Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey Family,
How is everyone doing? I hope great!!  So tomorrow is cambios...and...i dont have a cambio!  Im a little sad, because i really want to go to the jungle, but happy because our area is doing great, and we have some awesome investigators!!  Also so here is the new news...Im the New District Leader!  So that makes me the senior companion with fonseca.  Crazy huh!  Im kind of nervous!! But excited it will be a great learning expirence!  But pray for me!! haha
So this week has been great, we still are working in three areas, because Elder Hernandez That is in another area doesnt have a companion, because his comp got his visa and went to Mexico!  But tomorrow he will get a new comp, and Fonseca and i will have just two areas, which im excited for!!
SO we are having some great success with our investigators!!  We have a guy who is 38 and his name is Leo, and he has a date set for 23 of june!!  Im way excited about him!!  He was invited to church by one of the recent converts in the ward Tahuantinsuyo, so he came to church and right there he knew he need to change his life.  He is so great, and its way funny because he is now realizing that a ton of his neighbors are members and he never knew!  He is way excited and cant wait for his baptism!!
We also have some others that are doing good, as well we just need them to come to church and then we can set a date!!  But the coolest thing of all is Daniel.  He is doing so good, in preparing for his baptism!  He has come so far.  I truly have seen the the power of repentence through him.  What a blessing it is!  I am so proud of him.  He always comes to church, he now wears a shirt and tie.  He voulenteers to help out with ward activties, and he probably knows more in the Book of Mormon than i do!! haha he is doing so good, he will make a stud of a missionary some day!!
Speaking of missionaries!!  Thats so crazy about weston!!  That will be so cool for him!!  I cant believe its already been more that a year since i got my call!! And graduated!!  That freaks me out!! haha  Tell him congrats and peru will miss him, but alaska is lucky to have him!!  Also will you tell aaron happy birthday for me!!  For some reason i always am gone on his birthday!  It was on june 7th!!  haha
That trip sounded fun!! Haha im glad dad won in 5 crowns, now that im gone anyone can win!! haha just kidding, but seriously!  haha who keeps score now? haha  So how are things going with my siblings? Its been a few weeks!  Hows the baby coming in shay?  Everyones work? Relationships?  haha keep me updated!!
Thank you for sending the packages!! Ill keep my eye out!!  The office elders LOVED the package mom!! You made their whole day, and they have your note hanging up in their office! haha
Things are going great out here!! We are doing great!!  Contacts are really paying off, and we definately are being blessed!!  Im a little nervous for this leadership, but i know Heavenly Father will bless me!
You are all so amazing!! Thank you for all you do!! I love you all so much, and i am so grateful for you!!  You are the greatest family/friends EVER!!!
Sorry its not too long this week i just dont have too much time i had to go to my Physical Therapy!!  Ps my knee is doing great!! haha
Love you!!
All my Love,

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