Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elder Collins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Hello family, Well its Transfers today. My Gringo friends left but its ok ill probably learn better spanish now. I dont no anything yet actually i do. I know im going to get a new comp. My comp is like 90 percent sure he is going to lima but Bylund told me he is just going to another area in Pucallpa. I dont know who my new comp will be but im pretty sure that im staying in my area. Well i was blessed this week. We recieved a family that is super awesome and loved attending the church. The family Aricara Taricuarima. I hope that we will baptize them by aug 11. Also we found a two new investigators to teach that are awesome. It was funny because we went back to our house 30 min early for dinner so i was like lets go contact. My comp did not want to go but i made us go so he was in a bad mood. We just decided to contact our street and he said he had already contacted the whole street and there is nothing there. During the contacts for like two of the houses that are literally like our neighbors i would say hows going have you seen us around before? Were your neighbors. Haha since my comp was in a bad mood he whips out his handbook and goes to the page that says dont give out your address to people. I just started laughing so hard but he was dead serious. Well long story short we have 2 new investigators on that street. I know that im blessed because i was praying for more people to teach because i was worried i would have a new comp come in and we wouldnt have any awesome investigators. We also had a baptism saturday. His name is Segundo and he is the son of the last family we baptized so the family is almost complete just missing one son who is in the military base and has been reading the Book of Mormon.
Well love you all hope you have a fantasitcal week! love REG
Pictures are of the baptism we had this week and
haha we are re acting the part in dumb in dumber "i hate goodbyes"..

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