Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elder Crump

Familia!! Sorry i didnt write yesterday!! It was such a crazy day!! So we got up, and i had to be in the offices by 10 to head down to my physical therapy which is like an hour away! And because today is Pday we are going to go bowling. So i needed to write you guys in the morning, because i would be at the therapy when we had our internet time! So we looked everywhere, and all the internet places were closed until 10 am! It was so frustrating!! So i had to go to my appointment and the plan was i was gonna try to make it back in time to meet my zone. But the therapy took a little longer, and i wasnt gonna make it back in time, so i called them and told them they could just go without me. So we started to drive home, but then i realized we actually are really close by the bowling place, why dont we just meet them there, but the elder i was with was like no we need to go back to the offices first. So we drove all the way back, and i found out that the elder i was with his zone was down bowling as well, so we could just go together, so we took a taxi, and met up with our zone. It was a lot of work to meet up with them, but we did it! And by the time we got home, p day was over, but our zone leaders are cool and are letting me right today!! So this week has been so great!! I love being in 3 areas!! There is so much work to be done!! If one appointment falls through, no big deal we have plan b c and d! Haha i love it! Plus our contacting is skyrocketing!! We are getting more than a 100 now its so great and we defiantly are seeing the blessings through it! So way funny story. We were meeting with this old couple Named Rosa, and Antonio. They are so funny, and so nice. So we taught about the restoration, and they loved it!! So when all was done we asked Rosa to say the prayer, and she was really nervous to do it. She started out just fine, and then all of a sudden i start to hear some words that were really familiar. I looked up and say that she had the book of Mormon opened and was reading the introduction, as part of her prayer!! haha i was so hard to keep myself from laughing!! Then after she finish that, she was about to turn the page to keep reading, and then i just said, AMEN! And she looked up and asked was that good? haha she was so sweet, i was like that was great, Heavenly Father
loved it!! She then had the biggest smile on her face!! It was so funny!! So we had fast sunday this past week, and how amazing in the blessings through fasting. All day Saturday we werent really seeing any progress, but then at about 8 we just started to contact and we werent really having any luck, but then we knocked on this one door, and a lady peeked through the window then shut it quickly. Normally this means they want nothing to do with us, and normally we would just start to walk away, but for some reason none of us moved. Then about a minute later, she opens the door, and has the biggest smile on her face! Right away she opens her gate, and is like do you want to come in? I WAS SHOCKED!! Never had we been asked to come in! She let us in and we sat down, and she was like, ok who are you guys? Haha so we told her we were missionaries, and we want to share a message with her, and all that jazz. but then we asked why did you let us in? She said because you looked so happy and friendly and i could feel that it was right!! Crazy i know right!! It was incredible!!!! We were so blessed!! And she talked about how she has mormon friends, but never really took the next step in to getting to know more about their religion, but she always wanted to. Its amazing how the lord prepares people for us!! She had no idea who we were or why we were knocking on her door, but through the spirit she was told it was right!! Im so excited to keep teaching her!! Her name is Nancy. She is a nurse, doesnt have any kids, and isnt married!! Keep her in your prayers!! I love being out here!! It is incredible!! SO many crazy and awesome experiences!! There isnt anywhere else in the world i want to be than here in peru!! Thats so great about the yard!! I cant wait to see it!! I cannot believe that this next week is graduation!! Holy Cow!! For westons call i guess Peru Lima North baby!! Hes coming here i can feel it!! Plus he was the one to guess im going to Peru!! Let me know, but i know im right!! haha Oh yeah fun fact. The family Gozmen, remember my first family i baptized. They are very actice, Royelio, he is now a high priest and has a calling and they are preparing to go through the temple. Plus a bunch of my old investigators are getting baptized as well!! I love it!! Thanks for finding the DVDS yeah english is just fine!! Thank you thank you!! Also i need so other things, my oil container broke so i need another, and the elder that was staying in my room with fonseca stole my usb thing that i plug my memory card into to send pictures!! Rude huh!! But i cant really do anything about it, cause he is in Bolivia now, but could you send another!! Also my pensionisa really wants a picture of her baptism. Does uncle kent have one? I love you guys got to go!!
> All my Love,

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  1. Haha, I love that the lady read from the BoM in her prayer!