Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey family! Wow its cold today! Its only like 65 or 70 degrees but its rainy and im actually a bit chilled. Well this week was pretty good. We had the baptism of of the Hoyos Family on saturday and it all went well. They are a really cool family and are very humble. Its just a single mom and her 5 kids. Yep, that spider was in my house, i named him satan and then i killed him. Probably the bravest thing ive ever done. I had to give a talk in church yesterday, i really did terrible. One of these days i will give a beautiful talk and everyone will start to cry. Well this week i got my comp to be a little more obedient. I tricked him into studying a little more by asking him questions that he would have to look up in the bible or something to help find answers. Well everything is good hope your all well. Got me some packages today, gonna have a little party with myself. Actually Bylund will probably take half of whatever it is. Love you! reg
 Mom Bylund keeps teasing me that hes going to go to lunch with you when he gets back. Well i love you mom and family!!! be safe love reg

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