Monday, June 25, 2012

Elder Collins

Alright Family!
Well this week it was all about San Juan. Its a holiday in the jungle here, i dont know what its about maybe just another day to get wasted! So my area is like the main part of the river so EVERYsingle person in pucallpa was in my area sat and sunday. It was crazy couldnt even walk down the streets. It was definitly hard to have lessons the last two days because nobody is home they all go to the river or to familys houses or are drunk. They have this food thing thats pretty much a huge squished up ball of rice with a piece of chicken in the middle that they wrap in a big leave and BBQ it. ya... i ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner sat, and lunch and dinner sunday. Oh man i dont understand why its so popular of a food here. Especially to eat during san juan. Well we found a new family thats super Evangelico! (Evangelist?) Ya but the husband cheated on his wife but she just wants him to repent and wanted us to cast the evil cheating spirit out of him. I just said "well we dont do that but how about Baptism" It was hard not to laugh during there prayers, they slowly start yelling and saying Hallelujah! The husband wants to feel clean again so its super easy to teach him but his wife is a little off the deep end and likes to always talk about how her husband is a sinner and a evil man but she still loves him. Fun times! Well hope all is well, Love you love reg

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