Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family,
So it was transfers this week and well im still in pucallpa. This week was a fast week. We have a couple of new guys in our zone and one in my district. Elder Zuniga, he is pretty cool. I went contacting with him for a couple of hours on sat. and he knows some basic English so its so fun when we are talking to someone a little wierd to talk about them in English. We were in one lesson and this lady just went off about how she has seen jesus and the devil in the same night so he said " Oh my gosh, please shut up women" haha i just started busting out laughing and i felt so bad because she had no idea why i was laughing. Well this week the bishop called me and told me that some little girl in the ward wants me to bapitze her. That was cool because I had never seen or heard of her or her family before? We have a new family that we are teaching. They are really cool and pretty poor. They came to church this last sunday so that was great. They have a baptismal date for the 7th. Well i sort of got mad at my comp yesterday. We were at a members house and the dad said that he wanted to play a board game with his kids but the mom said it was bad and you cant on sundays. I was like, i dont think its bad this is the time you have with your family all together I told them that sometimes me and my brothers will play catch or something outside on Sundays. My comp said that it was bad.  I told him thats just your opinion,  this family is doing something together and thats what is important and then he said  No its wrong and your shouldnt do that. So i told him that his opinions are not doctrine and that he needed to let it go! I hate that! Well other than that its all good here. I bought a machete so ill probably kill some wild beast this next week! love you have great week! reg
The latino version of me and Myles when we were little
Love the packages!!!!!
Our baptism we had this week

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