week Leo came to church, before the sacrament this time!!!!  It was awesome!!  But we are seriously having problems with committing him to a date.  We keep setting goals but he says he needs to wait.  So we have been really praying about him, and we teach what we think he needs to know, and he always comes up with another excuse!!  So we asked him to pray about the 14 of july and when we returned, he said he received his answer, and the 14 is the right day, but then said that god told him to wait.  He is so ready, i just think he is afraid.  Please pray for him to commit to a date.  He wants to be baptized so bad, and has gone through his repentance and has passed his interviews.  He needs help right now in knowing that this is the right decision, and he doesnt need to have fear.
So this week we have been working with the ward like crazy and we are getting tons of references!! Its so great!!  We had a bunch of ward activities in the ward contisuyo, and through it we gained some more contacts!!  Plus because we had ward conference, we had 100 people in the chapel on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so great!!!! haha thats 10 times more than my first day here!! haha
So mom here are some answers,
Yes i understand all about the credit card thing, go a head and send it.  I got the package with the DVDs thank you so much.  A combi is a van, that serves as a bus.  You can pack like 15 people in it!! haha I am getting your weekly letters they make my day! I seriously love them.  ps im sending a package home in a week so look out for it!!  We only attend 2 sacrament meetings haha were in the church for like 5 hours!!  P days are pretty normal, today we are playing soccer, everyone except me that is...boring!! haha my knee is doing awesome!! I have no pain!! what a blessing!!
Hey sorry i dont have to much time left but know that i love love love you!! 
Ill send more pics when i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All my Love,
 Questions that he was answering:

-Is a combi a bus?
-You said you love the food, what is your favorite food. Also, have you gained any weight?  The pics you send look the same.
-Are you getting my weekly letters?
-Do you attend 2 sacrament meetings now instead of 3?
-What other responsibilities do you have as District leader?
-What is a typical P-day like for you?
-How's the knee?  Are you still doing physical therapy?
-Send a pic of your apartment.  I know that's not a question, but just thought I would ask for one:)  For that matter, keep the pics coming.  They make me soooo happy!!

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