Monday, July 2, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey how is everything going!! Always so good to hear from you guys!!  Wow this week went by so fast!!  Is so crazy!!  This past week was incredible!!  I love fast sundays!!  SO many blessings!!!  So In the past couple of weeks we were doing great on our contacts always getting a hundred or more, but a lot of our lessons were falling through!!  So we have been praying so hard, and through our fast we double our number of lessons this week, compared to last week!! It was amazing!!  So like i said before we have been working with the ward, and they all had a goal to find us references, and more importantly FAMILIES!!  This week we gained 3 new families!!!  2 of them being references from the ward!!!  It was so great!! All have the desires to be baptized, and two of the families are married, and the other were going to help them get married, then baptized!!!
So one of the families are Juan & Ericka.  They have two small kids and have been taught by the missionaries before, but were always too busy.  So we have been meeting with them this past week and it has been so amazing.  We talked about the doctrine of Christ, and when we invited them to be baptized Ericka went silent, and said yes we need to do this.  She then told us a story about what happened to her 3 year old son.  About 3 months ago he fell down the stairs, and they only have concrete stairs...  he was knocked out, and she was alone and crying and didnt know what to do.  So she knelt down and said a prayer, begging Heavenly Father to help her son.  She said if everything was alright she would change her life, and do what she needs to do.  And here we are 3 months later, and everything is alright with her son.  He had no injuries, and everything is perfectly fine.  The doctors were astonished!!  She knew what she needed to do, but what church?  And here we came knocking on her door, teaching about the TRUE CHURCH, and what we can do to change our lives, and follow God.  They both said yes, but still want to think about the date.  Pray for them please!! They are incredible.  How amazing that Heavenly Father sent us to her, and was preparing her!!
So Daniel had his final interview, and his date is officially set!!!! 28th of JULY!!!!!  Dads birthday!! What a great day!!  He is so amazing!!! We are waiting because he needs to turn 18, because his family doesnt want him to be baptized, but he doesnt care he is ready and wants it!!  And yesterday, he officially told us that he wants to serve a mission, and wants to go as soon as he can!!!!  The power of repentance is powerful and so true.  He has gone through so much, and look where he is today.  I am so proud of him, and all he has been through.  Through true repentance, we can be cleansed of our sins, and God will remember them NO MORE!!!!  What a blessing!! 
So one of the families that we met with is named Juan Carlos, and Susana.  They have problems, but both want to change their lives and accept the gospel.  They fight, and dont have much love for each other.  It really is sad.  But during our lesson with them i was able to bear a POWERFUL testimony of marriage.  I explained i dont know how marriage is, im not married, but i know how marriage should be, and its through my parents i know of this.  There marriage isnt perfect, but its amazing, and filled with love!!  Their marriage is the example to all, because no matter what fight, no matter what challenge, it didnt matter, because they always have a strong love for each other!!  Mom, Dad, Thank you so much for your example to me.  I know exactly how i want my marriage to be through you two!!!  You both are so amazing and have so much love, not only for each other, and your children, but for your Heavenly Father!  Thank you again for everything.  They loved my testimony, and now believe that marriage is possible, because of you two!!
So funny story, we had another crazy in the church again.  This time a lady.  She came at 8 and didnt leave til 1  she stayed for both wards and all the meetings!! Ugh... During the testimonies she would clap after each one!  And when i say clap i mean out of your seat, overly excited, and a little crazy!!  Plus during all the classes she was really loud and would ask questions, and yell wait please i want to write that down!! haha  And when the teacher asked her if she could read a scripture, she said yeah... i learned how to read in my school when i was a kid... haha i busted up laughing!  She said no but seriously i want you all to know that i can read!! haha then she read it, then repeated it, then again then got up and said yes we all need to do this! REPENT!!!!!! Lets do it now!!! haha oh man i was dying!!!  Then after she went in to the relief society...haha and when one of the ladies handed her he B of M to read she threw it back at her and said no i want my own copy!! haha so i gave her a copy!! haha oh man gotta love the crazies!! Im just glad she didnt bear her testimony!!
So to answer some questions.
My favorite food is Ceviche de Pollo!  Dont worry its not ceviche with fish, and were aloud to eat it, also arroz con pollo!!!  is soo good!!  Pizza here is pretty much the same but the burgers arent too good!!  Oh yeah and good news we ended up playing volleyball last p day, so i got to play!! haha  Also i got the package, but i need the usb i can plug my memory card in to send pictures.  If you want i can send the other back.  The memory card converter is what i need, because i cant send pictures.  But today i will borrow one from someone to send.
Hey i love love love  you guys!!  Thats so great about spence!! I havent heard anything from korb im still waiting on a letter, or should i write one? Plus tell everyone dont worry letters are coming to them!!  and to others im still waiting for their letters...You know who you are!!! haha  hey stay safe!! Thanks for the sports update!! Your all amazing!!!
All my Love,


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