Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elder Crump

Dad I Hope you had the best fathers day!!  You seriously are the greatest dad in the whole world.  I am so lucky to have you!!  All my life you have always put your family first no matter what.  You are incredible in every single way possible.  Dad you are such an amazing example to me, as well as all of your children, your wife, and anyone you come in contact with!! You truly are so amazing i love you so much! Im sorry i couldnt be there, but it sounds like you had a pretty good time!!  Thank you for all you do!!  You are one of the biggest reasons why i am here!!  Through your teachings, examples, and love, i have been able to gain a testimony of my own, and i am so lucky to be where i am today!!  All of my acomplishments, awards, or anything i have gained is all because you and mom!!  Thank you you everything!! I love you!!
So this week has been crazy/awesome!!  Haha so being district leader is a little bit stressful!! haha i feel like i have 3 kids!!  There is only me, fonseca, Elder Hernandez, and his new comp, Elder Nurmenda.  Oh yeah and also im the district leader for the Assistants!! haha But really its all going good!! I have to do my first training tomorrow, and im a little nervous, but i know Heavenly Father will help me!!  So this week went good, we gained 10 new investigators, and invited 2 of the new ones to be baptized!  They have dates, but we need them to come to church to get there date official, so its just a goal for now!!  Also some bad news about Leo... He cant get baptized on the 23 because he came to church right when the sacrament ended!! And they need to come before, and participate in the sacrament!!!  Ahh but its ok because he said that he need a little bit more time, so his new date is on the 14 of July!! Pray for him!! Help him know he is ready!! I think he just is scared!!  but he really is so ready and want to be baptized!!  Also Daniel had some problems with his family.  because he is underage, he needs permission from his mom, but all of a sudden his mom said she won't sign the form, so we are waiting for him to turn 18, which is july 23, and he will be baptized on 28 of July!  Dads birthday!!!  Also we have a kid named james that has a date set for the 14 of july as well!!  His whole family are members but way inactive!! They live in the highest part of the mountain!! haha 
So update Dayanna our convert is doing awesome!!  Not only did she give a talk on sunday, and did awesome, but her family started to notice a difference in her, and now they want to know more about the gospel!!!!  She brought her mom and her brother to the fathers day activity we had!! it was so awesome!!
SO super funny story!! We walk in to church and there is this guy sitting in there crying.  So we sit with him, and start talking to him, and he said that he has made so many mistakes in his life, and wants to change.  He cried all the way through the sacrament, then we walked out and talked and then, came back in to finish the meeting.  During the talks he lays down on the bench and falls asleep.  He was a little drunk by the way. So i felt bad to i let him sleep, but then after the meeting ended, he didnt wake up!! he was passed out!!  So one of the members shook him, and woke him up after like 10 minutes of trying!!  He could wake so we helped him to the bathroom, he threw up, then he splashed water on his face.  Haha so then were like ok lets get you home.  So we asked him if he had money, and he gave me his wallet, he only had like 7 soles, and a peso! And he lives like and hour away!! Haha so we didnt feel good about putting him in a combi, so i paid for a taxi and had it take him home!!  It was so sad, to see him like that, but hopefully he made it safely!!
Hey i love you guys so much!! i hope your all having the best week ever!!  Thank you for everything!! and Yes mom i think i got the package!! I just have to wait until after internet to get it!!
All my Love,

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